Fish Catch Slots

For lots of people, fishing is a relaxing activity. Bring a few friends, set out in the middle of a lake or relax by the coast and throw the bobber into the water – chat, have fun, reel in the prizes, then go home and brag who did best. Of course, those people clearly never tried fishing by diving beneath the waves with a powerful projectile weapon, intent on firing with all cylinders until everything and anything that swims has been safely stored to be carried away, while leaving the vibrant animal life of your local lake and river entirely devoid of life. You cannot really call it humane, but you certainly cannot call it boring either – hence, why RTG decided to go in that direction with their latest title called Fish Catch – a multiplayer lobby in which you set your bet, partner with your friends and blast fish with huge cannons for fun and profit.

How to Play

We quite like the graphics being put on show here. As it is not a slot, there are no reels to obscure your view, which gives a lot of leeway for the artist team. You have four different underwater locales, though which you can move around, and which all look fairly distinct from each other, while still keeping a sense of believability. You can see the refraction of the light above the water on the sea floor, and you see all sorts of things littered about. Old shipwrecks, stones with shells, algae and moss growing on them and various plant-life scattered about. All of the fish are animated, as they are constantly swimming around, but beyond that and the aforementioned light refraction, everything else is static and unmoving in this game. The user interface is designed to be as un-intrusive as possible, keeping all your options and buttons off to the bottom and side, leaving the middle of the screen dedicated to killing fish. As it is not a video slot, Fish Catch does not have paylines or a set playing field. Instead, players choose the value of the lobby they want to enter from the get-go. The pick is for the minimum bet, so be careful to not choose a lobby that is out of your budget. From there, you can bet bigger to get stronger weapons. The gameplay consists of either spam-clicking enemies, or setting the auto-kill to hunt certain types of fish for you. Either way, a single shot is not guaranteed to kill the fish. Sometimes, you will have to shoot them until they die, other times, you get lucky and your projectile kills them early. The title offers its players a low to medium volatility.

Betting Options and Payout

Gamblers can bet between $0.02 up to $50 per shot by choosing the correct lobby, and later increasing or decreasing their wager. With a betting spread this wide, we imagine most players will have no problems finding a betting level with which they will be comfortable playing. As with many of their slots, RTG also has not released any RTP information, which makes us wary of recommending this to any gamblers.

Symbols and Extra Features

Rather than using reel symbols, you will instead see a wide variety of different fish that are swimming around. Each fish has its own value, and we recommend turning on the Fish Info On so you can see which ones are worth trying to shoot with your weapon, and which ones should be skipped. There is only one bonus, which is activated randomly. Gamblers get access to a Mermaid’s Luck feature, which is a large wheel of fortune, which will award a pay depending on the amount you draw, with the largest being 250x the stake.

Our Verdict

Fish Catch is definitely something different from the usual slots, but it was not the RTG’s first foray into multiplayer shooting with gambling elements. We, personally, will not be returning to it. The fact the outcome of your bullets is entirely random feels like a hindrance more than fun gameplay. We would recommend giving it a try, but with no RTP information available, maybe try it in a demo lobby first and see if you like the gameplay before committing.
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