Infographic: The History of Online Gambling

However far back in time we look, there are indicators people have been engaging in one form of gambling or another. The earliest specific evidence was found in Ancient China in 2300 BC, when a lottery type game was played with tiles. Since then people have been gathering in groups on various locations to bet on games with dice and cards, until the first land-based casino appeared in 17th century in Italy to provide a controlled gambling environment.

Internet has revolutionized gambling, making it accessible to anyone with a computer, and a further breakthrough which started with Apple's iPhone, made it possible to gamble wherever and whenever using our mobile devices. Since the first online casino going live in 1994, online gambling market has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Won’t it be interesting to see how it develops over the next period of time?

Infographic: The History of Online Gambling

More About The History of Online Gambling and How to Use This Infographic

Betting on sports and placing stakes on the outcome of various casino games has fueled the growth of the industry and allowed it to reach more than $45 billion in 2016. Long gone seem to be the days when InterCasino has marked the start of online gambling and the first players embraced the opportunity to stake their money without having to leave their homes. Since then, each year has seen a new development in legislation, technology and gaming options. Novelty betting, such as weather predictions or guessing who might win the next presidential elections, and activities like placing money on outcomes of fantasy sports, stretch the area further and there’s no saying where the limits might be.

There’s no question that the expanding games offering and continuously growing jackpots entice more and more players to join the online gaming world each day. Introducing options such as being able to chat with dealers and fellow gamers, developers are working hard to make the experience as close as possible to that of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. Still, we can easily imagine the online world offering many exciting things the physical one will never be able to. That’s why the prediction of industry growth to a staggering $56 billion in 2018 is easily believed. One thing is sure: as we’re hitting the spin button of the newest video slot and deciding which cards to hold or discard while playing online poker, exciting new things, hard to imagine at this very moment in time, are already on the way.

In many societies today, gambling in all its forms has become a part of the mainstream culture. Throughout history many gambles have taken place in different shapes. This infographic illustrates some of the most prominent risks taken that paid off in a big way. In some cases they even shaped the course of history.

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