Fantasy Mission Force Slots

A lot of people nowadays will complain that movies play it too safe and boring. The plots are usually the same, it’s commercialized and done in such a way to guarantee profit. And while there’s still some cool and unique movies coming out, you just don’t see the insanity of old 80’s action flicks from Hong Kong. Fantasy Mission Force was one such movie, in which a young Jackie Chan found himself in a supporting role. When a movie takes you through fighting cannibal amazons, hopping vampire monsters and Japanese Nazis who ride muscle cars, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Fantasy Mission Force, the slot, however, is a lot more familiar. It offers a 5x3 playing field with 20 flexible paylines, meaning you can turn them on and off at will if you so choose. It has a progressive jackpot that is shared with two other Jackie Chan games that RTG has released, and on top of that, uses a free spins bonus and the Kaboom! special feature which adds special fuses on certain icons, allowing them to blow up and give additional free spins.

How to Play

Despite a new user interface, the RTG release isn’t quite the most visually impressive thing we have seen. There are some points to be given for having completely unique symbols, and it’s a nice callback for fans of the movie to have the specific characters play small clips from the movie when they’re part of a winning combination. But for the most part, Fantasy Mission Force seems to lack any bombastic animations or visuals that leave an impact. On the gameplay side of things, the RTG release offers gamblers a high variance title with a 95.3% RTP, which floats on the lower end on what’s usually acceptable for modern day titles. The progressive jackpot is obviously the main attraction, especially as it is shared across three different games, all of which share Jackie Chan as a unifying symbol. However, on top of this, the free spins and Brickford’s fuses both add to the thrill of things, giving you variety in what to pursue beyond just having idle spins while you’re hoping for the random chance to strike and for you to win the jackpot.

Betting Options and Payout

You can play Fantasy Mission Force for as little as $0.20 up to $5 per spin, provided you’re playing at the maximum 20 paylines. The nice thing about this RTG release is that you can lower the amount of paylines if the minimum bet is still too much for you, although you obviously lower your chances of winning at that point. We like the fact that there is a single progressive jackpot rather than several – with two or more, winning an objectively worse progressive jackpot detracts from the thrill. However, with just one jackpot to score across three games, when it finally lands in your hands, you know you just won something cool and special.

Symbols and Extra Features

The symbols are callbacks to the movie itself, and are all unique symbols, comprising of weapons such as crossbows, pistols, knives and RPG rockets, as well as several of the important actors from the movie. They look serviceable, but the visuals feel a bit boring – like they’re taken from a slot that’s three to five years older than it actually should be. A bit of extra animation could have gone a long way to remedying this feeling. To activate free spins, a player needs to line up Scatter on the first reel and Wild on the fifth reel at the same time. This rewards seven free spins, and for the duration of extra turns, all wins are tripled. Wilds, by themselves, also double all prizes, and these two effects can stack. Alongside this, some symbols can have Bickford fuses which allow them to blow up and add up to three extra free spins, making up for the fact gamblers cannot retrigger the special feature.

Our Verdict

There’s no doubt some star power appeal with Jackie Chan being involved, and with a shared progressive jackpot pool between three titles, it’s difficult to pass it up. The outdated visuals sap a bit of fun out of it, but between the progressive jackpot and the fun special feature, we enjoyed our time with Fantasy Mission Force.
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Realtime Gaming
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$0.01 - $0.25
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50,000 coins