Best Numbers To Play in Keno

Best Numbers To Play in Keno

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Updated March 24, 2023

Best Numbers To Play in Keno

Keno is a game of chance that relies on the randomness of luck more than any other predictable winning strategy. It is a fact that online keno is unpredictable, which makes keno games so much fun to play. Its unpredictability is the reason why it’s so hard to come up with winning keno strategies.

But despite the fact that there is no sure way to predict the winning numbers in keno, players are relentless. There are techniques that players can employ that will improve their odds of winning online keno. And we are about to show you in just a minute.

The Rules and The Odds

Understanding the rules required to win at keno casino games is a perfect place to start with your keno strategy. If you want to work on improving the odds of winning, you should always start by improving the odds of playing.  Check out our keno glossary to learn important keno terms and definitions before playing real money and free casino keno games.

Let’s start from the first step: the payout table.

First, examine the payout table carefully for the different spots to pick and the payouts for the same. If a keno casino requires that half of the chosen spots (numbers) need to be picked to constitute a win, then playing smaller spots will improve the player’s odds of winning. The odds of choosing three out of six numbers are better than trying to match six out of twelve numbers.

Some games such as 7-spot have the same basic requirements of other games. For example, if the 7-spot game requires the player match three spots to break even and the same is true of the 11-spot game; then the 11-spot game offers better odds of breaking even. Why? Because there are more numbers drawn in an 11-spot game then in a 7-spot game and more numbers mean that breaking even by hitting three of the eleven numbers is easier than hitting three of the seven numbers.

In case you are wondering about how many spots to bet on in online keno games, we suggest reading up on our comprehensive guide right here.

Since keno is so unpredictable, players often include luck as a factor when playing free keno games online. With luck comes superstition, and so many punters employ (wrong) beliefs or assumptions about the upcoming winning keno numbers.

The Andrucci Theory

The Andrucci theory maintains that random scenarios are influenced by larger fields of chaos and smaller fields of logical order. How does this apply to online keno?

The application of the Andrucci theory to keno works like this. Numbers that randomly win occasionally (low appearance in historical data) are influenced by chaos. Whereas numbers that win frequently (high frequency in historical data) are influenced by order.

Sounds simple, but in fact it is not. While historical data offers an extensive amount of information to the learned player, the basic fact that online keno casino games are influenced heavily by chance undoes the logical assumption that hot keno numbers stay hot forever. The appearance of chance does not mean that the Andrucci theory is worthless. In fact, the theory is very valuable. Playing keno is an excellent way to improve game strategy. Many casinos online offer historical data. And mining that data can help players determine frequent numbers in keno, and then put this theory to test to see if any patterns emerge.

Best Numbers in Keno Casino Games

From those practices arose several groups of keno numbers on which players regularly bet: hot numbers, cold numbers, most drawn or consecutive numbers, and even lucky numbers. You can either use these or follow a keno casino game strategy to nail the winning numbers in keno.

Hot Keno Numbers

Hot numbers in keno casino games are numbers that have been drawn often in the last 100 rounds. The info is not always available to players, and you might not always have access to game history, but many games do feature this kind of information.

The logic behind betting on hot keno numbers is that you are on a winning streak and you want to jump on the bandwagon and score alongside other players who’ve wagered on those digits. But that is not law, it’s just hope, as you hope that you’ll get a chance to score. Of course, we don’t have to mention that every keno casino game is random so there’s no chance to predict the outcome of future rounds.

Cold Keno Numbers

The opposite of hot numbers in free casino keno games is cold numbers. These represent the numbers that have been drawn the least or not at all during the last 100 rounds. You rarely get this kind of info straight from the source, but you can deduct which numbers have gone cold by paying attention to the outcomes over the course of several rounds.

Players wagering on cold numbers are hoping they’ll trigger a win as the numbers haven’t been drawn for so long. And as they haven't appeared for long, they’re bound to come up soon. While we cannot say that there’s no truth in that, it does remind us of the Gambler’s Fallacy, so we won’t get into that. You are welcome to try this winning keno strategy, but we advise you to keep in mind that online keno games are RNG (completely random).

Most Drawn Numbers

Most drawn numbers in keno are not only hot, but also digits that have appeared the most in the history of keno. If you know how the game is structured, you already know it’s hard to predict the future outcomes. But it’s easy to keep track of past results! Many punters collect these pieces of info to store them for future purposes.

And as a result, many players choose to wager on the numbers that have come up the most times in the past years. Plus, there's great balance in keno, so it’s really hard to see which games come up the most. But, statistics show that the most drawn numbers in keno are 3, 12, 27, 35, and 50.

Consecutive Numbers

This is not a difficult one to guess. Consecutive numbers in keno give players a hope that they’ll hit at least one portion of the ticket. Having consecutive numbers on a single ticket is extremely rare, but you might succeed in getting at least one or two numbers on a section of the keno ticket.

Players who wager on this type of numbers aren’t looking to complete the entire ticket, but rather hit at least one (or two) numbers. For the most part, it is quite sensible, but not many profitable in the long run. It’s not something we include on our list of top keno tips, but you can try it if it sounds like something logical to you.
Another type of common keno bets are lucky numbers, but these are special and unique for every person. If you believe your numbers are lucky, try betting on them at least once.

Picking Hot Keno Numbers

Players looking for hot keno numbers (logic) should realize that hot is a subjective term and not a finite term.

Hot is dependent on an infinite number of outside influences (chaos) that are beyond the player’s control. Moreover, it is also a short-term observation and determining the best frequent numbers to play in keno requires a constant review of historical data and payout tables. Anything that improves the player’s odds is a worthwhile endeavor.

Part of the fun of keno is being able to apply luck and theory to the game in such a way that winning becomes more common .

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. So for those players who want to test some theories that might improve their winning chances, they should give online keno games a try. Even playing free casino keno games online might do the trick! Playing free keno games online helps you both learn how to play keno, how to manage your funds, and protect the bankroll from getting wasted while building skill. Only then you can ascertain that the chosen casino keno games are worth your time.

Playing keno online, online slots, or any other casino game is not difficult. Most legitimate keno casinos offer most of the best casino games you can play found online.  Remember however, that keno is still in the end a game of luck, not skill.



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