How Many Spots Should I Play on Keno Games?

How Many Spots Should I Play on Keno Games?

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Updated November 22, 2022

How Many Spots Should I Play on Keno Games

You may enjoy playing some of the slightly different casino games found in any of our approved casino sites, and if so and you are a low stake type of player looking to have the chance of winning big then the game of Keno may be one worth playing.

When you play Keno you have to try and predict a certain amount of numbers that will match any of the twenty numbered balls that will be drawn out of the Keno machine on each game you play.

There are usually eighty numbered balls in the Keno machine which for reference are numbered from one to eighty. You can pick a range of different number groupings on each game you do play off and will also have plenty of different staking options available to you.

As each game you do play off is completely random, then any twenty of the eighty possible numbered balls could be selected, and the more number you pick the more you stand to win if you match all of them.

However, most number grouping options you can select will offer a range of different winning payouts dependent on just how many matching numbers you have chosen, so you can win small or large amounts of cash on each game you play off too.

Different RTP’s on Each Number Grouping

One very important aspect of playing Keno games of any description is that each number grouping you can pick and have on your Keno card will offer a different long term expected payout percentage.

As such I would urge you to first find out what the payout percentage is on each number grouping you can select and have in play on your Keno card, and then only ever place the number grouping option that has the very highest payout percentage attached to it.

Keep in mind thought at if you for example pick the ten number grouping as the one you have in play on your card, the actually odds of you matching all ten numbers will be huge! As such matching all ten numbers on your card with those drawn out of the Keno machine is a fairly rare event.

However, it will only take luck for you to match a fair number of numbers on your Keno card with those drawn out of the Keno machine, and as each outcome is randomly chosen any game you play could be a huge paying one!

Progressive Keno Machines

Most casino sites will offer just a standard type of Keno game and as such the most you can win when playing them is determined by just how many numbers you select and just how many numbers you match with those drawn out of the Keno machine.

However, quite a number of casino sites have more than one variant of Keno available to their players and as such you are likely to come across some variants that may be offering you the chance of winning progressive jackpot.

If you do fancy playing those variants and want to have any chance what so ever of winning the every rising progressive jackpot then make sure that you study the pay table of each game to find out just how the jackpot is won.

Often you may be required to select a certain amount of numbers on your Keno card to have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot or may be required to place a wager on each card you play off of a certain value.

If you do to play progressive Keno games in the way indicated to win the progressive jackpot then you will have no chance of ever winning it, so keep that in mind!


Always be aware that Keno games can be by their very design very fast playing casino games, and if you are tempted to play them with the staking options set high, and you have a poor run of luck then you are going to not get much play time out of your bankroll!

As such try and configure each Keno game you do end up playing in such a way that the stake you are playing or will at the very least give you a reasonable amount of play time.

Another thing to always keep in mind is that each game you do play off will have been randomly determines in regards to that outcome, and as such any number grouping you do select has just as much chance of being a winning one as any other number grouping you select.

However, having said that due to the fact that you can win a huge amount of cash even when playing for low stakes I do think you will quickly warm to playing Keno games and will have an absolute ball doing so, much more so if you do win big!



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