7 Best Online Keno Strategy Tips

7 Best Online Keno Strategy Tips

March 24, 2011
Staff Writer

Basically the same as lottery, Keno is very popular in both offline and online casinos, with hefty payouts and huge jackpots just some of the reasons behind its popularity. The game is best played in casinos online since these offer much better maximum payouts when compared to land-based casinos, but you shouldn’t forget that Keno is still a game of chance. While there is no proven online keno strategy, there are certain keno strategy tips that can improve your winning chances.

1.) Find casino with the best maximum payout

Best Online Keno StrategyWe have already mentioned that online casinos offer much higher payout percentages than their land-based counterparts, but the maximum return also differs from one gambling venue to the next. This is why one of the best online keno strategy tips we can give you is to find a casino which features the highest payout percentages, with this being the best way to decrease the house edge. You can check the casino’s payout percentages directly on their website as they are now required by law to publish this piece of information.

2.) Play for free before playing for money

The majority of online casinos feature a free play option, meaning that you can take some time to practice, perfect your skills and see if your strategy works without losing any money in the process, which is something that you have to take advantage of. Once you have gained an insight into the game and are confident enough to know what you are doing, you can start playing for real money.

3.) Don’t pick too many numbers

Another good keno strategy tip says that you shouldn’t pick more than 5 or 6 numbers because the odds of winning decrease as you pick more numbers. Keno players are often tempted into picking ten or even more numbers as they believe their chances will improve that way, but that is definitely not true and in order to maximize your chances, you should only pick 5 or 6 numbers.

4.) Choose your lucky numbers and stick by them

People often choose their lucky numbers according to their birth date or an important event in their lives, but whichever way you pick them the best strategy for online keno is to stick by them for as long as you play the game. This strategy hasn’t been scientifically proven or anything like that, but a number of players has improved their bankrolls by deploying this strategy.

5.) Pick consecutive numbers

It is not easy to pick just few out of 80 numbers on the board, but when you do ponder your options, try to pick consecutive numbers. If you have ever played keno, bingo or lottery, you might have noticed that consecutive numbers come out pretty often, so this definitely looks like a good strategy for online keno as well. Do look for patterns when playing any of the casino games since this is a good way to check if the game is fair or not.

6.) Pick numbers that haven’t come up in a while

Best Online Keno StrategyWhile some keno players like to pick the numbers that have just come out, believing that some of them will be drawn soon again, picking numbers that haven’t come up in a while looks like a much better approach. While the outcomes in online keno are determined by the Random Number Generator, you would be surprised to see how good results this tactics can produce in the long run.

7.) Use multi-race cards

The majority of online casinos offer multi-race cards to their keno players, where the players can select numbers only once in their virtual keno ticket and use the ticket for a number of games. This can save you quite a bit of time, especially if you always play your lucky numbers and are fed up with having to pick them all over again.

If you feel like playing a bit of Keno online then head over to our Keno Casinos section . We have listed some of the top ranked online casinos for Keno in particular. All casinos are fully licensed and regulated. So rest assured that you are in a very safe playing environment while enjoying a game of Keno, and a chance to win some great cash prizes.



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