Telegram Casinos: A Comprehensive Guide

Telegram Casinos: A Comprehensive Guide

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April 5, 2024

Telegram Casinos guide

Telegram casinos is slowly becoming a bigger and bigger search term across the internet. More and more players are both searching for and trying out the cute chat bots on Telegram. But what are Telegram casinos? And how do they work? Join us for a comprehensive guide to Telegram casinos and find out.

What Are Telegram Casinos?

Telegram casinos are online casinos that use Telegram, the messaging app, as the platform. In other words, TG casinos are online casinos accessible via Telegram groups, chats, and channels.

The concept is relatively new for most players, which is why so many players struggle to understand how these venues work. In fact, that is why we’ve created this guide – to show you exactly what you can get by playing casino games on Telegram.

How to Join a Telegram Casino

So the first question you should be asking is not how to join a casino, but rather how to join Telegram.


One of the key things to understand about this platform is that it’s a messaging platform. It’s an app easily accessible through app stores on both Android and iOS devices. Before you start your Telegram adventure, just make sure you’ve quickly downloaded the app and registered your account.

Please note that you do not have to submit any info of importance – just a phone number and that’s it. Register an account, add a photo (optional) and then go to the global search. Then we will begin the process of locating Telegram casino sites.


Once you’ve gotten the hang of the app – it’s really quite simple and easy to use – it’s time to get down to business. The first order of business? Locate a casino.

This is easily achievable via the app’s search engine. It’s located on the Chats page, right above the chats you’ve got. Tap Search and then enter the keyword you want (in our case, you should probably start with ‘casino’, but more on that later).

You will then see a list of various casino sites/bots appearing as new channels and chats. Tap the one you want and that’s it.


By tapping the option from the drop down menu, you automatically enter that chat. However, you still need to activate it. You can start the bot by /start command. However, we must clarify that there are several types of casinos on Telegram. Namely, you have bots, and you have popup casinos, which means that you can either play games straight from the chat or the /start command will trigger a popup window of the casino that looks like any desktop/mobile casino app on the internet.

Depending on the type, you will start the convo with the casino by following the instructions.


Once you have narrowed down the search, found the site and started the bot, it’s time to start playing. But first, deposits. The first thing you have here is the deposit task – or the task of depositing money to your ‘account’. Many of these casinos are cryptocurrency casinos, which means they use digital currencies such as BTC or any other altcoin to facilitate payments.

Don’t worry, though. The bot will either show you easy instructions on how that works, and show you how to buy/convert/deposit funds in the desired currency right there in the chat. Alternatively, you might get a link to follow – which should not be a problem if the casino is reliable. This is why we implore you to find and join chatbots only with recommended casinos on Telegram.

In the case of popup windows, go to the Wallet section, click on Deposit, and then choose the currency you want to use. You will see a QR code for the deposit address that you can send funds to. There’s also a code you can copy and paste into your wallet during the transaction.


This one should be quite easy for you to understand. By now, your money should have arrived to your account. That means you have the necessary funds to play games in real-money mode. Perfect. As that is the main thing we need here, we are ready to get to the games.

Oh, and another thing – make sure there aren’t any bonuses left that you can claim before you play. You should maximize your playtime by having a bonus as that considerably elevates the experience. If there aren’t any bonuses, head directly to the lobby to pick a game.

The games offered at these types of casinos vary. If we are talking about bot casinos, we have a limited offer – slots, table games, bingo, etc. You don’t play these games, but instead the bot does the work for you and shows you only the result. For some players, this might be off-putting, so they look for popup casinos like Mega Dice. At Mega Dice and similar sites, you have a choice of 3000+ games including slots, crash games, table games, game shows, live casino games, etc.


Arguably the two most common questions about Telegram casinos are not about joining, but rather about depositing and withdrawing funds. And we understand the dilemma and the stress. It’s a messaging app that lets you gamble money on games, so of course you would be concerned about money. But there’s actually no need to worry about it.

Withdrawals work the same way as deposits (albeit in the reverse way). If you have a chatbot, you can direct the bot to cash you out by transferring funds you’ve won to your desired location. In the case of cryptocurrency payments, it’s a wallet, and you only need to enter the wallet location and the money will be sent right away.

In the case of popup casinos, the situation is even easier. You go to the Wallet section, click on the Withdraw part, and then pick a token (like BTC or others) you want to use. Then enter your withdrawal address, or the address you want to receive the money. Enter the amount and click on the Withdraw button. It’s that simple.

We must note how handy wallets here are as they let you purchase crypto straight away and considerably simplify the entire process. It’s a perfect way to enjoy gambling without making a fuss.

Why Are Telegram Casinos Good?

This one is for you to ask and for you to answer. Frankly, we’ve seen many benefits of Telegram casino bots, and they are all easy to narrow down: TG sites are easy to find and use, are super safe as they use your number and wallet address only, and offer most things modern casinos offer.

They are super safe and great if you worry about privacy. And there’s no way someone can hurt your data as you do not give your data in the first place. In other words, they are great as no account casinos, as there’s no lengthy process that you have to go through to register at a casino. Moreover, withdrawals do not go through lengthy verification processes, as they are automatically okeyed during deposits. In other words, Telegram gives you both privacy and efficiency, as it completes things faster than a regular casino would.

Finally, there is one thing that early Telegram casinos could not offer to the customers and that is security. Namely, TG sites were not licensed, which made early visitors hesitant to try out the amenities. But even that now is a thing of the past, with Mega Dice launching as the first-ever licensed Telegram casino on the internet. The operator works under a Curacao license, which means gambling on casino games on messaging apps is as secure as visiting a site using browsers and mobile phones.

Best Telegram Casinos in 2024

Before we finish this guide, we want to show you some of our (and everyone else’s) top picks when it comes to Telegram gambling. The list below contains both bots and popup casinos, and you won’t have to worry about safety with joining either one of them. Here they are:

  • Mega Dice
  • Lucky Block
  • Casino Bot
  • Stake Bot
  • 1xBot

Mega Dice is the first-ever licensed Telegram casino, and it’s perhaps the most famous one on the list. Stake Bot is a Telegram bot of the Stake casino, while 1xBot is the new launch from the 1xBet casino brands. If you are fan, be sure to check them out!

Finally, we have the Casino Bot, which is the classic chat bot. if you want to play the bot version of TG gambling, we recommend starting with this one. But worry now, whichever you choose, you will be making a perfectly good choice.


If you think you have everything you need to start your Telegram gambling adventure, good luck! If you still have questions, be sure to check out our FAQ section below.


  • Are Telegram casinos safe?

Yes, they are. Telegram casinos do not require any personal information sharing, except for phone numbers. Other than that, the visitors are perfectly anonymous. Moreover, some TG sites have licenses, such as Mega Dice. You can check out other licensed casinos if you want to ensure you are playing at a safe location.

  • Where can I find Telegram casinos?

You can find them on Telegram using the global search! Just type in what you need (players typically start with ‘casino’ and then let the app show them results) and tap the name to start the chat, and consequently, the bot.

  • Who can join TG casinos?

Anyone who is of age and possesses a crypto wallet can join a TG casino and play real money gambling games on a Telegram app.

  • What age do I have to be to join a TG casino?

This is a tricky one as the laws can differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, it is globally accepted that players should be 18+ or somewhere even 21+ to join a casino. Please make sure you are old enough to play before joining a casino.

  • Can I play real money games?

Yes, that is the entire point! You can deposit using crypto wallets and then play using crypto funds. Once you are done and decide to withdraw funds, go to the wallet and follow the instructions for cash withdrawals.



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