Tips for Clearing Casino Bonus Faster

Tips for Clearing Casino Bonus Faster

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How to Claim Casino Bonuses

When you join an online casino with a good casino bonus that you want to take advantage of, you will of course want to clear that bonus as fast as you can. But you cannot do that without learning tips for clearing casino bonuses faster! The sooner you clear it, the sooner you will have full access to the money it offers. Below you will find tips for clearing the casino bonus faster so you can get well on your way to enjoying all the perks that come with the bonus.

Choose the Bonus Wisely

You always start with choosing a bonus. The very first thing you want to do is to choose the casino bonus you plan to go after by carefully reviewing all the information on that casino bonus.

It's paramount to have a full and complete understanding of everything involved with clearing it. This includes the rollover requirements and any time frames the bonus might come with. You want to make sure you choose a bonus that is going to offer you enough time to clear it. Nobody wants predatory terms and conditions that prey on unsuspecting players!

Another important thing is the list of excluded games.

If you find that most or even all games you are familiar with are excluded, then it is going to require much more out of you to clear the casino bonus. When your favorite casino games  are ones you can use toward the casino bonus wagering requirement, then you will have much more fun clearing it and you will see faster results.

Another thing to consider is wagering contribution. Wagering contribution refers to the percentage of bets that counts toward casino bonus wagering requirements. Not all games contribute the same! Please check that before you start playing, so you can use the games to your best advantage.

These games can help you to earn points that will go toward meeting the rollover requirements much faster.

You may find other restrictions in the terms and conditions you will need to consider before deciding whether  not that particular bonus is good for you. If you are looking over the information on a bonus and you find you have questions then you should always make sure to contact the customer support team and get the answers you need before you come to any conclusions.

Understand How Bonuses Work

How Bonuses Work

In order for you to clear the bonuses faster you need to have an understanding of how they work. The online casinos offer you bonuses in order to persuade you to play at the casino and deposit funds. There are also other bonuses offered that are intended to reward you with other opportunities along the way.

However, the casinos need to protect themselves by requiring you to meet casino bonus wagering requirements before you can cash out that bonus amount and the money you have won from it. The reason this is done is so players can’t join a casino and withdrawal the bonus money, never to return. This would cost the casino a lot of money and make it impossible for them to stay in business. That is why you need to learn how to withdraw casino bonus winnings in a safe way.

When you meet the rollover requirements you will have access to the bonus amount and your winnings. The casino also comes out ahead because they get the benefit of having you wager the set amount while you are trying to clear the bonus. Plus, once you clear the bonus they are counting on you continuing to play there and becoming a long standing, loyal player of their casino.

Most of the casinos have rollover requirements of 20x the amount of the deposit and the bonus and this means you will need to play through the amount twenty times before the bonus will be released into your account. The casinos can offer you bonuses with higher or lower rollover requirements, so make sure you review this information ahead of time as well.

Tips for Going After a Bonus

Casino Bonus Tips

  • Pick a Bonus That is Easy to Clear

When you feel like you have found the best casino to join you want to look at the different bonuses it may offer and take all things into consideration. You want to go for the bonus that is going to offer you the most, but also make it as simple as possible for you to clear it. You should be sure you match the bonus up with what you plan to do on the casino. An example of this would be enjoying the welcome bonus as a new player. If you are eligible to enjoy the welcome bonus, then you will go for that one before you choose another bonus which won’t offer you as much. Most bonuses can’t be combined with others, so this will be very important.

  • Make Large Deposits

You will choose your deposit method and make your deposit while making sure to enter the bonus code for the bonus if you are required to do so. Then make the largest deposit possible in order to increase the size of your bonus. Also, you should try to get as close to the maximum amount as possible, while making sure you are going to be able to meet the rollover requirements.

You should try to maximize the bonus and get everything you can out of it. If it is a 100% welcome bonus that offers you the chance to enjoy as much as $1,000, then you should make that first qualifying deposit as large as possible to ensure you take advantage of as much of the bonus as you possibly can. There are different variations of welcome bonuses with some being good for your very first deposit and others being good for your first few deposits. However, most make that initial deposit worth the largest percent.

  • Start Playing Immediately and Pick the Right Games

Once you have chosen the bonus with the most for your money, you will be ready to play the games that count toward your rollover requirement. You can clear that bonus as fast as possible since you might have a certain time limit attached before you need to clear the requirements. Be sure you get started playing on the games that go toward the requirement right away and don’t waste any time getting started.

You want to choose the games that are going to help you meet the requirements the quickest. If there are games that offer you double points then you should make use of them in order to clear your bonus as quickly as possible. If you can, put aside playing any of the games that are excluded until you have cleared the bonus. This way, you won’t be wasting your time on games that won’t help you clear the bonus and take the chance of running out of time. Once you have cleared your bonus you will be able to enjoy all of the games you want without needing to be concerned about this.

Keep in mind that in order to clear the bonus you will need to wager the amount of the bonus and the deposit the required amount of time, but this does not mean you have to lose. So, if you have a few choices on games that offer you more points, then you should go with the one that gives you the best odds of winning.

  • Don't Cash Out too Early and Keep Paying at The Same Casino

You want to be aware of things you can do that would jeopardize your chances of getting the bonus. An example of this would be trying to cashout before you clear the bonus when the casino makes this a stipulation of the terms of that bonus. Some casinos specify that if you attempt to do this you will lose the bonus. There may also be other rules, which is one more reason you need to read everything offered on any bonus you set your sights on.

Stay focused on the bonus and don’t get too involved playing at other casinos with a pending bonus. Before you know it, the expiry date might roll in and your bonus is gone! As long as you have chosen the right casino for you to play at working toward meeting the requirements should be a pleasure that you will look forward to each time you go to log in to your account.


The online casino bonuses can help you out a lot as both a new player and once you are a regular player.

You should always get in the habit of trying to clear the bonuses as fast as you can. Since you mostly cannot combine deals with other bonuses, try to claim one after the other!

Moreover, you might not even be able to claim any other great offers until your solve rollover. Plus, once you have access to the funds from that bonus you will be able to use it to play more games and you will be able to make your withdrawals. We hope our guide and tips for clearing casino bonuses faster have been of help for you. Stay tuned for more info and hot tips with CasinosOnline!



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