Online Casino: Identity & Age Verification Process

Online Casino: Identity & Age Verification Process

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Online Casino: Identity & Age Verification Process

The unstoppable advances of online technologies have brought plenty of benefits to the entertainment industry. It is fair to say that casino and sports betting business have over the years become the most prominent examples.

Online casinos and betting have been going from strength to strength with major land-based gambling operators. They've grabbed a firm hold of the opportunity to build and expand their business through the exciting online world.

The freedom of the Internet has indeed brought plenty of positives into the gaming industry. But it also paved way for fraudulent use of identity, accounts, funds etc. To protect both themselves and their clients from any misuse of sensitive data, gambling operators have introduced a set of measures which include identity and age verification.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

With betting being such a delicate business, big casino operators and firms which tend to uphold their reputation make great effort to follow the strict regulations imposed by their gaming watchdogs and authorities.

One of the most important rules state that gambling sites, casinos and betting venues need to know their customers. Widely known as the KYC acronym, these regulations imply identity and age verification procedures. These might strike you as tedious and unnecessary but it’s quite the opposite.

They do come as a surprise, however. Especially if you are one of those people familiar with online purchases and have done those on multiple occasions in the past. Rarely will you have been asked to submit a copy of any identification document. And that is exactly what you will be required to do with some of the most prominent gambling operators. We're talking bet365, William Hill and 888, which are top-shelf names in the gaming industry.

The latter has been the subject of much talk over the past couple of weeks. We will serve as a great testament to the importance and necessity of strict regulations and rules regarding customer protection.

Strict Rules & Regulations

The UK Gambling Commission, as one of the most diligent authorities around the globe, has decided to raise the bar. The UKGC has enforced severe rules – subsequently penalties as well – for underage betting, self-exclusion breaches and other activities deemed harmful for customers. The UKGC age verification is notorious for being rigorous, stringent and harsh against those who break the rules. If your verified online casino bends a regulation, its license from the UGKC will be gone in a heartbeat.

Obtaining a UKGC license is quite difficult but keeping it can get even harder, which 888 most recently felt first-hand. This online gambling company was forced to pay record penalty of nearly $10 million. Why? The firm clamped down on ‘significant flaws’ in the company’s responsible gaming system.

Due to a reported technical failure in 888’s systems, no less than 7,000 players who signed a self-exclusion agreement from the casino and all of its accounts were still able to gamble at certain platforms.

Another security flaw occurred with a customer who bet over a $1.7 million for more than a year after stealing from his boss to fund the gambling account. 888 failed to notice the red flags around this particular account.

The most recent developments regarding the 888’s record penalty got all of the self-respected gambling companies on their toes. Every verified online casino started urgently checking their security systems. They also updated the regulations to make sure no harm is done to their customers. Problem gambling is an issue that needed to be taken extremely seriously.

Online Casino Verification Process

Problem Gambling

Getting to know your customer thus remains one of the starting points when avoiding potential problems. To do so, betting companies, together with casinos and their sportsbook sections will ask you to verify your age and identity. Online gambling age verification is indispensable before you can proceed to withdraw your funds and pocket the wins.

Identification and age verification is a simple way for betting companies to determine whether you truly are who you say you are.

You will be asked to scan a copy of a valid ID, passport or a driving license. Those provide the operator with information about your residence and age along the way.

If your ID doesn't show your address, a utility bill or a bank statement can prove your residence. This particular process will improve significantly once the geolocation technology gets fully acceptable as a viable technique.

A couple of jurisdictions in the United States – Nevada and New Jersey – have already adopted the geolocation technique. Even state governments mandate this method. This way, these two states make sure only the people that are physically within their jurisdictions can gamble.

Online gambling is still a subject of hot debate across the United States. Therefore, geolocation does come as the most convenient way for regulated markets to check on clients.

Betting operators which cater to European players are still far off from introducing this technique, however. They all have other effective methods to determine their players’ betting age and identity.

How to Verify Identity in Online Casinos recommends preparing a few documents before registration. Here is what you need to register with an online casino:

  • The copy of your ID card.
  • Your passport.
  • Your driver’s license – or any other photographed document.
  • A utility bill.
  • Your bank statement.

While the online casino verification might vary from operator to operator, this is what it typically looks like:

  1. Upload the copy of your ID, passport, or driver’s license.
  2. Alternatively, you need a copy of a utility bill or bank statement.
  3. Enter all your other data, including your full name, birth date, and address of residence.
  4. Select other relevant options, such as the banking method, currency, etc.
  5. Comply with the terms and conditions and tap Confirm.

That is how you complete the online gambling age verification process in online casinos. Now, let’s get familiar with the procedure in specific gambling venues.

Bet365 ID Documents Verification

Bet365 ID Documents Verification

One of the biggest betting operators around the globe bet365 made the ID and age verification process straightforward and simple.

Customers simply need to upload their documents via the Know Your Customer section on the bet365 website. Then, the operator will look to complete the process within 48 hours.

Players are first required to log in to their valid accounts and click on ‘services’ option found in the top corner section. The ‘Member’ option will lead them through ‘My Account’ to the ‘Know Your Customer’ option from which they will choose a document to verify.

The betting verification process can also be completed through an email. Customers need to send a photograph of their document and their username and four-digit security number as well.

Due to a higher volume of email communication bet365 holds the right to complete the verification within 72 hours.

You can also go through the Bet365 bank statement verification procedure. Just update your bank statement to the website and hit Confirm.

Bet365’s KYC page provides thorough instructions and explanations that guide customers smoothly through the obligatory verification process.

William Hill Player Identity & Age Verification

William Hill Player Identity & Age Verification

To verify age at William Hill, the players can send passport as a recommended document. But they can also complete the process with a driving license, national ID card or birth certificate.

Betting account verification with William Hill takes up to 24 hours. Any failure to verify an account within 72 hours from the first attempted deposit will lead to betting account suspension.

Concerning William Hill ID verification, the betting operator might require players to submit additional documents. Those include a signed credit agreement, a utility bill or a bank statement, both less than 6 months old.

The quickest way to submit documents at William Hill is through their online facility. However, players can also do it through Live Chat or Email.

Verifying Your Documents At 888

888 Player ID Verification

The 888 casino and sportsbook players will be requested to send several documents to complete their ID and age verification.

These may include a copy of photographic ID – passport, driving license, national ID card – a copy of credit/debit cards, proof of address – utility bill, credit card statement – other documentation in exceptional cases when players could also be required to authenticate their documents by an appropriate qualified notary or a solicitor with a stamp as proof of legitimacy.

You can send documents by logging in to your account and proceeding to the Cashier/Deposit page in the lobby. The Verify ID tab will guide you through with step by step instructions.

Successful ID and age verification will upgrade the account status which will ultimately ensure prompt payments. In some particular cases, it will also increase deposit limits.

If you are relatively new to the world of online casinos and wish to find out more about how things work, we recommend you visit our guide section for beginners that contains a lot of useful tutorials and tips.


  • How do casinos verify my identity?

Licensed online gambling operators maintain a strict no underage gambling policy. The UKGC age verification is popular in the iGaming circles for a reason. Every UK Gambling Commission licensee has to go through thorough scrutiny before receiving the permit. At a regulated online casino, every player needs to verify that they are at least of the legal age for gambling. In some countries, you need to be at least 18 to gamble. In others, you cannot be under 21. For example, to gamble in Vegas, you need to be 21 or older. Casinos verify your identity by checking your age, address of residence, and full name.

  • What documents do I need to send to the casino?

To sign up with a licensed online casino, you need to provide an ID document – a national ID card, passport, or driver’s license. This is how casinos conduct online gambling age verification. This is to protect your identity and potential abuse of your casino account. Also, it is to ensure that no player on the premises is underage.

  • Why is casino identification needed?

Reputable regulators have rigid rules regarding online casino verification. Every verified online casino has to run checks on identity verification and problem gambling. For example, if someone were to access your account, they couldn’t withdraw funds before confirming heir identity.

  • Why do gambling sites ask for bank statements?

Eminent operators make sure that money laundering and criminals are out of the trade. That’s why casinos check the players’ criminal records. Bank statements serve to show that the source of your income is legitimate and legal.

  • Do banks check if you gamble?

Banks have access to the information where you’re spending your money. However, no one’s going to judge you or can do anything about if you’re gambling legally. If gambling – online or land-based – is legal in your state, country, or region, you don’t have to worry about banks.

  • How do casinos check ID?

Depending on the operator, the online casino verification procedure may look different. But generally, upon registration, you ought to provide an identity document. This is to protect you from account misuse. For instance, the UKGC age verification is one of the most rigorous ones.



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