What are Predatory Terms and Conditions attached to bonuses?

What are Predatory Terms and Conditions attached to bonuses?

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February 21, 2014

Predatory Terms and Conditions in Casino Bonuses

Today we thought it would be a good idea for us to take a look at some of the more player un-friendly terms and conditions that you may find attached to casino bonuses offered to you from some of the less reputable casino sites online.

By knowing in advance what to look out for when you are considering taking any casino site up on their currently available bonus offers, then you will be in a much better and more well informed position to recognize which bonuses are worth taking and offer true value for more, and conversely which casino bonuses should be avoided!

Maximum Cash-Out Limits

One of the worst terms you will find attached to any type of casino bonus is one that will state you can only ever cash out as winnings a certain proportion of your bonus and/or deposited amount, or one that says you can only win a certain amount of cash when using a bonus.

There are many online casinos that are now imposing these rules on their players, and when playing slot games or in fact any type of casino game you will not want to be limited in regards to the amount of cash you can win when playing, with or without a bonus!

You will be very annoyed with yourself if you do hit one of those very rare large jackpot payouts and then find out you can only cash out and withdraw a tiny amount of it, so always look for such a rule and avoid casino bonuses which have such a rule attached to their bonuses!

Limited Number of Permitted Games

Many casino bonuses will only be permitted to be used on certain games, and this is all well and good, for when taking a slot bonus for example the generous nature of these bonuses means that a casino will want a fair chance of winning your deposit!

However, be cautious and very wary of any casino bonus that is only going to give you access to a tiny proportion of casino games, some slot bonuses for example may state in their attached rules you can only play 3 reel slots, which is no good if you enjoy and want to play bonus game awarding video slots!

So once again with any game specific casino bonus you are tempted to take always have a read through the permitted games list and ensure you are not going to only be allowed to play games you do not really fancy playing!

Very High Play-Through Requirements

There is often one downside to taking any casino bonus offer and that is you are required to play through your bonus and in most cases your qualifying bonus amount a very large number of times before you are free to do as you please with your winnings.

The play through requirements are always found clearly stated in the terms and conditions of any bonus offer, and it really is worth your while doing some simple math to evaluate whether a bonus is offering good value for money.

Try and stick to taking and claiming casino bonuses that have a low play through requirement, the better valued ones are often those with 30 times or less play through requirements attached to them.

It is not unheard of for some poorly run online casinos to attach play through requirements as high as 50 or even 100 times your deposited amount and the value of the bonus granted, and those types of bonuses offer no realistic chance of you ever winning anything with them!

You will often find very high and unpalatable play through requirements are attached to new player no deposit bonus offers, and as such do pay careful attention should you find one that takes your eye and check the terms and conditions of that no deposit bonus very closely just in case!

Roll Over Play-Through Requirements

One thing you need to be very careful of when playing with any casino bonus is that you may occasionally find that if you take a bonus but fail to zero out your account balance before making a fresh deposit you may be lumbered with having the play through requirements attached to that bonus carrying over to your new balance once a fresh deposit has been made!

Many online casinos will insist that you play off all credits even if it is just 0.01 left in your account which was part of a bonus offer before you make a fresh deposit, or you will be stuck with the play through requirements on that previous bonus being still in play and active!

So when you have had a losing session when playing with a bonus always, and we do mean always make sure your casino balance is zero before making a fresh deposit, and for good measure log out and back into your casino account to ensure the new deposit is made on a completely different session!


Having read all of the above you may be put off claiming bonuses for life! However, there are many online casino sites that do have very fair bonus terms and conditions and to become a savvier online casino game player you are always advised to read through any terms and conditions attached to any bonus before you claim it.

Also if you are ever in doubt as to anything regarding a casino bonus then email the casino in question for the answers you are looking for, as by doing so you will always have a written reply of the question just in case!

As always we would suggest you stick to playing at casinos that are listed throughout our website for we have spent a lot of time and effort handpicking each and every single one of them and this ensures you are always going to have access to casino bonuses offers that are fair and genuine, and do not come with predatory terms and conditions!



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