What is a Casino Software Provider?

What is a Casino Software Provider?

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Software Developers for Online Casinos

Online casinos simulate games on the virtual space using software programs. A casino software provider, or software vendor, develops the programs for these games. They create the randomness required for casino games using random number generator.

A second function for casino software providers is of developing the platform on which these games can be played. The platform also enables functions like payment transfers, maintenance of customer accounts and other administrative requirements. Some casino software providers carry out both these functions and offer a composite package. Others carry out either of the two functions.

Developing games or platforms is not a onetime activity. New games have to be developed constantly by the software provider in order to stay competitive. Similarly as technology evolves upgrades are made to the software platform.

How is a Software Connected with an Online Casino?

Online casinos license the software from the software providers. Some online casinos license the complete package from the same software provider. Other online casinos may license the platform from a software provider and load games from many different software providers. The online casinos then allow players free use of the software in order to wager on the games. The online casinos recover the license fees and other costs from the net amounts lost by players.

How Do Casino Platforms Differ from One Another?

Different casino software providers broadly offer the same game categories, which are slot machines, table games like roulette and blackjack, scratch cards, video poker and progressive jackpots. However, in detail the software from one provider differs considerably from the rest. The online casino space is extremely competitive and software providers have to create a niche by differentiating themselves from others.

Suite of Games

The maximum difference occurs in the suite of games, in both quantity and characteristics. Some of the older software providers offer upwards of 500 casino games, whereas some of the newer entrants have 50 games in their portfolio. Slot machines are the most popular games category and all software providers focus on this. Some software providers have a larger number of progressive jackpot slots in their collection. Others focus on branded slots in which the games are developed in conjunction with popular movies or television shows. Some software providers have become popular for their 3 D graphics and others for the interactive bonus features built into their slot machines.

Casino Games
Most games can be found under a casino's “Games Preview” page.

The software programs also differing the customization features they offer with regard to audio options, game speed control, auto play and so on.Some software providers regularly conduct online tournaments in which players can compete against each other rather than wagering against the casino.

Country Restrictions of Players

Software providers, in their agreement with online casino operators, prohibit players from certain countries using the software. The biggest polarization in this context is whether a software provider services customers in the United States or not.

In 2006 United States enacted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. As per this act online gambling became illegal and enforcement proceedings were initiated by the authorities. This issue has since then become a subject of massive debate in America. However, some software providers withdrew from the United States in order to avoid the legal problems. There are other software providers that are managing to circumvent the restrictions imposed and are still servicing American customers. Apart from the United States, software providers also prohibit customers from some other countries because online gambling is illegal there. The list for each software provider would be different and can be found in the terms and conditions of online casinos.

Software providers also prohibit players from certain countries where they have found significant abuse of terms and conditions. This could be falsification of identity documents or fraudulently claiming bonuses. This list is also a part of the terms and conditions.

Casino Clients & Functionality

There are some differences in the way software providers organize navigation within the casino clients, particularly in the download software. The main difference is in the way the games are displayed in the menu. Some software providers list the games in text format, some provide views of games icons and some give the players an option to choose either format. Some software providers allow players to separately store their favorite games for quick access. One of the latest features in some software is the ability to open multiple windows at the same time and play a number of games simultaneously.

Casino Clients
Learn more here about Downloading & Installing a casino client.

Which Casino Software Should I Pick?

First of all you should ensure that the software provider is offering services in your country. This information you can either get from the software company's website, or from the online casino using this software.

Then you should check out the credentials of the software provider. This includes aspects like how long it has been in business, whether the software has been independently certified by an expert third-party and whether the game payout percentages are reported at the online casinos.

You have also to look at the games offered and select that software provider with games to your liking. It is a tall ask for new players to evaluate software providers. CasinosOnline.com's software section has all major software providers have been evaluated thoroughly by us and provides relevant and concise information to players.


The software is the core of online casinos. As a player you need not understand the technical structure of the software. Using the software is extremely simple and menu driven in all online casinos. Your focus has to be on being aware of what is available in the market and selecting the best software for your need.

You are not restricted to playing with one software provider. You can easily choose different online casinos powered by different software providers and extract the best of what is available.



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