Planning Your Online Slot Playing Sessions

Planning Your Online Slot Playing Sessions

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May 12, 2014

Planning Your Online Slot Playing Sessions

Planning ahead when you are going to be having an online slot playing session may seem quite alien to some players, for the urge to spin a few slot reels by logging onto a casino site is usually a spur of the moment thing. However by planning your next slot playing session in advance can have many advantages!

So today we are going to take a look at you can possibly increase your winning chances or at the least have a much longer and hopefully entertaining type of online slot playing session by showcasing you the best ways of planning such sessions well in advance.

Choosing a Casino at Which to Play

You will of course want the casino at which you are going to be playing slot games at to have a large collection of slot machines on offer, as the bigger the choice of slots the more chances you will have of finding slot games which boast the highest payout percentages.

With this in mind do take a look at casino sites offering Microgaming slot games or if you are a US based slot players then RTG Casinos have a massive suite of slots, in fact you can now find online a range of casino sites that have slot games from many different companies, and those places are ideal for you will find plenty of diversity and choice in regards to the slots game you can access and play.

Selecting a Bonus Offer

We are aware that some slot players never take a bonus when offered to them and there are quite a number of reasons why these players steer well clear of bonuses, however you really can find some generous and value packed bonuses available, and when you intend to have a slot playing session online you should spend some time hunting around for any up and coming bonus offers.

One good time of the week to play slots online is on Mondays and Tuesdays, these are generally the quietest times of the week in regards to players logging on, making a deposit and playing at many online casino sites and as such these are the days when casinos tend to give away their best valued bonus offers to drive customers through their cyber doors!

Deposit match bonuses are probably the best bonuses you can take advantage of but look out for those that have low play through requirements on only the bonus and not the deposit as well, if you are offered a set of free spins when making a deposit it is always worth accepting them as long as any winnings achieved are not going to have their own set of play through requirements attached to them!

Which Slots to Play?

The only strategy you should adopt when playing slots online is to play only those games which have the best paybacks and as such do check the payout percentages offered on every single slot game a casino has on offer and play those that boast the highest payout percentages.

You will find that old slot games pay as much as new slot games in many casino sites, however there can be some huge differences in the RTP’s the slot games on offer have attached to them, so never be tempted to play any slot a casino is heavily promoting as it may not be the best paying one on offer at that site!

Staking Your Slot Spins

Your should always divide up the amount of cash you have to play slots so that you can stake each slot spin to give you ample chance of winning, and this will mean dividing up your bankroll in small enough chunks to give you at the very least 100 or even better 150 spins on any slot games you play.

Experience has taught us that most slot games trigger their bonus games usually around 100 to 150 spins between each bonus game feature round being awarded, and as such by dividing up your bankroll in such a way you will have a fair chance of triggering the often high paying bonus game feature rounds!

Knowing When to Stop Playing

Making a profit when playing slots online is what you will be hoping to do, however this is of course going to be very hit and miss as all slots by their random nature are going to be hard to beat sometimes!

But when you have been playing any slot or collection of slot games and you have doubled your initial deposited amount and have no play through requirements left if you have taken a bonus that would be a good point to either cash out your account balance, or at the least cash out half of your winnings.

By cashing out you will always ensure that whenever you next fancy playing slots online you will have funds available to do so, so try and set yourself a winning goal, the most modest you set your sights and winning goal the better and then make sure you cash out, as a winning streak can often turn quite quickly into a losing streak!


Taking advantage of casino bonus offers when casinos are usually quieter is one of several ways of extending your slot playing sessions whilst locking in a lot of value, and the more time you spend researching what each casino site has on offer the better, for you could some across lots of generous bonus offers.

We have several informative articles on our website which are going to enlighten you on which slot games offered at various online casino sites give you much better chances of winning, so when you have some spare time make sure you check through and read those articles!

Many people will tend to push their luck when they are winning, and this is often a very dangerous thing to do for by increasing your stakes too high then you run the risk of losing back anything you have won, so do keep that in mind and never be too greedy when playing slot games online!



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