Top 5 RTG Mobile Slots Games For U.S. Players

Top 5 RTG Mobile Slots Games For U.S. Players

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August 26, 2013

Realtime Gaming (RTG) has now finally released their much awaited mobile gaming platform. There are currently not that many games for offering since the launch of RTG's mobile platform, but you can surely expect more mobile casino games to be added to its portfolio in the near future.

Below is a list of the current best RTG mobile slot games. All these mobile games are available today, even for U.S. players, at SlotoCash casino, one of the top ranked RTG casino here at

1. Builder Beaver Mobile Slot Game

Play Builder Beaver mobile slot now!

I’m a beaver, you’re a beaver, we are beavers all…and when we get together, we sing the Beaver Song and spin away at Builder Beaver!

Step right up and meet America’s finest builder, the Beaver.  Join Mr. Beaver and all is Beaver friends…raccoons and bears…as you spin away at this great slot game available for mobile casino.

The building only gets better and Mrs. Beaver has tons of treats for the slots players!

You get 5 lines and 25 reels of Building Beaver action.  Start building and grab the $10,000 jackpot.  It’s a real Beaver Bonus!

Play Builder Beaver mobile slot now!

2. Caesar’s Empire Mobile Slot Game

Play Caesar’s Empire mobile slot now!

Come to the greatest empire on earth and step into the Roman Villa of Julius Caesar!  Enjoy the riches, grandiose lifestyle and luxury that awaits you at Caesar’s Empire.

5 reels and 20 lines will put you right into ancient Rome.  As you play, you will step into the Coliseum and even visit Cleopatra and her exotic tastes and pleasures.  You will be in the company of Roman warriors, lovers and the beloved gods of ancient Roman tradition.

Just wait until you hit the Caesar scatter symbol – this is where the game really begins and all of Rome’s luxuries are revealed in full fashion!

Play Caesar’s Empire mobile slot now!

3. Coyote Cash Mobile Slot Game

Play Coyote Cash mobile slot now!

Coyote Cash says it all…the fast track to winning!  Those coyotes really know how to have a good time, that’s why we suggest having a spin at Coyote Cash…one of RTG’s most popular 5 line 25 reel slots games.

You can also access this winning slot on your mobile version of the casino.  Grab the big bag of loot as you chase the Roadrunner, just like in your favorite cartoon versions.

The coyote is after the loot…and so are you!  Just wait for the awesome animation of the scatter and wild symbol, filled with crazy explosions and great graphics.

Coyotes and cash..its all here for you!

Play Coyote Cash mobile slot now!

4. Goldbeard Mobile Slot Game

Play Goldbeard mobile slot now!

ARGHHHH, step right into one of the classics!  I’m Goldbeard, and I want you to take a few spins with me, ARGGGGH!

Here, playing with ol’ Goldbeard, you’ll be surrounded by great bonus rounds, random progressive jackpots and lucrative treasures that will keep you a winner.  This is the best way to take home the gold and one of the most popular slot games!

Cannons, treasure chests, parrots and tons of gold coins await you…but the best part is when ol’ Goldbeard (that’s me, ARGGGHH) crosses your screen.  This is when we can really start to live the pirate’s life!

20 lines and 5 reels of non stop action on the high seas! ARGHHH, I just love the pirate’s life!

Play Goldbeard mobile slot now!

5. Cleopatra’s Gold Mobile Slot Game

Play Cleopatra’s Gold mobile slot now!

Come join us on a far away journey to the land of exotic animals, perfumes and riches beyond imagination! Step into the world of Cleopatra and take a spin at Cleopatra’s Coins.

This RTG classic has been giving players a heaven of gold for years and years.  This slot game keeps players coming back for more of the land of the Egyptian gods and charming powers of the beautiful Queen, Cleopatra!

The 5 reels will gave you all the Egyptian mystic powers you can handle when you start spinning.  You know you’ve hit it big when that 50x multiplier comes on the screen.  Play like you do in Las Vegas and step into the world of Cleopatra!

Play Cleopatra’s Gold mobile slot now!



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