Average Trigger Points for Free Spins Bonus Slots

Average Trigger Points for Free Spins Bonus Slots

November 26, 2013
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cash-a-pillar-slot-free-spinsOne question often asked by a lot of online slot players is in regards to the free spin bonus rounds that a lot of slot games can award you with, and this question is just how often does the free spins bonus round trigger on these kinds of slot games.
The only way you can get accurate facts and figures in regards to when, on average, the free spins rounds are going to be awarded to you is by knowing how many of the scatter symbols are placed on each reel along with the number of reel positions on every individual reel.

Whilst accessing this information is often not as easy as it should be, we have managed to find out the reel layouts of several Microgaming slots and as such we can now present you with a listing of different slots games which you will find below along with the average trigger points when those free spins should on average be awarded to you.

Obviously as online slot games are completely random you can never be guaranteed that you are going to be awarded the free spins bonus games once you have made a certain number of spins after the previous free spins round was triggered.

However, it is always worth making a note of these trigger points as you may wish to increase your stake levels when you are nearing the time when the free spins on average should be awarded to you in the hope that if they trigger when they are expected to then you may end up with a much larger winning payout than you would have done when playing for lower stake levels!

Below is our listing of several Microgaming software powered slot games and alongside each of them we have listed the average trigger points for each of their respective frees spin bonus games.

Bush Telegraph Slot – Should the fifteen payline Bush Telegraph slot game take your fancy due to it giving you the chance of being awarded 10 free spins which play out on x3 multiplier values when you spin in three or more of the Scatter symbols, then be aware that you are going to trigger the free spins on average once every 143 spins of the base game reels.


There is an additional bonus game which can also be triggered when you play this slot and this is a simple pick to win type of bonus round, this is awarded when three or more of the Bonus symbols line up on any activated payline starting on reel one onwards, this for information purposes will be awarded on average, due to the reel layout, once every 63 spins.

Why not give the Bush Telegraph slot game a try and see if you can trigger those free spins within their expected trigger points, we have plenty of Microgaming Casinos for you to chose from come and take a look.

Twister Slot – If you are looking for a 20 payline slot to play today, then how about giving the Twister slot some play time. This game does of course come with a special free spins bonus round which like most other Microgaming designed slots is triggered once you have spun in three or more of the Scatter  symbols in view on the base game screen.


You will be awarded with 20 free spins when the bonus game is awarded and all of those free spins will play out with x2 multipliers attached to them. You are going to find that when playing the Twister slot the bonus game trigger point in on average once every 94 spins.

Cash a Pillar Slot – Microgaming’s Cash a Pillar slot is one of their quite rare 100 payline slot games, and as such if you are looking for a large number of winning opportunities then this may just be a game to consider playing, three or more Scatter symbols will award you with some 15 free spins and any winning combination formed during that bonus round will pay out at three times its usual payout value as listed on the pay table.


Due to the number of Scatter symbols on each reel and the number of reel positions on each of its five reels the average trigger point for the free spins bonus round is on average once every 169 spins.

So be aware the free spins may not be awarded as often on this slot when compared to other Microgaming slots, however the winning payouts which can be awarded when playing all 100 paylines when the free spins bonus round is finally triggered can be quite sizeable.

You will have plenty of chances of triggering a free spins bonus round when you take advantage of our casino bonuses that will allow you to play plenty of additional spins with those bonus credits!

Harvey’s Slot – There is a very unique way in which you are going to trigger and be awarded the free spins when you are playing Microgaming’s Harvey’s slot game, and to do so you need to spin in a Scatter symbol on the second and fourth reels at the same time when playing off any single base game spin.

When the free spins are awarded to you then a random amount of free spins will be given to you which can number from six to thirty of them, plus a random multiplier will be awarded and attached to any winning combination that spins in during the free spins round, the multiplier values can range from x2 to x25.


The average trigger point for spinning in those two Scatter symbols together on the second and fourth reels is on average once every 127 spins. However due to the nature of the free spins bonus game and the random number of them awarded and the random multiplier values it would be advisable for you to activate all 25 paylines on each spin you play, to guarantee you the maximum winning opportunities when it triggers!

Halloweenies Slot – One of our featured Halloween themed slot games which is very unusual by virtue of it awarding you with 13 free spins on x3 multipliers when the free spins round is triggered is the Halloweenies slot. This is one of Microgaming’s 20 payline slots.


It should be noted that the average trigger point for the free spins to be awarded when playing this slot is on average 76 spins between each free spins feature, and as such you may stand a much better chance of being awarded the free spins round on this slot than you would when playing any other free spins awarding Microgaming slot!



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