Guide to Online Roulette Variants

Guide to Online Roulette Variants

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roulette-royaleThere was a time when you could only play one type of Roulette game online, however as the software and casino game designers have been enhancing their game offerings over the last few years and making their respective gaming suites as wide and varied as is possible, you are going to come across many different Roulette variants available online.

To help you make an informed decision on just which online Roulette games are going to offer you the maximum winning opportunities, below you will find a comprehensive listing of many of the different Roulette game variants that can be found readily available in all of our featured casino sites.

Please do spend some time looking through this guide, for not all Roulette games offer low house edges and as such if you make the mistake of playing a high house edge Roulette game online you will often find your gambling budget is likely to diminish quite rapidly!

Mini Roulette Game – Playtech have designed a Mini Roulette game which on first glance may look like a great variant to get stuck into playing, however as the game is made up of a Roulette wheel with just one zero in play and only the numbers one to twelve on the wheel then sadly the very high house edge on this particular variant makes it a very unattractive game to play!

European Roulette Game – With a house edge of 2.70% there are not many other Roulette game variants that offer such a low house edge as the European Roulette game, and as such if you do have the option of playing this game then it should be high up on your list of games to play, unless of course the French Roulette game variant mentioned below is on offer!

American Roulette Game – We will not spend much time telling you about the American Roulette game variant for due to there being not one but two zeros on the wheel, and as that extra zero results in the house edge on this variant being a huge 5.26%, then it is a game you should never choose to play online or in a land based casino for it offers very poor value!

French Roulette Game – The best Roulette game that you can play online is the one that goes by the name of French Roulette, for when you actually play this game, thanks to a unique playing rules you will be up against a very low house edge that works out as a tiny 1.35%.

When you play any of the even money paying bets and wagers offered on the French Roulette table should the zero be spun in then those bets will not be losing ones, you will either be given back half of the amount you staked on those even money paying bets or they will not be removed from the betting layout and as such will remain live for the next spin.

Progressive Roulette Game – There are not too many Online Progressive Roulette Games available online, however it is worth noting when you do find one such game available then you are going to be forced to pay an additional side bet type of wager to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot or one of the other bonus payouts offered on these types of games, which may make it an expensive game to play if you never actually win one of the bonus payouts!

Multi Wheel Roulette Game – Some new Roulette game variants can be found online which will see more than one Roulette wheel being played on each game you set into play, however these types of Roulette games will require you to place more than one bet on each wheel used, and as such the only benefit you will get from playing them is that you could win several times on any single spin.

But that will only happen if the actual numbers you have chosen to bet on spin in on each Roulette wheel, which ultimately means you may end up losing much quicker when playing Multi Wheel Roulette games as opposed to single wheel games!

Live Roulette Game – Should you not be a fan of playing Roulette games that use software and random number generators to determine the winning result of any single spin you play, it will be the Live Roulette games that will be of most interest to you.

What makes these types of Roulette games unique, is that they are being played out in a land based casino and thanks to a live video broadcast streamed in real time from these venues you can not only place your wagers directly onto the Roulette tables but you can actually see the Croupier launching the ball into live play then watch as the ball finally comes to a complete stop in one of the numbered ball wells!

It should be noted that if you fancy playing any of the above online Roulette game variants and are consider utilizing one or more of the many different sign up bonuses or ongoing bonuses offered by many online casinos, then some Roulette games and/or some Roulette bets may be subject to special rules.

With this in mind please read through all of the terms and conditions attached to any bonus for that is where you will find details of any Roulette specific rules, which you should adhere too to ensure that you are not going to have any winnings voided by falling foul of those rules!


Whilst all Roulette games are completely random, it is worth remembering that winning and losing session can be had when playing any particular variant. However, by playing on the lowest house edge Roulette game variants online namely the European and French variants, you will be up against the very lowest house edge.

So do not play those Roulette games listed above which boast the highest house edges for those games really do offer very poor playing value and much lower chances of you actually ending your Roulette playing sessions in profit.



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