Maximize Your Wins with Roulette MAX from NetEnt

Maximize Your Wins with Roulette MAX from NetEnt

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November 5, 2020

Roulette MAX NetEnt

NetEnt is finally back on the live casino scene. We at have been waiting with bated breath for a new live dealer game from NetEnt – Roulette MAX.

Roulette MAX is a new live dealer game from the world-renowned developer NetEnt offering a 5,000x max payout. In this article, you can find everything there is to know about this futuristic Devil’s Game.

What Is Roulette MAX

Roulette MAX arrives at NetEnt casinos in December 2020 but it is not your standard roulette game. Instead, the new NetEnt innovation features four wheels. Perhaps Instant Roulette vibes, anyone?

This multi-wheel roulette allows players to place any bet they desire, plus some new bet types.

The implementation of the three extra wheels increases the volatility. Each wheel runs on reliable RNG software. The optimal RTP of Roulette MAX is 97.05%.

For just a small stake per round, players can win up to 5,000x their bet.

Thanks to the bigger number of wheels, players can place combination bets & spread bets. But more about them later.

The theme is neon and futuristic, taking place in a brightly lit casino studio. The dominant shades are pink and purple. Expect a pyramid-like construction hovering about the 4 wheels of roulette.

A game presenter hosts the game, providing commentary on what’s going on.

Roulette MAX is available on desktop, smartphones, and tablets alike. Both landscape and portrait modes are available, too. All NetEnt live casino games feature live stats and betting history. Players can also track the hot & cold numbers.

How to Play

The UI is glorious and neat. All the relevant and most important info is at display in the single menu.

Here’s an example of how to play Roulette MAX step-by-step:

  1. Place your bet.
  2. The betting range goes from $1 to $5,000.
  3. Repeat the same bet as in the previous round.
  4. If you want to, double your bet.
  5. You can also undo the last bet you placed.
  6. Take advantage of the special new bets like Combination and Spread.
  7. An animation will show the results of each table.

The glory of the user interface lies in its customization. Namely, you can personalize the UI as you wish. Enjoy stimulating animations whenever the ball lands!

There are 50 languages and 25 currencies at your disposal.

Key Features & New Bets

Multi wheel roulette

NetEnt designates Roulette MAX a unique concept with awesome multipliers. Here are its chief features:

  • The main green-blue wheel
  • Three X (Max) wheels
  • Thrilling multipliers
  • Combination bets – pay when the same result repeats on 2+ wheels in the same round
  • Spread bets – betting on the sum of all the wheels’ results
  • MAX bet – the MAX bet pays if any result repeats on 2+ wheels
  • Column bets – pay if 2+ results from all wheels land in the same column
  • Color bets – pay if 3 or 4 results are red or black.

What else can you expect from the novel Devil’s Game from NetEnt?

To start with, the game kicks off as an engrossing neon-tinted futuristic surrounding with multiple wheels. Additionally, the amusing Game Presenter comments on the action in the Roulette MAX studio.

Whenever the same result appears on two or more wheels, a higher multiplier hits.

You get to choose between standard and racetrack layouts. The customization is possible for inside bets.

The average payout percentage is 97.05%, leaving the edge at 2.95%.

Bear in mind that spread bets furrier increase the house advantage. Placing spread bets on 18-36 comes with a 19:1 payout on the account of a 91.14% RTP.

Is There a Strategy to Win Roulette?

Roulette MAX is perhaps not the best game for beginners. Sure, as long as you stick to regular bets like corner or line, you should be fine – there’s not much to lose. Moreover, you can experiment with systems such as Paroli or Romanowsky to get you there.

However, that approach completely defeats the purpose.

The key features of NetEnt’s Roulette MAX are exactly the new special bets – Combination, Spread, Column, and Color.

NetEnt even dared to alter the meaning of the column bet.

So, playing safely on standard bets can be achieved on any other roulette, right? Therefore, if you want to bet on even bets, just choose another variant. If you want to go all-in with the wild side bets, be Roulette MAX’s guest.

From what we’ve seen, Roulette MAX is a high-roller game for professional gamblers. The four wheels, although attractive, just decrease your chance of winning if you have a poor strategy.

Best NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt has been gradually expanding its network of parents and operators. In turn, more and more gambling venues online offer this developer’s content.

We’ve combed through the NetEntertainment extensive operator database looking for the best ones.

Here are the top casinos that offer NetEnt live dealer titles:


Best NetEnt Casino

Mr Green


Unfortunately, as Roulette MAX is a live game, it is not available for free play.

Whichever NetEnt casino you choose, you won’t be making a mistake. All of these operators are licensed and regulated by high-class regulatory bodies.

However, your decision might depend on the welcome bonuses. Check out the best welcome offers in online casinos right here.

Finally, we update the latest promotions on this page.

The Secret of Roulette MAX

NetEnt Live Roulette MAX

We need to be honest – Roulette MAX irresistibly reminds us of Microgaming’s Real Auto Roulette, at least aesthetically. However, the new NetEnt’s game’s main treat is not visual but innate.

Roulette MAX is like Lightning Roulette on steroids, with even more multipliers than the Evolution game. It is an interactive live casino game with immense payouts and an immersive environment.

We can’t help but notice the air of competition among suppliers as 2020 is coming to an end. As there’s still time for new releases, who knows what’s coming next to the market!



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