5th Safer Gambling Week

5th Safer Gambling Week

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October 18, 2022

Safer Gambling Week 2022

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) announces that Safer Gambling Week 2022 will take place this week, from 17-23 October. The event promises to highlight the regulated industry’s year-round commitment to safer gambling in Ireland and the UK.

This is the fifth year the event is organized by the Betting and Gaming Council, Bacta, the Lotteries Council and the Bingo Association. It is also the third time the event takes place under the name Safer Gambling Week. Safer Gambling Week was rebranded from Responsible Gambling Week.

Safer Gambling Week Aim

The event will include ‘a blitz of safer gambling messages’, both online and in land-based venues, which the organizer hopes to spark a nationwide conversation about betting responsibly. And while the industry focuses on safer gambling all year, this event allows the sector to demonstrate its focus on preventing harm.

BGC’s Michael Dugher says: “We know that rates of problem gambling are low and are now falling, which is great news. However, Safer Gambling Week is further evidence of the regulated industry’s determination to keep raising standards.”

BGC members demonstrate their commitment to safer gambling every day through initiatives such as promoting a host of different tools. Some tools designed to help players are deposit limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion from services. This week gives many businesses across the UK the chance to go even further in the hope of helping people who might be struggling with addiction. In addition, the initiative aims to allow people from all walks of life to open up a conversation about gambling.

According to The Gambling Commission reports, there was a 3% increase in overall participation in gambling activity in 2022. However, the problem gambling rate reached only 0.2%, thanks to the industry’s aims to promote safer gambling all year round. The problem gambling rate is statistically stable at 0.2% while the moderate and low-risk rates are also stable. They stand at 0.9% and 1.4%, respectively.

Government Backing

The UK government is also promoting this event, hailing it as a necessary tool against problem gambling. They announce their support towards the industry coming together to champion safer gambling. And also, to highlight the resources available to help reduce harmful gambling. The campaign is an important initiative to promote gambling awareness and prevent problem gambling. The government welcomes gambling companies that take more responsibility.

Chief executive of the Gambling Commission, Alex Rhodes says that the week brings the focus to customer protection. He adds that Safer Gambling Week also gives an additional chance for operators to share best practices around how they protect their customers.

“The safety of customers should be at the heart of each and every decision operators make,” he says.



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