Top 7 Best Anti-Gambling Software – Free and Paid

Top 7 Best Anti-Gambling Software – Free and Paid

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April 2, 2021

Best Anti-Gambling Software

Many reasons may impact your decision to want to block gambling sites.

Maybe you don’t want your kids to practice underage gambling. Secondly, all those gambling ads may be getting on your nerves. Or lastly, you might want to take a break from online gambling for a while.

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What Is Anti-Gambling Software?

This is a blocking software preventing you from accessing gambling sites that you can install on your mobile device or computer for free or for a small fee. So, thanks to these gambling blocking software tools, players can easily prevent themselves from placing bets.


If you want to block yourself from gambling, you may do so via anti-gambling software. These special tools incapacitate any gambling-related pop-ups, ads, and sites from appearing on your computer or smartphone.

Therefore, anti gambling software is used to customize your individual user needs for a predetermined period of time.


There are many things users should consider ahead of downloading anti gambling software. First and foremost, would you like to block gambling sites for free? If so, we have reviewed tools that cost you nothing. However, if you’re willing to purchase a program, you may do that, too.

Secondly, what devices do you need support on? Do you own a desktop PC, multiple cell phones, or a tablet? Most anti gambling software companies create tailor-made products for each user. So, consider product availability on your preferred devices.


Lastly, ensure that the anti gambling software you’re looking to install is available in your region. Area compatibility is often overlooked, so don’t be that guy. Before you decide to download and install a gambling blocking software, check the list of operating markets. The anti gambling software will work only if it’s available in your country.


Q #1: What is the purpose of anti-gambling software?

Gambling blocking software helps in the prevention of problem gambling. Its use is applicable in a variety of ways, including parental control and self-exclusion.

Q #2: Can I block myself from online gambling?

Yes, to temporarily or permanently stop yourself from gambling, choose one of the items from our list below.

Q #3: What is the best gambling blocking software?

The best anti gambling software is one that is wallet-friendly, serves the purpose you need it for, and operates in your country. However, choosing the best anti gambling software depend on personal preference, too.

Q #4: What are the main features of anti-gambling software?

The main aspects of reliable anti-gambling software can be found in our reviews. Briefly, these concern the cost, availability, and primary usage.

Q #5: Is anti-gambling software available in my country?

Manufacturers reserve the right to limit their operation in certain markets. Therefore, read the small print or contact customer support for availability details.


All that said, this is the ultimate list of the best gambling blocking software on the internet.

1.   Bet Blocker

BetBlocker details

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Mobile: Apple iOS, Android, FireOS
  • Price: Free
  • Free Trial: Yes

Bet Blocker is free anti gambling software established in 2017 by ThePOGG.

This company does not profit from gambling-related issues so BetBlocker is completely free of charge. Thus, anyone can download and install Bet Blocker anti gambling software for free.

Moreover, BetBlocker is extremely convenient and may be installed as many times as you want. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and all smartphone operating systems. Therefore, you can have Bet Blocker simultaneously installed on your Android mobile, Windows PC, and Mac alike.

Upon installation, there are two protection regimes to choose from – Self Exclusion and Parental Control. The former suits people who need a break and could use help with self-control. Analogously, the latter disables access to betting sites so that children are kept safe.

BetBlocker anti gambling software

There’s a reason why we highlighter BetBlocker as our number one anti gambling software. Its potency is displayed in more than just free service. Namely, once you enable BetBlocker on your device(s), you cannot switch it off. Not even re-downloading can help you.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot gamble for real money ever again. Here’s the trick. When you download the BetBlocker app, you set your time limits. Players could set up the gambling blocking time to a week, month, year, or forever.

So, if you adjust the Blocker to keep you away from gambling for 30 days, you have to wait for those 30 days to pass before you log in to an online casino account.



The best gambling blocking system Can't be deactivated before expiration time
Complimentary trial
Persistent protection


2.   BetFilter

BetFilter details

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Mobile: Apple iOS, Android
  • Price: $5.83/month (1-year license), $4.95/month (2-year license)
  • Free Trial: No

If you’re seeking a powerful tool against problem gambling on Windows, BetFilter might be the perfect choice.

Betfilter anti gambling software is installed on the computers of over 100,000 gamblers worldwide. It is the number one anti gambling software supported by the famous Kindred Group. To put it into perspective, Kindred owns 32Red, Unibet, and Maria Casino. So, if you see such an influential industry leader backing up BetFilter, you know you can trust it.

The only downside of BetFilter anti gamblign software is the cost, although not enormous. To use BetFilter on your on your desktop, you need to pay at least $4.95 per month. This is the cheaper, two-year license. However, if you select the costlier option of $5.83 a month, you’ll get 12 months of ultimate anti-gambling protection.

Betfilter Anti-Gambling Software

Also, if you’re using the BF anti gambling browser on your Android smartphone such as Samsung, you’ll be denied access to any betting site. So, all the companies recognizing this all-around anti-gambling software like EuroGrand and SkyBet are out of touch.

The bottom line is – if you install BetFilter, you’ll receive 24/7 online support, self-restriction services, and no unauthorized uninstallation. Plus, as it’s compatible with all OS and devices, BetFilter is convenient and globally used.



Multiple options on offer Linux version unavailable
Performs smoothly on mobile and desktop
Claimed the best anti gambling software by Kindred betting sites

3.   Freedom

Freedom details

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Mobile: Apple iOS, Android, ChromeOS (Chromebook)
  • Price: $2.42 – $129
  • Free Trial: Yes. 7 Blocking Sessions.

Freedom is the one-for-all app built to fight distractions of all sorts. With over 1,000,000 clients, Freedom is used by best-selling authors and casual players alike.

If you use Freedom to control or restrict your gambling online, you should know its terms. Firstly, there is a price to installing Freedom. Secondly, the Freedom anti gambling block app is affordable.

You can set self-restriction on either a monthly or yearly basis. If you decide to get the monthly package, you’ll pay $6.99 for the 30-day period. However, a more payable option involves the annual packet, which totals $2.42 a month for a year. Consequently, that’s $29.04 for 365 days of this anti gambling software.

Freedom Gambling Blocking Software

What’s more, there’s a 7-session trial period which lets you try out Freedom anti gambling software. And if you’re keen on it you may set it to a lifetime for just $129.

Not only can use Freedom on your laptop, but on handheld devices, too. Freedom is also anti gambling software for iPhone, as it’s compatible with Apple iOS. The same applies to Android gadgets; it blocks apps and websites which hinder you productivity.

To install the best anti gambling software, visit their website. Click the Download tab and follow the steps. It’s easy to get started and as soon as you turn it on, all gambling sites you select will be removed from your life.



Blocks all ads and sites you select Charged monthly
Trial available
Recognized by over 1,000,000 users

4.   Gamban

Gamban details

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Mobile: Apple iOS, Android, iPadOS
  • Price: $13.99 per month
  • Free Trial: Yes. 7 Days.

Gamban anti gambling software was manufactured to protect online casino fans who need a little help from a friend.

As one of the best anti gambling software, Gamban blocks gambling websites and apps. So, as long as you have Gamban switched on, you can never gamble online.

This gambling blocking software suits all operating systems – Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and MacOS. As such, it is customizable to fit gamblers’ needs. The price for all devices is the same.

Gamban screenshot

Gamban anti-gambling software is available in a 7-day free trial version. Then, if you register with the anti gambling software, it is o longer free of charge. To use Gamban hassle-free, you must pay $13.99 a month per device.

If you choose Gamban for your iPhone or Samsung smartphone, it will work on mobile data and Wi-Fi. To install it, you need a 5.0 Android and newer, that is, iOS 9.0 and newer.

With additional inquiries, reach out to Gamban on Twitter.



One of the most famous anti gambling software Might be considered pricey
Compatible with even older OS
Gratis trial

5.   GamBlock

Gamblock details

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Mobile: Apple iOS, Android
  • Price: $101.95 – $187.95 per year
  • Free Trial: Yes. 7 Days.

GamBlock is the leading anti gambling software available on up to 5 devices you own. So, you can activate it on any Android, iOS, or Windows device of your choice.

This player protection system keeps all ads, pop-ups, and gambling-related diversions at bay. It prohibits your device from accessing betting sites, even if you have a VPN (virtual private network) on.

As we noted, it is created to fit all operating systems and portable devices. With that in mind, GamBlock works with Lollipop (5.0 Android) and above (Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Android10, Android11). Regarding Apple, the GamBlock self-exclusion will work on any iOS device, including iPhone and iPad.

Gamblock screenshot

Now, GamBlock is on the pricier side of the anti gambling software spectrum. The least expensive option for personal use is Gamblock Gold – $101.95 annually. If you pick Gamblock Platinum or Gamblock Titanium, you’ll be charged $140.95 or $187.95, respectively. There are also GamBlock small business and corporate packages.



Works on all devices and OS Not as affordable as others
7-day trial

6.   MYGU

MYGU software details

  • Platforms: Mobile-only
  • Mobile: Apple iOS, Android
  • Price: Free
  • Free Trial: Yes.

MYGU is short for Mobile Monitor Your Gambling & Urges. This free gambling blocking software serves to track one’s gambling drives.

It’s your personal assistant that keeps track of your gambling behavior. After installing it on your device, MYGU records when your urge to gamble is the strongest. It can see what triggers addictive behavior and the desire to bet.

To exemplify, it records if you have just received money and if you intend on spending it on gambling. Furthermore, MYGU has the power to alert you to ban you from certain betting sites. Finally, this anti gambling software registers your feelings and mental state when trying to restrict your gambling online.

MYGU software screenshot

What’s more, while you’re on gambling rehab, MYGU files what you do on your phone instead. In fact, MYGU is your best friend once you’re ready to admit to problem gambling. The mobile anti ambling app showcases how much you lost and what consequences you suffered. In that light, it’s your best pal you can rely on.

There is no MYGU on Windows if you’re browsing the anti gambling software. However, you can download MYGU mobile app from the App Store and Google Play for free.

As MYGU is free anti gambling software, it protects you and monitors your gambling habits free of charge. It has always been, and always will be, free for every player in need. Download MYGU today to gamble responsibly on any Samsung or Apple gadget for free.



The best mobile anti gambling software Mobile-only
100% Free
Trial enabled

7.   Net Nanny

Net Nanny details

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Mobile: Apple iOS, Android, FireOS
  • Price: $39.99 – $129.99
  • Free Trial: No.

Net Nanny is the most popular parental control app in online gaming. It works by safeguarding underage youth and children from potentially self-destructive behavior.

If you purchase Net Nanny for just $39.99 a year, you can only use it on one desktop or Mac computer. However, if you upgrade to 5-device Family Protection Pass, you get Net Nanny for roughly $11 per device. As such, it is perfectly compatible with Windows, MacOS, Apple OS, Android, and Fire.

Nonetheless, if you grab your Net Nanny anti gambling software, you’ll get a 20-device program for as little as $89.99.

Net Nanny Gambling Blocking Software

Although reliable, Net Nanny does have a minor disadvantage which can be avoided.  Namely, Net Nanny can be bypassed by hazardous betting sites if one uses a VPN. However, as long as parents ensure that there are no such programs or add-ons installed; Net Nanny does its job well.

The only Net Nanny flaw is that it has no free trial versions for new users. However, Net Nanny is objectively pretty cost-effective and may be used on up to 20 devices. Therefore, the price is in direct ratio to the service the customers get.



Inexpensive No trial
Frequent sales on the website
Voted the most children-friendly anti gambling software


So, if you find you need the best gambling blocking software, either one from our list above will do. Just make sure to carefully read our informative reviews and get informed in advance.

What is your favorite anti gambling software? Drop your picks in the comments below! 👇🏼



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