Job Fairs for Those in New Jersey

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NJ job fair hosted for past casino workers.

Those casino workers that lost their jobs due to the closing of the casinos in the area are now looking forward to a job fair that is going to be held specifically in their favor. They are looking for ways to get these workers back on their feet so many companies that are hiring are coming together to do on the spot interviews for these workers. Not only will the companies benefit by being able to get an employee that they can work with, but the employee that lost their job can now find something else so they can provide for their family.

The Specifics

The career fair is going to be held on Wednesday September 10th for those that are in the area and are interested in finding out which jobs are available for them. Bring your resume and anything else that might be helpful when it comes to finding a job that is worthwhile. The doors will be open at 10 in the morning and the fair will run all day long. The managers and owners of the companies will be there to interview all of the candidates that are interested in hopes of finding a highly motivated individual that has what it takes to succeed within their company.

The job fair is going to be held in the Atlantic City Convention Center, so when the time comes to get the job that you’re after – make sure to stop by and see what they have to offer. Not only are there many casino workers out of jobs, but with the downturn in the casino economy throughout New Jersey – it seems like two more casinos are in jeopardy of closing their doors. This is not a good thing for the state of New Jersey. The Governor has actually announced that they will be legalizing SportsBetting in hopes of making a come back to the casinos in the area.

Hopefully this will help and hopefully the job fair will work out for many of those past casino workers that have lost their jobs and do not know where to go next.