Forcing Casinos to Stay Open Just Can’t Happen

Forcing Casinos to Stay Open Just Can’t Happen

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August 13, 2014
Atlantic City is closing the doors on a few casinos this year that have had some hardships.

When it comes to casinos closing their doors – there is plenty of that going on throughout the United States. At first, these casinos were opened to stimulate the economy, bring more to the community and hopefully fill positions for those that were unemployed but now it seems that with too much competition, not enough visitors and high running costs, these casinos were much more than the states bargained for.

The Struggling Casinos

Many of these casinos were in Atlantic City and are struggling to stay around, while lawmakers urged and asked them to stay open well past their closing dates. The casinos are trying to remain afloat as it is. With the pressure of having to stay open, they find themselves sinking deeper into despair. They feel that they have to decline the offer of staying open and close their doors for good – no matter what lawmakers are telling them to do.

Lawmakers do understand that closing a casino is a private matter and up to the owner of the casino at the time, but Atlantic City receives a lot of their revenue from these casinos and are hoping to turn things around. However, with the recent boom in casinos in other states – Atlantic City is seeing the harsh side effects that come with legalized gaming and heavy competition throughout the casino market.

The Casino Market

As time moves forward, even other states are cutting back on their budgets, removing employees from their payrolls and trying to make the most of what they have – without having to close their doors. With the economy in such a twist, it is hard to find those that provide the casino with their business – especially if they live next to one in their home town. They wouldn't travel to Las Vegas or to Atlantic City to get the gaming they are after – they are going to travel closer to their home.

As for now, three large casinos throughout Atlantic City are saying good bye forever. They wish it was different but with the economy in a twist and with such heavy competition, there is no other way around it. Many regular, long time visitors of these casinos are sad to see them go but know it is for the best.



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