Howe Cavern Casino Ruling is in

Howe Cavern Casino Ruling is in

Staff Writer
December 18, 2014
Howe Caverns now has their answer.

There is expected to be a casino going into the Howe Caverns area that is located in Schenectady. This is one casino and resort that is going to be big, and they already have the site mapped out, just 20 miles away from the caverns. This is a good thing and a bad thing for some of those that are in the area and concerned about how this is going to turn out for them overall. Not only is this going to bring more jobs than ever, but it is going to be something that can hopefully stimulate the state, as well.

The Ruling

The ruling came from the officials that thought it over long and hard. They did take into account everyone’s protests on why the casino might not be a good fit for the area but the pros largely outweighed the cons to the officials. This is something that doesn’t come as a shock to those within the area, they knew that this was going to be the verdict that was put down by those officials that were in charge of the casino.

So many people are outraged though, that the officials are not giving out too many of the details but do say that this casino and resort is going to be one of the nicest throughout the country, providing hundreds of high class rooms, a large area for table games and slot machines and even a spa, restaurants and additional extras that everyone is sure to love. They are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to making sure that the casino has everything that they need, when they need it and are willing to go from there when the time comes.

This casino is something that we will continue to track, to learn more about and of course, find out how they do in the process. We want to make sure that this casino is able to make it out of the negative effects that some of the other casinos are going through. This is because we do not want to see them dive down below, where the others are.



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