Casino Ruling and Howe Caverns is Bracing Themselves

Casino Ruling and Howe Caverns is Bracing Themselves

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December 16, 2014
Howe Caverns looking at possibly getting a new casino?

Howe Caverns, located in New York State is bracing themselves when it comes to the verdict that is going to rock the state on where the new casino is going to be placed. Howe Caverns is hoping that they are not going to be the area that is chosen. Not only do they have the caverns to protect but many small businesses throughout the area are here. While the new casino influx might be good for business, some might be out of business, depending on where the casino is going to be added.

What Happens to Howe Caverns?

They are hoping that they will get to stay where they are and that the construction of the new casinos in the area does not disrupt anything in the process, but with the new casinos being put up throughout New York state and many others, you never know what is going to happen, and this is why those within this beautiful area are hoping that if they do choose the spot, they choose somewhere that is not by their land or the caverns. This is a piece of history that has to be preserved. A beautiful area, and home to many things.

Those that are debating on whether or not to use this area will have to come to a decision Wednesday if this is where they want to stay or go with one of the few other proposed areas. This is to ensure that they are in the right place, that they have the right location and space, as well as the right area that people can actually get too. Many people are unsure of whether or not this is the area that they should build since there is already an attraction there, but this just makes it a better place for them to build their casino since there is already a steady influx of people coming to see the caverns.

Now we just have to wait to find out exactly where they are going to be putting the casino, and if the caverns are going to be the ones in trouble when the time comes. Wednesday is the big day when everything is announced.



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