How to Download, Install and Sign Up

How to Download, Install and Sign Up

November 25, 2013
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How to Download, Install and Sign UpOnce you find the right online casino for you to play at you will need to download and install the software and register your new player account. While this is simple to do, many new players feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by it all. Even though these feelings are unnecessary, they are understandable. The more you educate yourself on the whole process ahead of time, the better you will feel about getting started. Use the information provided below to learn all about the different processes you will need to go through as a new player to an online casino.

Downloading/Installing the Software

Once you find the best online casino for you to play at you may be required to download the software. Some casinos also give you the choice to play in instant play games which are explained below. However, most casinos offer you more gaming choices in the downloadable versions and not all casinos have instant play games as an option.

You should see the download button on the homepage of the casino. You start by clicking this button and the download box will appear on your screen. You will then be prompted to save and install the software onto your system. Once you click to begin the process the download process will begin. After the software has been downloaded you will automatically be taken through the installation process which is also very simple and requires you to click a few buttons which come up on the prompts. Upon completion of the download and installation process you will be taken to an area where you will complete the registration process.

Downloading/Installing the Casino Software

There are many different types of software and the online casino you play at will be powered by the software of its choosing. This software will dictate the games offered to you. By playing at an online casino run by reliable and trustworthy software you can play the games you want knowing you are going to be able to enjoy a high quality gaming experience you will be pleased with. Some of the software offers more games than the other and not all software offers the same types of games. However, most of the online casino software offers the more popular games such as slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, etc. If you have specific games you would like to play then you should verify you are going to have access to those games ahead of time.

Signing Up

During the registration process you will need to fill out a form by answering specific questions about yourself. This process only takes a couple of minutes and is also very direct and simple. Some of the questions you will be asked are your name, email, phone number, date of birth, etc. You will also need to choose a user name at this time. One of the things you need to be aware of is you are required to answer all of the questions honestly.

Signing Up

If you are found to have not been honest with your answers during the registration process then you run the risk of being banned from the casino and if this happens then you can lose your bonus money, wins, etc. Fraud is a problem online casinos have to protect themselves against, so most of them will also require you to verify your identity.

Instant Play Games

There are many online casinos that offer you the chance to play instant play games. These games do not require a download and they are played directly in your web browser. These games are great for players who aren’t able to download the software for one reason or another. One thing you need to understand about the instant play games is you may not be able to play all of the games you are able to enjoy in the downloadable games. Players in the past used to be concerned about the quality of the instant play games because they weren’t as high quality of games as the downloadable ones. However, recent technology has led to the instant play games of today offering you fantastic graphics and fast speeds.

Instant Play Games

Verifying your Account

When it comes to verifying your account at an online casino, the process will depend on the casino and its own set of requirements. The verification process can include such things as verifying your email, phone number, and sometimes faxing in a form of ID. This verification process protects both the players and the online casino. There are several reasons why the casinos want the players to verify their accounts. First, they want to know that you are of the legal age to play in the real money games. Also, they want to verify that you are who you claim to be. Plus, they want to keep track of true and correct records for the players who are registered on their casino for future reference.

Claiming Bonuses

Most online casinos offer new player bonuses. When you join a casino you want to make sure you familiarize yourself with these bonuses so you can enjoy their benefits. Read the provided instructions on how to claim them, as some casinos will require you to request them during the registration process. This is information you need to know ahead of time so you can enter the appropriate information, such as a bonus code, while you are registering for your account. You also want to read about the wagering requirements of the bonus ahead of time so you have a full understanding of what is going to be expected of you in order for you to receive the bonus.

Depositing Money into your Account

In order to play the real money games you will need to have money in your account. This requires you to deposit money using a payment method that works for you. There are many methods available so you can choose one you feel secure with and most times you will find payment methods you are already familiar with, which will make the process easier for you as a new player to the online casinos.

Depositing Money into your Account

Some of the more commonly found payment options accepted at the online casinos include the use of your credit cards, eWallets, money transfer services, pre-paid cards, eChecks, checks, and bank transfers. Be sure you read all of the information offered on a payment method before you decide to use it. You want to pay attention to the processing times since some of the methods will take longer than others. You also want to be aware of any fees associated with using a method before choosing to use it. You may also want to learn about any deposit method bonuses the casino is offering so you can take advantage of those as well. Be sure you pay attention to the minimum deposit amount your deposit will need to meet.

When you go to make your deposit you will find most casinos offer you step-by-step instructions and make the whole process easy. If you choose to make your deposit using one of the methods that allows instant transfers then you will be able to play the games in just a few minutes.

Getting Started on the Games

Once you have downloaded and installed the casino software, signed up for your account, and deposited funds, you will be able to play the real money games. Before you play any game at the casino you have chosen to join, you want to read the instructions for the game. You may find variations in the rules you want to be aware of before you play. You should also be sure you know how to play a game well before playing for real money. You may be able to play the game for free and this will allow you to become more familiar with it before you start playing for real money. Once you begin playing the games you want to be sure you play in a disciplined manner and have a good money management system in place. The online casino games are a lot of fun and it is very easy to get started.

Getting Started on the Games


Once you find the right online casino you will find it so simple to get started that you may be surprised. Although the whole process is easy, you still want to read the information and terms and conditions since each of the online casinos run independently and have their own rules and regulations. As a new player you want to be careful to choose the right online casino the first time around. This way, you can begin taking advantage of everything possible and this includes the possible earning of loyalty points. Do your research ahead of time and make use of the online reviews in order to help you find the casino that is going to be the best fit for you to play at. If you have any questions along the way, you should contact the support team for answers so you are working with all the information you need.



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