What are the Most Popular UK Casino Slots

What are the Most Popular UK Casino Slots

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November 13, 2014

What are the Most Popular UK Casino SlotsIn light of the fact that there are some New UK Online Gambling Laws which are affecting UK players ability to play at some online casino sites that they have previously been permitted to play at, you may currently be in the position of trying to find a new casino site at which to play at that offers you a range of games that you have played before online, but can no longer do due to the casino at which you played those games before no longer accepting UK players.

With this in mind we have compiled the following slot playing guide which is going to allow you to track down quickly your favourite types of slot games whilst also being able to find a casino site that allows and permits UK players.

Playing Fruit Machines Online

You will have seen plenty of Fruit Machine games in all manner of different places in the UK, you will always find them offered in pubs and clubs and amusement arcades, and these types of slot games are popular as they are fairly low cost games to play but offer you value for money as there are lots of different built in bonus games and bonus features on offer.

If you do enjoy playing Fruit Machines and wish to locate an online casino at which you can play them at then do checkout 32 Red Casino, for this large and very busy online casino has the Microgaming software platform on offer which will allow you to play their games on any computer, laptop or even on a mobile device.

Multi Line Bonus Game Awarding Video Slots

Video slot games are by far and away the most popular and most played slot games found online, and there are literally thousands f different games in this category. With the chance to put into play a small number of paylines or even thousands of ways to win per spin you play you really will find playing video slots exciting and entertaining, and you will always have the chance of spinning in some large paying winning combinations.

There are some excellent video slot games on offer to UK players at casinos using the Playtech gaming platform, and two casino sites offering their range of games are Bet365 Casino and the very well respected William Hill Casino site.

The beauty of playing any type of video slot game is that you are always able to fully adjust the stake levels at which you play them for and as such they can be very inexpensive slot games to play. You will find slots which come with some very well known themes built around celebrities or block busting movies and there are also several video slots offering multiple bonus games which can be triggered and awarded as you play them online.

Progressive Jackpot Awarding Slot Games

All of the online casinos we have listed above, will in addition to those games already mentioned, have a range of progressive jackpot paying slots on offer. There are many differently structured and designed slot games on which you could win what can often be a life changing jackpot and many slot players will always allocate at the very least a small amount of their slot playing session to giving one or more progressive slots a whirl.

If you are looking for a new online casino at which to play which both accepts UK players and offers a wide and very exciting range of progressive slot games to players, then do considering joining up to the Mr Green Casino site, for they have no shortages of progressive slot games readily available.

Mr Green Casino utilizes the NetEnt gaming platform and as such if you do decide to play at this state of the art and fully licensed online casino site then you will not be forced to download any software onto your computer, as all of the games are instant play ones.

When playing progressive slot games do remember that some of the slots you can access and play online will often require you to play in a certain way to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot that slot offers, so always have a look at the pay table of the slot you are thinking of playing to see if you are obliged to play maximum pay lines or maximum stake spins to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

You will often find you can win completely at random a progressive jackpot when playing some slots online, and the jackpots these types of slot games have on offer will either be awarded to you at the end of any single paid for base game spin of the reels you play off or you will have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot via some form of bonus feature round.

However, always keep in mind the chances of you winning a progressive jackpot are very low, and as such always play responsibly and only gamble with money you are prepared to lose, for winning a progressive jackpot is often a once in a life time event and you will not win one every time you play!


It is very important that as a UK player you stick to playing at online casinos that have been vetted and fully approved and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. You are afforded a lot of player protection when playing at any licensed site and as such any problems which while rare that cannot be resolved by the casino can be escalated to the Gambling Commission who will then investigate and make a legally binding ruling.

All of the above casino sites are also constantly rolling out new slot games at very regular intervals and those games will of course all have been certified as being fair and random, and you will also have the added benefit of playing slots online which often come with must larger payout percentages than those slots found in land based gaming venues!




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