New UK Online Gambling Laws

New UK Online Gambling Laws

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November 13, 2014

New UK Online Gambling LawsThere are some major changes happening in the UK in regards to online gaming, and as such if you are a regular online casino player, and live or reside in the UK then you need to be fully aware of these changes, as there is a very good chance that you may have already found several of your casino accounts have been closed or moved over to any casino!

Back in May 2014 a new Gambling Bill received Royal Assent and was therefore passed into law. This is the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act that is, as of October 1st 2014 being strictly enforced by the UK Gambling Commission.

This new law states that any online gaming site including online casinos must apply for and be granted a UK issued gambling license if they wish to advertise their casinos and supply UK based players with any type of casino or gambling games.

Online Casinos Faced with Three Options

This has therefore led to many online casinos doing one to three things, some online casinos have chosen to pull out of the UK market place entirely, some have chosen to move their players over to another casino that has or is applying for a UK gambling license, and some have chosen to get their casino fully licensed in the UK.

Those companies owning and operating more than one casino site have opted to get just one of those sites licensed and have migrated all of their UK players over o that one site and have closed those players accounts at all of the other sites. However, some independently run casinos have opted to sell their UK player databases to a competitor’s site and those players will only be able to play at those other sites.

This information has of course been passed onto players, however as many emails that are sent by online casinos and online gaming sites in general often end up in players spam folders, many players are unaware of these changes and have found themselves locked out of some of their casino accounts and are unaware of why this has happened!

With this in mind if you have found yourself locked out of one or more of your casino accounts, and you are a UK based player, there is a very good chance that your account at that casino has been closed or transferred over to another casino. You will be best advised therefore, to contact the customer support at the casino you had been a player of, and enquire if you are still permitted to play at another casino in that group or whether you account has been moved over to a different casino completely.

Which Casinos Now Have a UK Gambling License?

As there is so much confusion surrounding these new UK online gambling law changes, we have decided to put together a range of articles and playing guides that will enable anyone based in the UK to quickly be able to pick a fully licensed site at which to play at.

As you know we only showcase on this website a range of top rated casinos, all of which are fully licensed and regulated in the UK, and as such we have dedicated our Choosing a New UK Online Casino section of the website to presenting to you a range of first class, UK Gambling Commission licensed and approved casinos, feel free to check it out as there are some excellent casinos offering some very generous welcome bonuses to new UK based players!

It is worth pointing out that there are a number of different software and gaming platforms that are available to UK players, and as such you are not going to have to make any compromises in regards to the range of games you can play if you live or reside in any part of Great Britain!

We invite you to take a look over our Gaming Platforms Accepting UK Players guide, for when you do you will soon discover just how many different gaming platforms can be accessed by UK players and will also find just what types and categories of games are on offer.

Most Played UK Casino Games

If you have never played at an online casino and are wondering just what types of games you are going to find in the online gaming environment, then we think you are going to be very impressed with the diversity and number of games on offer.

You will find all of the most popular card and table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette can be accessed and play online for real money, and there are lot s of other games such as Video Poker games, Progressive Jackpot paying games and more slot machines and fruit machines than you could shake a stick at!

In fact so large is the range of slot and fruit machines that we have put together a special guide that is going to present to you all of the available games in this category, and as such if you wish to learn more please take a look over our What are the Most Popular UK Casino Slots section of the website.


When you are choosing a new online casino at which to play as a UK based player, it is important that you make sure you are permitted to play at that casino before wasting any time downloading the software and then registering as a new player!

It is also very important that you double check the casino at which you are thinking of joining up to and playing at does indeed hold a full UK Gambling License, as some casinos that are based offshore are still offering UK players access to their real money games and haven’t applied for or been granted a UK license.

By playing only at licensed and approved casinos you are never going to run into any kind of problems and will always have the UK Gambling Commission’s player resolution service at your disposal if you do have any unresolved problems with any of their license casino sites.



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