Will Using Auto Play Increase or Decrease My Winning Chances?

Will Using Auto Play Increase or Decrease My Winning Chances?

Staff Writer
June 11, 2017

There are three ways that a slot player can play most slot machines, and the first is by setting the number of pay lines and coin value plus the number of coins per line they want to have in play per spin and then clicking into the spin button to send the reels spinning.

The other way is by using the Max Bet button, and when you use that option you will be playing off each spin with the maximum number of lines and coins on those lines that the slot machine you are playing has on offer.

However, the third way is by using something know as the auto play option, this is similar to the first way of sending a slot games reels spinning we told you about above, however you also need to select just how many spins you want the slot game to play off for you automatically.

It is of course up to you which of those three options you make use off, however if for example you have a huge casino bonus in your casino account and watch to play off lots of spins to try and achieve the play through requiring of that bonus, but with the minimum of effort then the auto play option s worth using to help you hopefully do just that!

Playing Certain Casino Games Optimally

Whilst the auto play option is not going to increase or decrease your winning chances when you are playing games such as slot machines due simply to the fact that each spin you do play off is completely random and slot machines are of course games of chance, there are some games that when using auto play you will have an increased chance of winning.

Take for example the game of video poker, now there is an element of skill involved in playing video poker for you will need to know just which the very best cards are to hold after you have been dealt out your very first five playing cards.

When you use the auto play option on most video poker games the game will then hold the best cards for you on that initial deal, and therefore it will be playing each hand off optimally, strategically and perfectly too. So if you have no experience of playing video poker games perfectly then using the auto play option is something you should consider doing!

Auto Play Legal Requirements

One thing you will need to know in regards to just how many spins of a slot games reels or hands of video poker you will be able to play off using the auto play option, is that different countries have different rules and laws or even no laws or rules at all regarding the use of auto play options.

As such what you will find if you live in the UK for example is that you are only going to be able to configure the auto play option to play off a limited number of spins or hands each time you choose to use auto play.

The UK Gambling Commission decided that players could play off no more than 25 spins each time they use the auto play option so if you do live in the UK that is the highest number of game you can play off using the auto play. However, in most other countries of the world you will be able to play off hundreds or even thousands of spins/hands when using the auto pay option, and play each spin or hand for any stake level you want to have in play too!


It is always going to be your decision and your decision alone as to whether you will want to put the auto play option into live play on any casino games you do decide to play online or when using  a mobile device to access those games.

One thing you do need to be fully aware of is that you can often end up busting out all of your bankroll very quickly if you leave the auto play option to play off thousands of hands or spin on the game you have chosen to play!

So try and ensue you know just how many hands or spins you want to play off, and also consider using some of the other option settings attached to the auto play such as the one that will automatically stop the auto play option if you for example trigger a bonus game on a slot machine or set it to stop whenever you have won a cash payout over a certain value.

You can of course also set most casino game auto play options in such a way that they will stop automatically if your casino account balance, through a series of losing outcomes drops to a certain value!



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