Best Ways to Configure the Auto Play Slot Feature

Best Ways to Configure the Auto Play Slot Feature

Staff Writer
October 21, 2016

avalon-slotOne of the downsides of playing slot games online for long periods of time is that you could start to suffer from repetitive strain injury if you keep on clicking away on your mouse for long periods of time to send the slot reels spinning!

You could always get tired of having to play slots manually and that is one of the main reasons why many slot games available to online players come with an auto play setting.

By using that setting you can configure each slot game you choose to play in such a way that the spins will then be played off automatically on your chosen stake amounts. You can of course decide how many spins to play off when using the auto play option and decide how many pay lines you can have in play on any optional pay line slots you decide to play as well.

Below we will enlighten you on many ways that you are going to be able to configure a range of different slot games optimally and to your own preferences when you do make use of any slot games auto play option setting.

Auto Play Staking Options

The first thing that you are going to have to decide when you do want to play off a large number of spins when using the auto play settings, is just what stake levels you want to have in play as each of those spins are playing off.

It is worth noting that once you have set the slot game auto play and have set it playing of your chosen number of spins you will not be able to change the stake levels you are playing for, however you will always be able to stop it by simply clicking onto the stop auto play button or a similarly labelled button!

Try and play with the stake levels set so that you will get a lot of spins from your available bankroll, and as such an ideal way to set the stake levels is or you to set a unique stake per spin so that you can play off around 100 to 150 spins.

That way you will have a good chance of triggering any bonus games that may just be available on the slot you are playing, which may turn out to be a very high paying bonus game with some luck!

Auto Stop Auto Play Options

You will not only be able to configure the auto play settings to stop when it has played off your chosen number of spins but you will find there are some additional options available too.

You will be able to stop the auto play when a bonus game or bonus feature has been triggered, and many slot players will tend to select that option for when a bonus game is playing off that player will want to be able to watch it playing if they have wandered off to do something else whilst the auto play is in use!

You will also be able to set the auto play setting to stop automatically if you win a jackpot or if your casino account balance grows in value by a certain amount, so do consider using that option setting too.

If you leave the auto play to play off hundreds or thousands of spins then another setting that you may be interested in using is one that will turn off the auto play when your casino account balance drops by a certain value, and by using that option you will not run the risk of the auto play using up all your casino account balance!


To enable you to get to grips with the way the auto play feature works on any slot game you do decide to play and to see if you do actually like the way it operates when you have made use of it and set it running, when don’t you try out the auto play option via the demo mode version of the slot you are playing.

Each of the mobile and online casino sets we have chosen to present to you not only offer their players an auto play option settings on lots of their slot games but you will also have the option of playing those slot games for free or for real money.

By playing a range of different slots at no risk and for free then you can of course configure the auto play option settings and play around with their respective built in additional configurable option settings.

By doing so you will then find out whether you like the much more tailored settings available on each slot and can then choose to play those slots in an identical or similar way for real money whenever you want to.



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