Which Roulette Bets Have the Lowest Odds?

Which Roulette Bets Have the Lowest Odds?

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October 8, 2014

Which Roulette Bets have the Lowest Odds

There are plenty of reasons why you are going to enjoy playing Roulette online if you are for example a slot player, and one of the main reasons why playing this popular table game can be profitable is that in a short number of spins of the wheel you could win some substantial amounts of cash, if you choose to play single number bets and those numbers spin in on consecutive spins.

However, the one downside of playing Roulette is that if Lady Luck is not by your side when playing this game you could quickly decimate your bankroll when placing those higher risk yet high reward single number bets.

So in this casino game playing guide we are going to introduce all new and novice Roulette players to a range of low risk bets that you can place when playing Roulette online, and whilst these low risk bets do obviously only reward winning players with low payout odds, you are much more likely to place a winning bet when placing them than you would do when pacing the higher risk single number wagers!

Even Money Paying Roulette Bets

There are six bets on which you will receive a winning payout of even money when playing Roulette, these bets are the Red, Black High, Low and Odd and Even betting opportunities. The winning payouts are even money as you have just a slightly lower 50/50 chance of seeing one of those bets being a winning one.

As there is a zero on the Roulette wheel that is how this game has its own house edge attached to it. But be aware that by opting to play the French Roulette game online the standard house edge offered to players playing the European Roulette game variant of 2.70% is reduced to 1.35% when those players place any even money paying bets.

This is due to any zero spinning in when a player has placed any one of the six even money paying bets will not result in your bets and wagers losing, instead those bets will either stay on the betting layout for the next spin or you will get half of your stake money back when placing one of them whenever a zero has ended up being spun in.

So if you are a low risk online Roulette player who only wants to place even money paying bets then the only Roulette game variant you should be playing is the French Roulette game variant which is available at most online casino sites.

Try and steer well clear of the many American Roulette game variants that you will be able to access and play online, for those games have not one zero on the wheel but two of them, and as such the house edge when playing that game if you choose to place just even money paying bets is a much larger and much less attractive 5.26%.

Dozen Bets Paying 2 to 1

There are another set of betting opportunities that are fairly low risk available on all Roulette games found online and these are the dozen number bets, when you place any of these types of wagers on the Roulette wheels betting layout you will be covering 12 individual numbers in one single bet, and if any of those numbers spin in you will receive a winning payout worth 2 to 1 of your wagered and staked amounts.

There are three Column Bets, these are located right at the top of the betting layout and when placing a chip on any of those betting positions you are cover all 12 numbers in that column. You will also be able to place another set of dozen bets and these cover the numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. If you have placed on of those bets and any of the numbers covered by that bet spin in you will receive a winning payout worth 2 to 1 of your wagered amount.

Obviously there is slightly more risk attached to the dozen bets as opposed to the even money paying bets for on the latter bets you are covering a total of 18 numbers per spin and on any of the dozen bets you will be covering just 12 numbers.

It should also be noted by players that depending on just which online casino gaming platform you are utilizing to play any Roulette game the actual minimum and maximum permitted stake amounts will vary.

So do be prepared to check various different gaming platforms such as those offered by Real Time Gaming, NetEnt or Playtech as you will often find the minimum and maximum Roulette stake amounts that can be placed on their many different betting positions on their respective Roulette games can and will vary depending on just which gaming platform you choose to utilize.


It will be up to you just how much risk you want to have attached to your online Roulette playing sessions, and whilst low risk Roulette playing is always going to be popular with players who are looking for lengthy playing sessions, from time to time you may enjoy playing in a more high risk fashion.

However, always keep in mind that whenever you are playing Roulette at any of our top rated online casinos you are always going to be playing a completely random game, and as such you will never know just how lucky or unlucky you are going to be until you start to place your wagers and then set the Roulette wheel into motion!



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