French Roulette Game Betting Locations in English

French Roulette Game Betting Locations in English

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April 7, 2014

French Roulette Game Betting Locations in English

You may not be aware that one of the best Roulette game variants that you can play online is the French Roulette game, and the reason it is considered to be the best variant is due to the house edge on this game being tiny at just 1.35%!

However, what may put off a lot of players from actually giving this great valued French Roulette game a try is that many of the betting locations on the betting layout are in French, and as such we have chosen in today’s article to translate into English all of the available betting locations that you will find on offer on a French Roulette table!

Pair and Impair Betting Locations

You will find both a Pair and an Impair betting location listed on the betting layout of a French Roulette game and the English translations of these two wagers are, the Pair bet is the Even numbers wagers and the Impair betting location is the Odd numbers!

Be aware that when you do play French Roulette and you have placed a wager on any of these two even money paying betting locations on the betting layout and a zero spins in then you will either get half of the stakes you wagered on those bets returned to you or they will not be removed from the table and will stay there for the next spin of the wheel, which is why this games house edge is just 1.35% and not 2.70% which the European Roulette game is set at!

Manqué and Passé Betting Locations

The Manqué betting position on the French Roulette tables betting layout is where you need to place your wagers for the low group of numbers those being all of the numbers from and including one to eighteen.

You will also find a Passé betting location can be bet on the French Roulette game and this wager covers all of the high numbers, and as such by placing a wager on the Passé betting location if any of the numbers from and including 19 to 36 spin in then that is a winning bet!

Premiere 12, Moyenne 12 and Derniere 12

You are also going to come across three betting locations on the game of French Roulette and these are called the Premiere 12, Moyenne 12 and Derniere 12 bets. These are the Dozen wagers which are identical to those found on the European and American Roulette games.

The Premiere 12 bet will cover the first dozen, that being the numbers from one to twelve, the  Moyenne 12 covers the second Dozen series of numbers those being 13 to 24 and the Derniere 12 bet will cover all of the final Dozen numbers those being 25 to 36.

When you place a Premiere 12, Moyenne 12 or Derniere 12 and any of the numbers that those wagers cover spin in then you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1 much like on any other Roulette game variant.

Other Popular French Roulette Betting Options

Finally let us give you an insight into some of the other French words that you will find in use on a game of French Roulette along with their English translations!

  • Plein – This betting option is available on every single Roulette game you play and it is the name attached to the French Roulette game variant for the Straight Up number bets, and this bet pays out at odds of 35 to 1.
  • Cheval – This is the name given to the Split Bet, and this bet is placed by you simply putting your chip or your chips on any line separating any two different numbers on the French Roulette games betting layout, if one of those two numbers then spin in you will be rewarded with a winning payout of 17 to 1.
  • Transversale Pleine – This may sound like a rather confusing bet but it is simply the name given to the Street Bet found on all Roulette game variants! You will be covering three numbers which are all in a row on the betting layout which for example could be 4, 5 and 6 or 31, 32 or 33.
  • Carré – This is the name given to the four number corner bet which you can place on any of the inside numbers on the French Roulette games betting layout, any group of four numbers that share one corner on the layout can be bet on and if any of them spin in then this is of course a winning bet!
  • Transversale de Quatre – You will find that when you place this bet you are simply wagering on a four number type of bet namely the Zero, 1, 2 and 3 betting locations.
  • Transversale Simple – This is the French word for a Line bet and this is where you will be covering a total of six numbers location in sets of three numbers on the French Roulette tables betting limit.
  • Colonne – This is the Colum Bet and when you place this wager you are covering twelve numbers in any of the three columns at the top of the betting layout, this bet when it has been placed and one of the twelve numbers in the column spins in will pay out at odds of 2 to 1!


The game of French Roulette as you have just found out is the lowest house edge Roulette game you are going to find readily available at most online casino sites, which does of course mean it is the variant you should always be looking to play online!

Be wary of any online casino game that is described as a zero house edge Roulette game variant, for whilst there are some online casinos that offer a variant of Roulette that has no zero on the wheel and therefore the house edge is zero, what those casino sites will do is charge you a house commission when you make a withdrawal of any winnings you have made playing their zero house edge games!

That house commission will mean that even those the Roulette game did offer zero house edge you are going to end up losing a percentage of your winnings when you cash them out! So avoid all of that nonsense and simply stick to playing French Roulette which is a low house edge game and one that is a lot of fun to play!



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