What is a Jackpot Thermometer?

What is a Jackpot Thermometer?

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July 8, 2015

What is a Jackpot Thermometer

When you play at an online casino that has the huge and ever growing range of Microgaming slots on offer you are going to find those games come will all manner of unique features, you will find that you can put into play the auto play setting which will allow you to play off as many spins as you like without you having to keep on clicking the spin button yourself!

Also you will find that if you opt to play at any sites offering Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform you are able to open up and play more than one game at a time, which is ideal for anyone who wants to play the maximum number of games but in the shortest amount of time!

However, as you are scrolling through the slot game menu at one of those casinos when trying to pick out which slots to play you will also come across something known as a Jackpot Thermometer, and that device will enable you to spot which slots are loose meaning they are currently paying out a lot and which slots are cold, meaning they have not paid anything of significance out for quite a while!

How the Jackpot Thermometer Works

By looking through the list of slot games on offer at all Microgaming software powered casinos out will find the Jackpot Thermometer animation displayed alongside the game and by looking at it you will get an indication of just when that slot game paid out its jackpot.

The Jackpot Thermometer uses a very unique mathematical formula to arrive at the temperature displayed on it, and that is that the temperature of the slot will be 80 plus the time since the jackpot was last won divided by the average time between the last five jackpots being won on that slot multiplied by 100.

As such if you see a Jackpot Thermometer displaying a very high temperature then that particular slot has been paying out its jackpots regularly however a cold indication on the Jackpot Thermometer will mean that slot has not paid out its jackpots as regularly recently as it usually does.

Please do be aware that a cold or hot temperature does mean necessarily mean a slot game is or is not about to play out its jackpot, however over time you may find it a very useful tool for deciding which slots may be worth playing as they may be about to play out more so when the temperature of any one slot game is cold!

What Slots Can I Play?

The one attraction for many slot players of choosing top play at casinos that offer the range of Microgaming slot games is that you are going to have on offer hundreds of different types of slot games, all of which you are going to be able to play either in a  free play mode or for real.

Also be aware that there are always going to be several brand new slot games available each month as Microgaming powered sites and as such if you are looking for something new to play then always check out those new slots which will come with their own unique themes, playing structures and a whole host of other bonus features and bonus games.

You can also play a large and growing number of progressive slot games at Microgaming powered sites and when you play those games be aware of the way in which they offer their respective progressive jackpots as each slot will have its own rules attached to it in regards to how you are going to be able to win that slot games jackpots.


Should you be now interested to take a look at how the Jackpot Thermometer works in a real money online gaming environment then we invite you to take a look at the range of slot game offered at any of our top rated Microgaming powered casino sites.

When playing at those sites you are going to be able to play every single game they have on offer with the exception of the progressive games via a free play mode, and many players will tend to use the free play versions of the games to get used to the way each slot games works, plays and pays whilst allowing those players to pick out the slots they enjoy playing the most.

As all of our featured casinos sites give away comps to real money slot players and as you are also going to be able to claim some very large and generous sign up bonuses, then we invite you to take a good look round our website and make a note of all of the bonus offers that are currently available to you.

For you really are going to get some extended slot playing session when you make use of those bonuses, however please do ensure you have read through any terms and conditions that are attached to any bonus as those terms and conditions can and will vary from casino site to casino site!



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