Can Auto Play Increase Your Winning Chances?

Can Auto Play Increase Your Winning Chances?

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Updated January 31, 2022

Can Auto Play Increase Your Winning Chances

You are going to come across a large number of online casino games that offer you the ability of being able to play off those games by utilizing the auto play feature, and you may be wondering to yourself if you decide to play any game automatically by using the auto play feature will there be any increase in your chances of actually winning when playing those games in that way.

This is in fact a good question, for we have noticed that some online casinos have now started to strictly prohibit their players using the auto play option when those players have any type of casino bonus is in their account, and there must able a reason for those casinos choosing to put this restriction in place!

In regards to you playing slot games then there really is no added advantage for you putting into the auto play option on any slot game, for all that will happen when you do is that you are never going to have to click on the spin button manually to send the games playing.

However, there are some major benefits to be had when you playing games such as video poker and blackjack online when you put into play and make use of the auto play setting offered on those games. With this in mind please do read on for we are going to enlighten as to what those benefits are!

Playing Video Poker with the Auto Play Feature

When you play any type of video poker game you are initially going to have to select a stake option and the number of coins you wish to put into play per hand dealt out to you, and then you need to click on the deal button and then the game will deal you out five initial cards.

Once those cards have been dealt out to you then you need to study them and make a decision on which, if any cards you wish to hold in place on the video poker game screen and which cards if any to discard. Once you have held any cards which you think will or may help you achieve one of the winning payouts listed on the video poker games pay table then you click on the deal button a second time and any of your cards that you have not held are removed from the screen and new ones are dealt out to replace them.

If you then form any one of the winning hand combinations listed on the pay table you will then be paid out that winning payout. However, as you need to master just which cards to hold and discard in the first stage of the game that will require you to have a full understanding of every single permutation of cards that can be dealt out to you.

But by using the auto play option then the video poker game you are playing is going to automatically hold the very best cards possible that have been dealt out to you on the initial deal, and therefore you will never be making any game playing errors which that auto play option in play!

Blackjack and Auto Play

Another game which has an auto play option setting on which you will gain an advantage of you do decide to utilize it is the game of blackjack. When playing blackjack you are first dealt out a two card hand and are then faced with the decision of selecting one of several different playing and betting decisions based on the value of your hand and what card you can see the Dealer holding.

Whilst many players soon pick up the very find art of knowing just how to play off any hand that they have been dealt out based on what card the Dealer has on display, it can often be quite difficult for some players to remember every possible playing and betting decision.

But by you putting into play and making full use of the auto play option settings then on every single hand that is dealt out to you with the auto play setting activated then the game will play off those hands based on the perfect playing strategy for the variant of blackjack you are playing.

So if you are relatively new to playing blackjack online and have not yet fully mastered how to play off each and every single possible hand that can and will be dealt out to you when playing blackjack online then make sure you find an online casino which offers you the auto play option settings on their blackjack games and then let the auto play do all of the hard work for you!


As mentioned above whilst using the auto play option could see you avoiding any game playing errors when playing games such as video poker or blackjack you do need to be aware of the rules regarding using auto play when you have claimed a casinos bonus offer.

If out do choose to make use of the auto play feature on any game you play with bonus funds in your account and the casino you are playing at does not allow you to use bonuses in that way then there is going to be a good chance than any winnings you achieve on that bonus playing session will be voided! So always read the terms and conditions and any additional bonus rules and adhere to them!



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