What are the Oldest Online Casino Games?

What are the Oldest Online Casino Games?

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Updated January 28, 2022

Oldest Online Casino Games

Many online casino game players are always going to make a beeline to play all of the very latest brand new slot games that are available to play at any online casino site that they are logged into.

However, it can often be the case that those brand new slot games have not been designed as the very highest paying games, and as such you could end up playing a game on which a low payout percentage has been set or the game if it is a video poker game or a slot game has been designed with a much lower payout percentage than those types of games usually have attached to them!

With this in mind in this casino game playing guide we are going to introduce to you a  range of different online casino games that have been around for many years, in fact some of the games have been around and available to play at some online casino sites for over twenty years now!

However, what the following casino games all share is some very large payout percentages and some very low house edges and are in fact the games you should be looking to play to have the maximum winning chances!

Slots and Video Poker Games

If you are looking to play some slot and video poker games online, then make sure you look through the list of games that are available at Microgaming powered online casino sites, for there are some very high paying games on offer.

One of their oldest video poker game variants is the All Aces video poker game, and when you play that game optionally you are going to find its pay table plays to a long term expected payout percentage of a massive 99.925 and as such it is their highest paying video poker game.

If you are logged into one of the many Playtech Casinos then make sure if it is slot game that you are looking to play you look no further than their older Multi Spin slot games. Those games may have been around for a large number of years now but the long term expected payout percentages attached to them are in the high 98% to 99% RTP ranges and as such you will be getting much more of your stakes returned to you as winning payouts whenever you play them!

Casino Card and Table Games

If you would much prefer playing casino card and table games, then allow us to showcase to you some of the very oldest games in those categorises that offer you by far and away the very best chance so winning when you choose to play them online.

Let is start with Roulette games, the best variant on offer if you enjoy placing even money paying bets is the French Roulette game for those even money paying betting positions have a house edge of just 1.35% attached to them which is much lower tan all of the other betting locations.

The American Roulette game is slowly being phased out from many online casino sites due to that game not getting much attention from savvy players due to it having two zeros on its wheel which results in that variant of Roulette having a massive house edge of a mind blowing 5.26%!

If you are looking for some very low house edge card games to play then consider playing the classic Baccarat game, for that game may be very old and a basic card game, but it does come with something of a very low house edge.

Another game which is always going to be worth playing when you are logged into a Microgaming powered online casino site is their quite elderly game of Classic Blackjack, if you choose to play the single hand original variant of their Blackjack games and not the multi hand variant you will find if you play it with optimal playing strategy you can get the house edge down to just 0.13%!

If you prefer playing at Playtech software powered online casino sites then make sure you give their quite old Blackjack Switch game lots of play time, of that is a much better variant to Blackjack to play than any of their most recent card game releases for when you play it perfectly you will find it plays out with a house edge of a very attractive and enticing 0.16%!


As you have just found out, it is often the case that some of the older online casino games have been set to return more to you via their respective payout percentages and house edges than some of the most recent online casino game releases.

With that in mind you should never be put off playing some of the older online casino games in the mistaken belief that the more recent and newer games are going to give you a much better chance of winning!

Having been around for over twenty years some of the game offered at casino using the Playtech and Microgaming gaming platforms as going to offer you plenty of choice in regards to the stakes you can play them for and those older games can and often will give you a much more increased chance of winning, so do not be put off playing nay casino game even if it looks a little old and outdated as there really are some very high paying casino games on offer.



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