Gigablox Games – What Exactly Are Gigablox Slots?

Gigablox Games – What Exactly Are Gigablox Slots?

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May 10, 2024

Gigablox slot games

If your search history contains questions such as ‘What are Gigablox slots?’ and inquiries in the similar vein, you’re not alone. Many players have asked us to explain both the technicalities and the appeal of Gigablox games typically found at Yggdrasil-powered casinos.

In our guide below, you’ll find a detailed explanation of Gigablox slot mechanics, an example how they work, and ultimately, a list of our favourite Gigablox games you can find at the best Yggdrasil sites. Enjoy!

Gigablox Inception – What’s Gigablox?

Gigablox is a fairly new invention made by Yggdrasil Gaming. More precisely, Yggdrasil Gaming announced the creation of the innovative slot mechanic back in 2020.

Now, a couple of years and nearly 40 titles later, Gigablox is a famous and popular slot mechanic often used in Yggdrasil games. But what is Gigablox?

It’s a type of a reel modifier used in the game to generate bigger wins and bigger winning opportunities. Visually, it’s all pretty much self-explanatory; game icons in Gigablox slots contain giant symbols reaching up to 4×4 or 5×5 in size! There have also been instances of giant icons reaching the 6×6 size, too. This is massive, and if they happen to create a winning sequence (and they typically do) they break off into many small icons counting as 1×1. Ultimately, it’s all about winning. And nothing helps you win better than a massive, colossal icon that creates a win and generates a massive payout.

The beauty of Gigablox lies in the fact that it’s quite simple. There are no complex elements to it, no fuss – just good, old colossal icons. Hence, Gigablox slot games are quite fun and offer a good winning opportunity to the players without being overbearing or too complicated to navigate.

The only thing you should remember is that the mechanic was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming and is often used by the studio or one of its independent studios connected through the YGS Masters program. Currently, there are nearly 40 slots with this mechanic out there, and we are sure there will be more slots like these joining casinos in the future. After all, it’s one of the most successful slot mechanics today (second only to BTG’s Megaways).

Gigablox VS Megaways

Megaways must be the most famous game mechanic in the world. Big Time Gaming, a pioneer in slot innovations, wanted to create a game mechanic that would make slots even more appealing to potential slot players. And as all previous games up to that point struggled with winning ways, Big Time Gaming came up with the idea of Megaways which dramatically enhanced the number of win lines. And lo and behold, Megaways slots all come with up to 117,649 ways to win.

And yes, that’s the cap, the maximum number of lines, which means you rarely hit that number. Realistically, you hit half of that, with massive spins with thousands of winning ways activated are rare. But then again, most Megaways slots are highly volatile, so the infrequent hits that are big in size are unsurprising.

What separates Megaways and Gigablox mechanics?

For starters, Megaways slots always come with 6 reels that can contain a random number of icons per reel (from 2 to 7). Depending on the icon layout during a spin, you will see how many win lines you’ve activated. Moreover, you will see how most winning combos disappear from the grid to activate tumbles from above.

A similar thing happens in Gigablox slots, too. The only difference is that Gigablox slot games have symbols that appear big in size – 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, or even 6×6. This is spectacular, and if you win, you will win big. However, the number of lines is not as high as in Megaways slots.

Among the highest numbers of ways are 7 Gold Gigablox by 4ThePlayer that comes with 46,656x ways. It’s not the only one with this number, but it’s the best example out of the selection. However, this game has insane potential across all fields, not just winning ways.

Top Gigablox Slots

What kind of a guide would we have here if we did not list our top favourite Gigablox slots? Here’s a list of the best Gigablox slot games you can play for real money or for free at casinos working with Yggdrasil Gaming and its independent studios.

Lucky Neko Gigablox

Lucky Neko Gigablox

Lucky Neko Gigablox is the first-ever Gigablox slot to see the light of day in the summer of 2020. It is revolutionary in many ways, but then again, that whole year was a big one for Yggdrasil. Namely, that spring, Yggdrasil Gaming launched Splitz, another game mechanic that promised a lot of potential. However, a couple of months later, they announced a second novelty that would reshape the way we play slots. And in many ways, it was a fantastic new thing, as Gigablox spawned 37+ games, and Splitz appeared in only 5.

Lucky Neko is a Japanese-inspired slot led by a host of daruma dolls. The highly volatile game comes with 6 reels and 4 rows that can contain icons as big as 6×6. The maximum win reaches up to 6,953x the stake.

GigaGong Gigablox

Gigagong Gigablox

GigaGong Gigablox is another Asian-themed Gigablox slot that was launched in 2023. Compared to Lucky Neko, GigaGong leans way more into Chinese cultures and themes, using standard font styles and color schemes to draw players to think about China, not Japan. However, while Lucky Neko had the ability to offer icons as big as 6×6, in GigaGong they go up to 4×4. Still, that does not diminish the game’s power in any way. You can win up to 5,120x the stake.

When it comes to paylines, there are 60 ways to win in total here. Finally, the 6-reel slot is very volatile, so please be careful when playing using real money. Game icons in GigaGong include Free Spins, Super Wilds, and the Gong Symbol.

Hades Gigablox

Hades Gigablox

This is neither the newest nor the oldest Gigablox on the list, but somehow, it’s our favorite. Okay, we really enjoyed most of the games on the list, but there’s just something about Hades Gigablox that made us enjoy it more than we did other releases. And we are feeling a bit sentimental, considering Hades Gigablox came out right after Lucky Neko and solidified the stance that Gigablox was about to be a hit slot mechanics.

As you will soon see, Gigablox slots explore a variety of themes.  I mean, there are nearly 40 games, each with a different theme, setting, and visuals. In Hades Gigablox, Yggdrasil introduces us to the Greek underworld ruled by Hades. With 50 paylines, a 96% RTP, and high variance, Hades allows players to enjoy icons as big as 6×6. Wins reach up to 11,129x.

Primal Hunter Gigablox

Primal Hunter

Remember what we said about colossal winning ways? Well, there are many exceptions to this rule. And most Gigablox slots do not feature thousands of winning ways and instead limit to only 40, 50 or 60 ways. In Primal Hunter’s case, the maximum number is 40. Moreover, the game is a 6×4 slot, which means the icons can go up to 4×4 in size. Primal Hunter Gigablox is a product of ReelPlay, launched specifically for Yggdrasil casinos.

The prehistoric slot’s theme looks quite unique.  Game features in Primal Hunter include Unlimited Win Multipliers and Free Spins. Boosters are nothing fancy or complicated, but just enough to keep you entertained for a few hours. Cascading wins tie everything up with a pretty bow, so it’s pretty interesting to watch it all unfold before you. You can win up to 7,595x the stake.

90k Yeti Gigablox

90k Yeti

90k Yeti Gigablox is a sequel to the 90k Yeti slot release. The game was originally made by 4ThePlayer, which produced the debut, a Christmas version, and the Gigablox version. This game is arguably the most potent on the entire list, with 90,000x wins that surpass all games we’ve mentioned in this article. Besides this insane winning potential, 90k Yeti is also a game with thousands of winning ways – 46,656 to be precise – and a 95.50% RTP.

Like every 4thePlayer game, this slot features a slew of game features and boosters that enhance the gaming experience beyond the classic slot adventure. You get to play with 3 different in-reel boosters, and there’s also a fantastic Free Spins round. All in all, it’s a massive game with a massive win potential you can play at every Yggdrasil and 4ThePlayer casino worldwide.

Buffalo Blox Gigablox

Buffalo Blox Gigablox

Buffalo Blox Gigablox is a 2022 release credited to Jelly and Yggdrasil Gaming. Jelly is among the most prolific game studios working with the GATI platform. In fact, Jelly Entertainment has created not one, but three Gigablox slots so far, all of which are available through Yggdrasil’s casinos. Buffalo Blox Gigablox is the first one to feature the mechanic, but it’s the third slot Jelly made for Yggdrasil in total.

So, what can you expect to find in Buffalo Blox? For starters, it’s a 5×3 slot with 20 paylines and a lower-than-usual RTP of 95.10%. Among the special features that come inside the game are Free Spins and Wilds. This makes the game a pretty common video slot you can play both for free and for real money. The maximum win you can get is 2,500x the stake.


Here you have it folks – a quick but comprehensive study of the famous Gigablox slot mechanics. Because it was designed by Yggdrasil, the mechanic appears primarily in slots developed by this studio. However, even small-scale independent studios occasionally release games with this engine thanks to being linked to the YGS Masters program.

Unlike Splitz which came out in the same year but today appears in 5 games in total, Gigablox became so popular that Yggdrasil keeps making games using this feature. If you like cool themes and even cooler game features, then checking out Gigablox slots online should be a great idea. In case you have some other questions for our team, check out the FAQs below.


  • What are Gigablox reels?

Gigablox is the name of the mechanic invented by Yggdrasil featuring giant icons on the grid. This helps players win more often and bigger prizes.

  • How big are the icons in Gigablox games?

That typically depends on the game in question. However, in most cases, the Gigablox icons start from 2×2 in size and can go up to 6×6. However, in most cases, the slots feature a maximum of 4×4 colossal icons, with 3×3 being quite frequent.

  • How many winning ways do Gigablox slot games have?

This also varies from game to game. Some Gigablox online slots have 40 paylines, others 60; the maximum number of ways you can have in a slot with this type of mechanics is 46,656.

  • Where can I play slots with GigaBlox reels?

You can play slots at every online casino that works with Yggdrasil Gaming. Yggdrasil invented the mechanics, which means it’s the most frequent studio utilizing these reels. However, game-making studios working with the YGS Masters program also have access to the mechanics thanks to their deal with Yggdrasil. You can also check out those games at most online casino sites working with Yggdrasil Gaming.

  • What is the best Gigablox slot online?

That depends on you and your playing preferences! You might want to enjoy a fantastic Asian-themed slot and then opt for Lucky Neko or GigaGong Gigablox, or even Megapearl Gigablox. There are Greek-themed slots, animal-themed slots, and many others. Lucky Neko is the most famous one as it’s the debut one, but you can check out dozens of others to establish which one you like the most.



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