Understanding the Importance of Slot Game Variance

Understanding the Importance of Slot Game Variance

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December 23, 2013

How Important Is Slot Variance?

Whilst many online slot players are more than happy to simply select a slot game to play based on its theme, the number of paylines offered or the type of bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered and awarded when playing any slot, it can often pay dividends and enable you to have a much more enjoyable gaming session by getting an understanding the different ways in which slot games have been designed to play and pay.

Slot games will play and pay to one of three main types of “Variance”, the variance of any slot game is going to be determined by many different factors, and is going to affect the chances of you winning small regular winning payouts or have the chance of winning some huge sized winning payouts.

To help you recognise the different type of slot variance you are going to come across when playing any type of slot game online, below is a comprehensive guide to the three main types of variance each slot game will play out too.

Have a good look through this guide for once you get a true and full understanding of how slot games have been designed to play and pay, you can then go forward and select a slot that is going to play out to the way you like your slots to play!

Low Variance Online Slots


It is often the low tech slot games such as the Classic slots found in casinos powered by many different software companies that are going to offer you a low variance type of playing style.

A low variance slot has been designed to give players longer playing sessions, and this is done by the slot being structured in such a way that when you are playing it lots of low valued winning combinations will form on the payline or paylines.

There are also a range of video slots games some of which offer a bonus type feature which are also structured and designed as low variance slots, however always be aware that whilst the jackpot on offer on these types of slots will not be huge, due to the frequency of the lower valued winning combinations spinning in then you will get a much more rounded and possibly entertaining type of slot spinning session.

Mid Variance Online Slots

The mid variance slot games often attract the largest number of slot players, for thanks to their unique design they can take many different formats, and as such you are going to find no shortages of mid variance three reel slots, video slots as well as plenty of mid varaince progressive slot games.

The thing to keep in mind when playing a mid variance slot game is that when you are playing them you are going to get a mix of low and midsized winning payouts spinning in from time to time yet still will have the very real chance of winning some sizeable winning payouts thanks to quite high jackpot payouts and potentially high paying bonus games when playing the mid variance video slot machines.

If you are considering playing any type of slot game today then it may be worth playing one of the mid variance structured slots for they are a tad more exciting than the low variance slot games listed above and are not as high risk as the high variance slot games mentioned below, and this will ensure your winning chances are always kept alive when playing them!

High Variance Online Slots


High variance slot games are to be approached and played with extreme caution, and they are going to appeal to slot players who want a very high risk and potentially very rewarding type of slot playing session.

A High variance slot is one which has been designed in such a way that some very large winning combinations can be spun in or are slots that due to unique bonus games and bonus features could award you with large winning payouts once those bonus games have been triggered.

You can often spot a high variance slot game for they will come with Wild symbols which have large multipliers attached to them, or they may offer a set of Stacked Wild symbols that can spin in and cover all reel positions on multiple payline slots, and when those Stacked Wilds fill every spot on each visible reel position then some mega sized winning payouts can and will be awarded to you.

However, you need to be aware that the chances of you winning a huge payout are low, and to compensate for those huge but rarely awarded large payouts these types of high variance slots will not award you with as many lower valued winning payouts as the low or mid variance slots.

But if you are prepared to take a few risks when playing slot games online then do hunt around for these high variance slots, for those huge winning payouts are always there for the taking, and you could win one of them on any single spin, usually when you are least expecting them!


The type of slot game you choose to play is always going to be up to yourself, however when you are looking for longer playing sessions then the low variance slots are going to offer you such a playing session, for with plenty of regular low valued winning combinations appearing you will get plenty of play time when playing them.

However when it comes to playing slot games online when you have a bonus in your casino account, then due to play through requirements and other terms and conditions on these bonuses, should you be looking to end your session in profit it may pay for you to consider playing the higher risk and often very rewarding high variance slots, in the hope a large series of winning payouts spin in which will allow you to clear the play through requirements attached to that bonus!



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