Odds on Winning a Slot Game Jackpot

Odds on Winning a Slot Game Jackpot

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December 5, 2013

Odds on Winning a Slot Game Jackpot

You are probably aware that there are literally hundreds of great playing online slot games available at casinos. On such example regards those using Microgaming’s multi platform software. However, concerning your chances of walking away with a jackpot payout, the odds on your doing so vary from slot to slot.

If you wondere what the actual odds are of you managing to spin in five jackpot symbols on many of Microgaming’s most popular video slots, this is going to take some mathematical calculations.

How to Determine Your Odds

The only way to accurately work out the odds of winning a jackpot when playing slots online is for you to find out just how many jackpot symbols are on each reel of the slot you are playing and also find out the number of reel symbols in play on each reel, then you can work out the actual odds of spinning in the jackpot on any one single spin.

We do have at our disposal the reel strip layouts on several Microgaming software powered slots, and as such have put in place below, an overview of the slots on which you are most likely to win a jackpot, based on the actual odds of the winning combination spinning in. Have a look through this listing for it may help you decide just which slot game to play when logged in any of our featured Microgaming casinos!

Slots Offering the Best Chance of Hitting a Jackpot

Before we run through the list of Microgaming slots offering you the best chances of hitting a jackpot, you will need to be aware that you should put into play the maximum number of paylines that each of the slots listed below has available.

You can of course opt to play any of the slots listed below on stake levels that suit your playing budget, and can vary the number of coins per line played. We have also highlighted the base game jackpots offered on each slot and this is the maximum winning jackpot offered when playing just one coin per payline.

Moonshine Slot

If you want to absolute best chances of spinning in a jackpot paying winning combination when playing any of the following slot games then make sure the slot you play is the Moonshine slot.


Thanks to the reel strip layout and the placing of the jackpot symbols spread over those reel strips the actual odds of you winning the 8000 coin jackpot are 60,514 to 1. However you have to play all of the 25 paylines to have those jackpot winning odds.

Compare those odds to the following Microgaming slot games and you will soon discover this Moonshine slot is certainly a slot worth playing, an additional and unique pick to win bonus game can be awarded and triggered when playing the base game and this picking game will see you picking one square from the bonus screen at a time in the hope of you increasing the number of free spins and the multipliers they play out on.

Mermaids Millions Slot

You could win a jackpot worth 7,500 coins when playing the Mermaids Millions slot game, and to do so five of the Wild symbols have to spin in on any activated payline. The odds on you lining up this winning combination on any of its 15 paylines are 1,218,559 to 1.

Ladies Nite

One quite unique bonus video slot which Microgaming launched a number of years ago is their Ladies Nite slot, this is a game on which you can activate a total of nine paylines per spin you play, and when playing the maximum lines per spin the odds of you spinning in all five of the Wild symbols which pays a jackpot of 10,000 coins is 3,959,999 to 1.

Dog Father Slot

You should have plenty of winning opportunities coming your way when you play the Dog Father slot. Not only can you trigger one of two different bonus game features, but when playing the base game, a jackpot that is worth some 13,000 coin can land.


The jackpot paying combination is awarded when five of the Wild symbols line up on any activated payline. For reference, there are a total of 20 paylines available. If you choose to play all of those paylines per spin, then the odds of that magical and high paying jackpot combination spinning in are 771,749 to 1.

Bush Telegraph Slot

Free spins and a pick to win bonus game can be triggered and awarded to you irrespective of the number of paylines you put into play when playing Microgaming’s Bush Telegraph slot. However, for the best chances of walking away with this slot games 7500 coin jackpot is to play all fifteen available paylines.

When you play all fifteen paylines on the Bush Telegraph slot game the odds of you lining up and being awarded that jackpot payout are 1,218,559 to 1.

Ho Ho Ho Slot

As we have compiled this article in December we thought that we should present to you one of our own personal favorite Christmas themed slot games  that being the Ho Ho Ho slot.

With its festive theme, its Christmas related reel symbols and its excellent backing track you should have more than enough chances of spinning in the 15,000 coin jackpot paying winning combination which is awarded when five Wild symbols line up on any of its paylines.

You can opt to activate and play a total of fifteen paylines and when you do just that the odds of that jackpot combination spinning in are 1,191,395 to 1.

Munchkins Slot – The final slot game we are going to give you all of the jackpot fact and figures about is Microgaming’s Munchkins slot. This is a fifteen payline slot offering a fairly large jackpot of 15,000 coins. Lining up five Wild symbols will award a jackpot of some 15,000 coins, when you play with all of those 15 paylines in play then the odds of you winning that jackpot on any spin you put into live play are 1,191,395 to 1.



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