Things You Never knew about Video Poker Games

Things You Never knew about Video Poker Games

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August 8, 2014

What You Don't Know about Video Poker

We are aware that a lot of our website visitors have never played Video Poker games before, and today we are going to introduce you to this very popular casino game, and let you know a few unique facts about it.

Whilst Video Poker does not appeal to every player, there are several reasons why you may find the game attractive, the first aspect of the vast majority of Video Poker games that should make you sit up and pay attention is the fact that they are some of the highest paying games offered in most casinos.

The long term expected payout percentages on many variants of this game are way higher than slot games and a large number of casino card and table games, so if you are looking for a suite of games to play but games offering you the best chances of winning then the Video Poker games are the ones you should be looking to play!

In fact the currently highest paying Video Poker game you will find available online is the one found in Microgaming powered casinos that goes by the name of the All Aces game. When playing this variant you will be playing a variant that has a payout percentage of a huge 99.92%, which means over the long term players can expect to get paid back 99.92 for every 100.00 wagered on that game!

With the addition of things such as bonuses and player comps you can increase your winning chances even more, so do consider giving that particular game some play time if you enjoy playing at Microgaming powered sites!

Some Video Poker Games Can Award Progressive Jackpots

You will find that you can play some Video Poker games which will award you with a progressive jackpot if you manage to get dealt one of the special hand combinations that are listed on these types of games pay tables.

However, the thing to remember when playing any type of progressive Video Poker game is that you are often required to have to play them with the maximum number of coins in play per hand dealt out to you to have any chance of winning the jackpot.

Also from what we have seen and discovered the majority of progressive jackpot awarding Video Poker games have been designed as fixed coin games, which means you are never going to be able to adjust the coin values so these types of games may be a little expensive to play for most players.

However you will notice that due to the huge number of hands players can play per session when you do decide to give the progressive Video Poker games some play time the jackpots are won at very regular intervals so you will always have a realistic chance of winning a progressive jackpot if you give these games a fair amount of play time online!

Optional Gamble Games are on offer

Many of the older as well as the more recent Video Poker game releases have an optional type of gamble game that you can take whenever you have been lucky enough to have been dealt out a winning hand combination.

There are several different ways these gamble games work and operate and it will be dependent on which type of gaming platform you are playing on as to how the gamble games play out. The most commonly found one is where you have four face down cards dealt out to you and you have to then pick one of them on the hope that when it gets flipped over it is higher in value than the face up card.

If so then your initial winning hand combinations value will be doubled, and you will then be given the option of having another go at the gamble game in the hope you can double the newly increased winning payout or you can opt to collect the amount of cash you just won. As with any type of gamble game though you do run the risk of losing and when taking this type of gamble game you will lose if your chosen card is lower in value than the face up card!

There are some additional gamble games you can take when playing certain Video Poker games and these can include a gamble whereby you have to guess whether the next playing card dealt out to you will be a red one or a black one, and much like the previous gamble game we told you about guess correctly and your initial winning payout will be doubled in value.


Do consider giving some of the many different types of Video Poker games a little play time, for thanks to their huge and above average payout percentages you are always guaranteed of getting the best chances of winning when playing these casino card based games whilst at the same time you should get some longer than average playing sessions.

Be aware though that you do need to have a basic understanding of how to play Video Poker games for there are several different strategies that you can adopt when playing these types of casino games, and you need to put into place the very best playing strategy based on the variant you have chosen to play.

One way to enable you to play Video Poker games perfectly is to use the Auto Hold feature, lots of online Video Poker games have this option on offer and by turning it on when you then get dealt out each initial hand combination on each new game you play the game will instantly hold the best cards in that initial deal for you, and that means you will never make any errors when playing it and will always be playing that variant optimally.



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