Why do Gamble Features have Maximum Limits?

Why do Gamble Features have Maximum Limits?

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April 13, 2014

Why do Gamble Features have Maximum Limits

There are many questions that you may have when you are playing online Slot Games and Video Poker games which are in regards to the optional gamble game features that more and more of these types of casino games have attached to them, one of these questions is why do Gamble features have a maximum limit in place.

For as it is possible to gamble an initial spun in or dealt out winning combination several times, if you do take the gamble options several times on the trot and win each one you take then eventually the gamble option will no longer be available and all of your accumulated winnings will be automatically collected and added to your casino account.

The reason this happens is that every game that has such a gamble feature has that game built into the actual payout structure in play on that machine and as such there will always be a gamble limit in place to stop you going over the maximum amount you can win one any single game!

If a player repeatedly wins when taking the gamble option then that will have an effect of the payout percentage and RTP of that one particular game so the gamble limit is always going to be in place to ensure you will have the chance of winning but never so much you breach any payout limits attached to the base game.

Should I Take the Gamble Game Option?

Many online slot players will never opt to utilize the gamble option attached to any game they are playing for that game usually is in no way shape or form designed around the game in question, for example when playing a lot of online slot machines when you take the gamble option you will be tasked with trying to predict the colour of the next playing card dealt out, and as you can see guessing the colour of playing cards is in no way related to a slot game!

In fact there have been some different types of gamble games recently added to various slot machines such as a coin tossing gamble game where you have to guess whether a coin is going to land Heads or Tails up to double the value of your original win.

Another slot game gamble game will see you spinning a bonus wheel in the hope the win zones are the ones that spin in opposite the winning arrow or pointer, but as you can see neither of these two gamble games have anything to do with a slot!

If you are wondering whether it is any way advantageous to take the gamble game options then do be aware that you will have just as much chance of winning as you will of losing when you take one of these gamble game options, however it is probably best that you never take those options for if you have several losing outcomes consecutively then your casino credit meter will only ever be going downwards in value and not upwards!

Gamble Game Strategies

It is true that a lot of Video Poker players utilize several playing strategies to increase their winning chances, the most obvious of these being turning on any Auto Hold playing option the game they are playing offers to save them having to remember which cards are the best ones to hold on every base game hand they get dealt out but the Gamble option rarely if at all features in any Video Poker playing strategy.

Slot players on the other hand will all have their own unique way of playing their chosen slot games and in regards to using the Gamble game option strategically we have found some slot players will tend to gamble twice or sometimes three times consecutively and will, if they have had three winning outcomes of the Gamble game, then collect any winnings accumulated and will repeat this when another winning spin spins in.

What Gamble Games are Available?

If you do fancy learning more about the gamble game options offered on a very wide range of different slots machines from many of the leading online casino gaming platforms then our Gamble Game Guide is going to be of interest to you.

We have listed upon that guide many of the different types of Gamble game options that are attached to some of the most played online slot machines, so do check it out for there are more of them than you may have first thought, and when you do fancy giving some of them a try by knowing how each Gamble game option works and operates you will be in a more informed position to know whether they are worth taking or not.

Just make sure that if you do take the Gamble game feature and have a winning outcome you do not get too greedy and take too many risks, always be prepared to collect any winning amassed during such a bonus feature or you will risk losing everything you have won if you keep on gambling you spun in or dealt out winning combinations and payouts time and time again!


There are plenty of new slot machines coming online that have many different types of bonus gamble game options, however they are very rarely random and the outcome is known before you actually choose whatever option to play out the gamble game, and as such the way the gamble game then plays out is irrelevant for if the slot has decided you are going to lose after taking the gamble option whatever you pick via the available gamble game options will be a losing one!

You can occasionally find true skill bonus gamble type games available on some slot machines however the fact that they are true skill will always be displayed on the pay table or game help files, and as such if you are the type of player who enjoys taking gamble game options then those are the best ones to play for you are always getting a fair chance of winning when taking them and playing them off!



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