Get Sucked in the Whirlpool of Multipliers with Spin & Win Roulette

Get Sucked in the Whirlpool of Multipliers with Spin & Win Roulette

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June 23, 2020

How to Beat Spin and Win Roulette by Playtech

Roulette is amazing as it is, but what if someone made it even more exciting?

Playtech is up for the task with the release of brand new Spin & Win Roulette.

Last year was a busy one for the online gambling technology leader. The company is happy to be continuing the trend in 2020, too.

Not long ago, spoke about the versatile Cashback Blackjack and its six innovative, immersive side bets.

This week we are happy to chat to you about the new original Spin & Win Roulette, a live roulette variant you won’t be able to resist.

What Is Spin & Win Roulette

Spin & Win Roulette from Playtech is playable on a European table and wheel. That means that there are 37 pockets to try and manoeuvre. Later in the article, we’ll discuss the best strategies for this type of wheel.

For now, we can tell you that you’ll have 15 seconds to make up your mind and place a bet. The time should suffice. Regarding the betting range, it goes from $0.20 up to $2,000.

The dealers are attractive and approachable. Typically female, the croupiers will do their best to keep you entertained at all times. By moving around and chatting with you, hostesses will make you feel at home.

That girl will also be the one determining your destiny. The dealers spin the wheel so it feels authentic.

Spin & Win Roulette was launched in collaboration with PokerStars, the world’s largest poker cardroom. Two gaming giants – could it get any better?

Spin & Win Roulette Gameplay

Other tables will be visible in the background, making the environment appear like a real-life casino.

What’s unique about this live roulette variant is the multipliers. Namely, every straight-up position on the roulette layout is multiplied.

Finally, the broadcast is streamed live from Playtech’s studio in Riga, Latvia. The gorgeously furbished casino studio complements the overall compelling gameplay.

How to Play

A maelstrom of multipliers is what you can expect from this live casino game. Visually appealing and welcoming, Spin & Win Roulette is a gambling dream come true.

Check out these live casino tips before playing.

Spin & Win Roulette is both eye candy and boasts powerful gameplay. The colorful vortex will stand in the background as a stunning dealer activates the wheel for you.

Do you need roulette tips? We’ve got your back. Click HERE for the best roulette tricks.

To kick off with Spin & Win Roulette, take a virtual seat and place your bet. You’ll have enough time to decide. But before you do, take a look at the optimal strategies for Spin & Win Roulette.

Best Strategy for Spin & Win

Depending on your bankroll, there’s a range of strategies to choose from. Also, you should think about your level of expertise before playing.

We narrowed down our top 3 strategies for Spin & Win Roulette.

  1. Beginner – Romanosky
  2. Middle ground – Paroli
  3. Advanced – Labouchere


The simplest betting system of all on the list, Romanosky comes with a hypothetical 86% chance of winning. Ideal for beginners, Romanosky (Romanowski) is easy to understand and apply.

There are six groups of the Romanosky betting system that players should learn by rote. When you are at a table, just choose one and wager.

For example, you choose type 1 in the first round and type 3 wins. In the following round, you should go with number 3. No matter what type you choose, the winning probability is 86%.

We’ll talk more about this roulette strategy in future articles, so stay tuned.


Moving on with a slightly more maths-based approach, Paroli is similar to the famous Martingale system. Paroli is an even-money bet, which means you need to stick with certain portions of the wheel at all times.

The charm of Paroli is that you only risk your initial wager.

The Paroli dictates that you double up after a win and go back to your initial stake when you lose.


Seasoned gamblers, gather around. Labouchere is the perfect system for you. Called the calculation system, it’s centred on removing the bets from a “to-do” list until you have no more. Before going further, ensure you have a solid bankroll at hand. Alright, let’s go.

What differentiates Labouchere from other systems is that it’s based on calculations and determining one’s units.

To exemplify, let’s say you can afford to bet $100. Your basic unit totals $10. Write down number 1 ten times. When the roulette round starts, bet the first and the last unit. If you win, cross out the two digits. Should you lose, add another unit to the right of the sequence.

Bear in mind that selecting either of these methods doesn’t guarantee a 100% winning chances. They could potentially increase your odds and give you more control over your balance.

Even Kesselgucken (observing the wheel) might come in handy as the dealer sets the ball in motion. If you consider yourself observant enough, you might want to go with the Kesselgucken betting system.

What’s certain is that you can minimize your losses if you apply the strategy that suits your player profile.

Tips & Tricks

The main thing about this vortex of rewards is the multiplier offering. Spin & Win Roulette is a multiplier-based live roulette variant. This makes it similar to Quantum Roulette.

In Spin & Win Roulette, there’s a multiplier of up to 100x implemented on every straight-up position. Another reason for you to check it out today.

Before you do, let’s go through the best bet types for Spin & Win Roulette.

Risk-Averse Bets

We’d recommend outside bets for they cater for a safer stake and consistent wins.

  • Manqué (Low) / Passé (High) – 1-18 & 19-36
  • Even/Odd – betting on either all even or all odd numbers
  • Red/Black – betting on either red or black pockets

Using any of these will be like a drop of oil on rusty cogs. You just can’t go wrong with outside bets.

Playing on the Edge

If you want to win more than just 1:1, which is how much outside bets offer – read on.

  • Split – betting on two numbers pays at 17:1
  • Street – bet on 3 numbers for an 11:1 payout
  • Corner – an inside 4-number bet that has a payout of 8:1
  • Top Line (Basket) – betting on 0, 1, 2 and 3 grants an 8:1 payout
  • Line (Six-Line) – pays at 5:1 if you win

The riskiest one you could go for is, of course, the straight-up bet, which is the most rewarding one. A straight up bet pays between 17:1 to an astonishing 99:1, if you catch the max multiplier!

The most exciting move to make is to use the special Lucky Dip button. If you do, the software will devise 5, 7 or 8 random straight up bets for you.

Finally, use the Bet Creator to generate and save your favorite bets for later.

Are these terms confusing you? See our comprehensive roulette glossary!

Where to Play

Right now, Spin & Win Roulette from Playtech is available exclusively to PokerStars clients. It’s a matter of time when it’ll become accessible to online casino audiences. When it does, you should be ready.

If you want to enjoy Spin & Win Roulette at a venue with an enviable reputation and long history, you’ll need LeoVegas.

🎌 Play Spin & Win Roulette at LeoVegas!

Are you into endless fun, friendly and talkative dealers? Mr Green Casino might be the choice for you.

🎌 Play Spin & Win at Mr Green!

You are a traditional player looking for a live casino with a classic taste to it? Go for 888!

🎌 Play Spin & Win at 888!

Our Experience

From what we’ve seen, Spin & Win Roulette works well for both beginners and experienced gamblers. To maximally profit from the live roulette variant, apply a different betting system.

Moreover, the live casino game seems affordable, so you won’t be stuck with an empty bankroll after a couple of rounds. Also, it would be a pity not to benefit from all those multipliers!

As the game’s visually appealing, it will be time well spent in a dedicated table surrounding. As always with Playtech, the augmented reality technology is top-notch.

Finally, make sure to play at licensed, trustworthy online casinos recommended by



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