7 Best Live Dealer Strategy Tips

7 Best Live Dealer Strategy Tips

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April 13, 2020

Top Live Casino Tricks

Live casino is one of the fastest-growing segments of online gambling. Playing live is thrilling, interactive and rewarding.

Live casino games link two already great things – gambling and staying at home. You can sit comfortably as you taking a seat at a virtual live table in a live casino.

We have singled out seven top tips for winning at the live dealer and beating the house.

In the following text, you will find the best tricks if you’re just getting started with live dealer games. And for those of you who are already somewhat seasoned, flick through for some awesome advanced live casino tips.

1.  Pick the Right Live Casino

Before any live action begins, you should find a location. There are hundreds of online gambling venues out there, and not all are reliable.

Therefore, look for a regulated, licensed and trustworthy online casino.

Check out their encryption protocols and if the venue is audited regularly. Read some casino reviews in advance. See other players’ experiences with the online gaming brand.

Do not ever register with a casino that lacks a license or has a shady background. Furthermore, if there are facts that justify that their tables are rigged, get away from there. Here are the blacklisted online casinos that you should avoid.

2.  Know Your Bankroll

It takes anyone to wager their money, but it takes a professional to do it wisely.

Every responsible, experienced gambler will tell you the same. If you want to be good at online gambling, you’d better know how to manage your budget.

Sure, the high betting limits might be attractive, as well as the enormous cash you could be winning. But what if you lose? Can you afford to waste all your hard-earned money? We didn’t think so. So, play smart and know when to stop.

This particularly applies to the followers of certain progressive strategies like martingale on Roulette or Martingale for Blackjack. This particular approach can end fatally for your pocket, so know how deep it is before you are too deep.

3.  Choose the Right Live Casino Game

When you’re sure you’ve found the perfect live casino, you’ll move on to the live lobby. Nowadays, an army of software developers creates live casino games. Therefore, even if you are a fan of Blackjack, you’ll also need to choose a provider.

Some of the world’s biggest live casino developers are Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Pragmatic Play. Each of these manufacturers has launched dozens of live casino games. We suggest that you take your time and first investigate what each of the games is made of.

Depending on your style of playing, you ought to select a live dealer game.

If you are not sure when the best time to play live dealer games is, we’ve done the research for you.

4.  Learn the Basics

Let’s say you’ve picked your favorite live casino game and you know how the live dealer works. Now you need to make sure to master its fundamentals. Whether it is live dealer Blackjack or live dealer Craps, you have to know the basic rules.

In live dealer Blackjack, there is card counting. On the other hand, Roulette comes with a variety of Roulette strategies like negative progression or Red or Black strategy.

Either way, you should get to know your chosen live casino game well. There are loads of casino articles that deal with the main rules of live casino games.

5.  Do Not Chase Losses

If you want to win at live casino games, don’t chase losses. We repeat – do not chase losses.

It’s easy to fill into a trap like that.

Just like with everything in life, some days are just not yours.

Some days at casinos are profitable, whilst others are as good as gone. If you see that you keep losing no matter how hard you try, perhaps it’s time to leave.

Maybe it was the stars giving you a sign to hold back for the day. Come back another time to the same live gambling establishment and try again.

6.  Make Use of Live Promotions

Live dealer casinos online usually offer diverse live casino promotions. Therefore, upon signing up, see if the casino is home to some of them.

Additionally, there are welcome packages for the live casino as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

With live bonuses and promotions, you can take the edge off and enjoy some free funds. And why wouldn’t you use the casino’s money instead of yours anyway?

7.  Try Live Dealer Free Play

You know now what live dealer games are, but did you know you can play them for free?

Many live casino suppliers offer a demo option for players who’d like to try the free play version. So, if you’re looking to see how to win at live dealer Roulette, you might as well do it risk-free.

The free-play feature is especially convenient for live games of luck. So, since you have the opportunity, go ahead and experiment with live casino before playing for real money.

And last but not least – have fun!



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