Should I Play Double Zero Roulette Online?

Should I Play Double Zero Roulette Online?

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Updated October 5, 2022

Should I Play Double Zero Roulette Online

I travel to Vegas quite often, and one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the number of double zero Roulette games on most casino gaming floors. That game is known as American Roulette and that is probably why you do find those games on many a casino gaming floor in Vegas, rather than the European Roulette variant.

The problem with double zero Roulette is that the house edge on that game is 5.26%, and whilst that may appear to be a very low house edge, there are some much lower house edge variants, such as that European Roulette game I just mentioned.

As such if you are an avid Roulette game player then one of the major advantages of playing online rather than paying a visit to a land based casino, especially in places such as Vegas is that the European variant that most if not all online casinos does have on offer has a much lower house edge.

That house edge is just 2.70%, so therefore when playing that game as opposed to the American double zero variant you have a better chance of winning, or at least a much better chance of not losing so much over the long term!

Playing Roulette Games Optimally

It is always going to be down to the element of risk you want to have in place on any Roulette playing session you have in regards to just what types of bets and wagers you should be placing onto the betting layout.

If you want to have some fairly long sessions and ones that tend to have a low element of variance and risk in play then opt to place your bets on the even money playing betting locations on the betting layout or place your bets and wagers on any of the 2 to 1 paying betting opportunities.

However if you are the type of Roulette game playing that is seeking a boom or bust type of playing experience, you should consider only placing your bets on the single straight up number bets.

By doing so you will then be receiving a 35 to 1 winning payout if and when your chosen numbers spin in, and by slowly increasing the value of your wagers when you are winning it is possible to get some huge valued winning payouts, as long as you chosen set of numbers do keep on spinning in, which they can and do at any time of course!

Getting Additional Playing Value

When you think of a way to get extra playing value when playing casino table games such as Roulette, you are often attracted to claiming all manner of different bonuses, for by making use of deposit match bonuses you can instantly often double the value of your next deposit.

But, and this is a big but, Roulette games often are either disallowed games in regards to the games that you can play with deposit match bonuses or the play through requirements are so huge in value that you have very little chance of achieving them.

So you are always going to be best advised to consider very carefully whether to claim bonuses or not, for if you do end up with having to play through your bonus credits a huge number of times that will decrease your chances of winning.

Plus, many bonuses that can be used on Roulette games will only permit you to place wagers up to a maximum amount on the betting layout, thus decreasing even more your chances of winning big, so often it is best to just play with your own money and hope for the best!


One thing you should never do as a Roulette player is get carried away, I have seen many people stood around a Roulette table go mad when it comes to placing their bets and wagers onto the betting layout, and they will place bets that their available bankroll can never sustain for very long.

If you do place bets here there and everywhere, there is always going to be a chance that a number you do not place a bet on is going to be spun in, and if you do place bets that your bankroll cannot sustain for very long then it will soon vanish.

The main attraction of playing Roulette though is that with a little bit of luck in playing you could turn a small bankroll into a huge one, and if you do have some luck when playing, never forget where the cash out button is!

Due to the very nature of all Roulette games, and their built-in house edge, there is always going to be the very good chance that a winning streak will come to a very abrupt end!



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