Bets You Should Never Place on a Roulette Table

Bets You Should Never Place on a Roulette Table

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Updated December 29, 2021

Bets You Should Never Place on a Roulette Table

There are a handful of bets and wagers that you should never be tempted to place on some roulette tables betting layouts, for not every bet you can place is going to give you the lowest house edge. For the best roulette bets, click here.

If you are new to playing roulette online then we would strongly advise you to have a read through of the following guide, for we will enlighten you on what bets you should never opt to place when playing roulette for real money online!

We will of course explain why those bets are poor valued ones and to ensure you know which bets you should be placing we will also list some of the better paying and low house edge bets and wagers available on many different roulette game variants.

Mini Roulette Game

When you log into any of our Playtech software powered casino sites you will find in the arcade games menu a Mini Roulette game variant, and this game may catch your attention for on its wheel there is one single zero plus the numbers from and including one to twelve.

However, this particular roulette game is one on which you should never place any type of bets, for it has one of the highest house edges of any online roulette game, no matter which betting opportunity you place a bet on you will always be up against a huge house edge, so knock this roulette game off your list of games to play as it will eat away at your bankroll unless you are very, very lucky when playing it.

American Roulette

If you give the double zero American Roulette games any amount of time, then sadly you will be playing another variant which boasts a very low house edge. When playing this variant you will be up against a house edge of a large and unattractive 5.26%.

In fact if you place a wager on the bucket bet that being the two zeroes and the numbers one to three then that single bet comes with an even bigger house edge, and with that in mind you are best off avoiding this roulette game variant too!

European Roulette

The best roulette game you can play is the European Roulette game for when playing this game you will find its house edge is just 2.70% so you will always have something of a fair and reasonable chance of winning when you play it.

However, should you be looking to place red or black bets, odds or even bets or the high and low number bets then forget about playing the European Roulette variant and track down and play the French Roulette game instead.

By playing French Roulette and only placing even money paying bets on its unique betting layout then those bets will offer a house edge of just 1.35% and you will not find a lower house edge on offer than that on those particular bets no matter which online roulette game variants you choose to play!

Progressive and Bonus Bet Roulette Games

If you ever come across any online roulette games which offer either a progressive jackpot or a range of bonus betting opportunities then be aware that each of those bonus bets you place or the obligatory side bet wager required to play each spin on the progressive roulette game then you will find all of those bets come with high house edges.

With that in mind you really should stick to playing the European Roulette game or the French Roulette game if you are a player who only places on the roulette wheel the very low risk even money bets.

Also try and avoid taking bonuses when you want to play real money roulette for those bonuses often tie you into a large play through requirement if you are allowed to use those bonuses on roulette games that is!


If you now fancy playing roulette online be aware that you are going to have access to lots of free to play no risk roulette game variants at all of our feature online casino sites. To play free play roulette games simply visit the website of any of our showcased sites where you will be able to sign up and play as a guest player.

We have several casino sites that offer a downloadable, instant play and even mobile and live gaming platforms and as such you will always have plenty of different game variants at your instant disposal.

Do remember however that by playing roulette online for real money you will often find those real money games are where you will get the most excitement and by opting to sign up to any of our featured sites you will find you are able to alter and adjust the chip values and as such you will be able to play the roulette games for low, medium or very high stake amounts.



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