Quick Spin Slot Option

Quick Spin Slot Option

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Updated November 22, 2022

Quick Spin Slot Option

Many slot players never click on the option settings tab when playing slots online, however that is something you should always do, as by doing so you will then find a large range of ways that you can configure each slot you play.

You are probably already be well versed at configuring the paylines, coin values and the number of coins you want in play per spin, however once you click on the options tab setting for example at casino sites using NetEnt software then you are going to find lots of different ways to send the slots in to live play.

There will also be auto play settings available allowing you to send the slot into play automatically at your chosen stake levels, and plenty of other ways to configure the slot to ensure you have a tailor made gaming session and one you will enjoy.

However, one of the option settings that will be on offer to you is something known as a quick spin option and below we are going to give you an overview of what that setting will do and look at any benefits of using it.

Benefits of Using Quick Spin

The most obvious benefit of using the quick spin option is that you are of course going to be able to play off a large number of spins on nay slot game offering that option setting when you turn it on and start to use it.

Many players these days hop from casino site to casino site and claim a range of slot bonuses, and as you are probably more than aware each bonus will come with a set of play through requirements that you will have to reach before you can cash out any winnings.

As such what many players tend to do once they have claimed a casino bonus is to track down the slots offering the very high payout percentages, as those slots return more of players stakes as winning payouts over the long term and then set about playing those slots.

By using the quick spin option those players will then find out whether they have met and achieved the play through requirements much quicker than player snot using that option setting, as they will have played off lots of spins in a short space of time!

Which Slots Have a Quick Spin Option?

It will be the vast majority of online slot games that will offer you the option of configuring the slots to play off rapidly and as such you should decide just what type of slot game you enjoy playing the most.

If you want to play some very basic types of slots then take a good look at the range of three reel slot games and classic slot games most casinos sites have on offer for those games are basic in their design and tend to not offer any form of features or bonus games either.

You will however find if you are seeking out action packed slot games, a range of video slots, when you play those type of slot games you will find base game bonus features can and will be awarded to you when you are playing them, and most of the more recently launched video slots will also come with one or even more than one main bonus game which can be triggered at random when you are playing he slots or when you spin in a certain number of bonus symbols or scatter symbols via the base game of the slot.


As you have just discovered playing any slot which comes with a quick spin option is going to see you being able to play off a very large number of spins in a short space of time.

That will of course mean that something you will quickly find your casino account balance increasing, when you have had one or a series of high valued winning payouts, or conversely your casino account balance decreasing very quickly when you are on a poor paying slot session!

Whether you do decide to turn on and activate that slot game playing feature is of course up to you and no one else, however if you are for example playing through a casino bonus in regards to a play through requirement you may find putting the slot into a fast play mode may be beneficial if you also turn on and use the auto play feature.

Please do test out any of the slot games which has reviewed at any of our featured casino sites using the quick spin feature, if you do just that via the free play mode you will not be risking any of your money doing so and can judge for yourself whether it is a feature you would like to use in the future.



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