Let the Cards Speak in Microgaming’s No Commission Baccarat

Let the Cards Speak in Microgaming’s No Commission Baccarat

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October 7, 2020

No Commission Baccarat Game Guide

No Commission Baccarat is a baccarat variant that excludes the extra charges players pay in land-based casinos.

Here we are, reading about the upcoming releases from Microgaming. Suddenly, we spot an attractive baccarat game. And none other than No Commission! Albright, alright, we are in for a treat!

Microgaming crowned 2020 with a spectacular, player-friendly RNG baccarat game No Commission Baccarat. Read all about it below.

What Is No Commission Baccarat?

No Commission Baccarat is an 8-deck Microgaming title that came out in 2020. This RNG baccarat variant is available across the entire Microgaming network. Players can enjoy trying their hand with a free-play demo mode of the title.

Microgaming embellished this release with a solid optimal RTP (return to player) of 98.76%.

Furthermore, the hit frequency of No Commission Baccarat is a whopping 54.14%, making the number favorable for casino clients.

Microgaming partnered with the advanced Switch Studios on this game. We know them from Microgaming’s American Roulette and Vegas Single Deck Blackjack that came out in 2019. Switch Studios games are always memorable. Incomparably brighter and more attractive than most games in any lobby, they call for you to play them.

The betting range goes from $5 to $800, accepting both low-stake players and high-rollers.

What’s special in No Commission Baccarat?

Other than the incredible absence of a commission, No Commission Baccarat features the squeeze. We’re used to seeing this from Evolution, but Microgaming is stepping in, as well. After the cards are dealt, you can click the Squeeze button to gradually reveal the card you’ve been dealt.

Let’s explore the depths of the new Microgaming title.

Game Features

Before we recommend No Commission Baccarat Microgaming, we’ll handle its bonus features. Here are their overviews and descriptions.

No Commission

The most obvious part is the lack of the standard charge. Microgaming casinos cannot charge you when you play No Commission Baccarat. Typically, betting on the Banker’s hand incurs a 5% fee. There is no such ordeal in this fantastic game.

The brand-new No Commission Baccarat extracts the charge, boosts the hit rate, and accelerates the RTP. Whether you prefer low-stake gambling or high-rolling, we’re sure you’d like this feature.


The Squeeze is a popular functionality in card games that let you take a sneak peek at your cards. When the dealer deals the cards, they are all facing down. To speed up the wait, you can click on the Squeeze button, which will slowly reveal the cards’ faces.

Neither Microgaming nor Switch invented this functionality. However, they are some of the first providers to feature it in their games online. You can also peel, rotate, and flip your cards in No Commission Baccarat.

The Squeeze is more of a luxury than anything else. Quench your impatience by simply selecting Squeeze!

Side Hands

As soon as the game loads, you’ll notice two side bets on the baccarat table – Banker Pair and Player Pair. Betting on a pair means you believe that the first two cards on the hand will match. In pair bets, only the first two cards count. Each side bet pays at 11:1.

How to Play

How to Play No Commission Baccarat

As a jazzy saxophone plays in the background, the sexy instrumental music will set the tone for your gaming. Stack your virtual chips and place them on your desired wager. Here are the main bets in No Commission Baccarat:

  • Banker
  • Player
  • Tie

The difference between standard baccarat and No Commission is that this one doesn’t charge you more on the Banker.

How to play No Commission Baccarat:

  1. Begin the round by choosing one of the main bets – Banker, Player, or Tie.
  2. If risky play interests you, wager on a side bet – Banker Pair and Player Pair.
  3. The objective is to reach 9 with the hand you chose.
  4. Alternatively, you just need to be closer to 9 than the other hand to win.
  5. Picture cards and 10s are worth 0, while numbered cards stick to their pip value.

We’ve debunked some more baccarat myths here, so make sure to check those out, too!

What is a Tie in Baccarat?

The Tie is an outcome in baccarat upon which the Banker’s and the Player’s hands have the same value.

However, as the Tie hits only 9.6% of the time, it is not a particularly popular bet. Tie Hands pay more than the other two main options, which is their only appeal.

The banker hits 45.8% of the time, making it the most attractive bet in baccarat.

Sometimes, gamblers refer to the Tie as the Draw or Stand-off.

Odds & Payouts

Now, take a look at how much you can win playing baccarat without a commission:

Hand Combination Odds
Banker 1:1
Player 1:1
Tie 8:1
Any Pair 11:1 (max bet $100)



Remember, the house edge increases from 1.06% to 1.24% because there is no charge on the Banker.

Let’s wrap up this handy review with a few more tricks we’ve got for you:

  1. Take the Banker.
  2. Track the progress on the scorecard.
  3. Avoid side bets if you can.
  4. Do not chase losses.
  5. Play at reputable casinos only.

Where to Play No Commission Baccarat

You now know all the tricks of the Chemin trade. Check out below where you can play this wallet-friendly casino game.

Top 5 Microgaming casinos for No Commission Baccarat:

#1 Casino Palace – Fastest-paying
#2 Pribet Casino – Best bonuses
#3 LeoVegas – Best welcome bonus
#4 VideoSlots – Biggest game variety
#5 Mr Green – Best promotions

You can view more Microgaming casinos here.

Our Impressions

If you like simple yet thrilling, No Commission Baccarat Microgaming is ideal for you. The exciting variant offers simple gameplay and rules accompanied by exclusive features. The bonus tools facilitate the game for the player by giving them a small advantage. Obviously, there are no extra fees to charge, so you withdraw what you won, nothing less.

From the visual standpoint, the CasinosOnline.com team had an awesome time just looking at it. A mix of fuchsia and magenta tints the table of this low volatility casino game. The great hit rate (over 54%) and the solid RTP (98.76%) should help you benefit from this miraculous title from Switch and Microgaming.


No Commission Baccarat Game FAQs

  1. What is no commission baccarat? No commission baccarat eliminates the commission or the fee that the banker bet usually comes with. In online casinos – unlike brick-and-mortar – it is common practice to remove the fees to make the game more enjoyable for punters. Thanks to RNG technology, software providers can wipe out the commission part and let you play for free.
  2. Is baccarat all luck?Baccarat is a game of chance, meaning no specific strategy will work 100% of the time. It is generally recommended to stick to the Banker bet, though. Nonetheless, you can follow our baccarat tips to gain better control over your bankroll and play safely.
  3. How do you win every time in baccarat?Banker is the best bet in baccarat – both online and offline. The banker wins over 50% of the time and has a low house edge – 1.06%.
  4. Is there any strategy to baccarat?Use the banker bet the most to increase your odds of winning in baccarat. Side bets are riskier and you should avoid them. The tie and side bets in baccarat hit too rarely for you to even consider placing them. Betting on the Banker is the best baccarat strategy.
  5. What is the best bet in baccarat?The best bet in baccarat is the Banker. The player’s opponent hits more frequently than any other hand, plus its house advantage is just a tad over 1%. To win at baccarat, avoid any other bet, or place them in moderation and not too often.



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