Mega Roulette Is Your New Favorite Live Casino Game!

Mega Roulette Is Your New Favorite Live Casino Game!

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Updated October 31, 2023

Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette Pragmatic Play is the new live dealer roulette game with a single-zero wheel and 500x multipliers.

Mega Roulette boasts the optimal theoretical 97.30% RTP, customizable table limits, and multipliers on each spin. The most notable bonus features include Mega Bets – Mega Chances, Mega Columns & Mega Dozens.

As of January 2021, Mega Roulette is available at all Pragmatic Play online casinos. Read our Mega Roulette review for everything about this fantastic live roulette game.

What Is Mega Roulette Pragmatic Play?

Mega Roulette Pragmatic Play is a colorful new live casino game following up Mega Wheel. Before Mega Wheel, the Gibraltar gaming company had launched Mega Sic Bo. However, as roulette is arguably the most popular casino game in the world, Mega Roulette was an obvious choice for Pragmatic Play.

Mega Roulette is unique in many ways. From the visual standpoint, the new roulette is bright, vivid, and appealing. The female dealers wear red velvet dresses, whereas the guys are clad in smart clothes and matching tuxes.

Moving on, the state-of-the-art casino studio is dimly-lit to enhance anticipation. All the available multipliers will appear on the screen behind the dealer.

When Evolution disrupted online gaming with Lightning Roulette in 2019, multipliers were novelty. But ever since, developers started implementing multipliers into their wheel games like there was no tomorrow. Therefore, many a multiplier roulette cam to be. Some instances include Multifire Roulette, and now – Mega Roulette.

Playable traditionally with 36 pockets plus a zero, it’s simple to grasp and has a 97.30% RTP. The house edge in these games is 2.70%.

Mega Roulette Pragmatic Play

Mega Roulette is a neat mix of simple and modern. Namely, the rules are simple due to the standard European wheel. However, the multipliers complement the game in a contemporary way, attracting thus new players and younger demographics.

But, what's so special about this game? Well, Mega Roulette offers ambitious bettors a few Mega Bets. Mega Bets encompass Mega Chances, Mega Columns & Mega Dozens. The RTP in this case is 96.50%.

Another crucial “detail” about Mega Roulette concerns the multipliers. On each spin, between 1 and 5 multipliers will be applied to the wheel. Additionally, only straight-up bets (betting on one number) qualify for multipliers. The values of multipliers go from 50 up to 500x your bet!

How to Play Mega Roulette Pragmatic Play

Here is what a round of Mega Roulette looks like:

  1. Players place bets.
  2. The betting range goes from $1 to $5,000. Please note that different casinos may offer different table limits.
  3. Bets can be placed directly from the Statistics menu and the Last Results.
  4. The dealer activates the wheel.
  5. Between 1 and 5 random multipliers will land on straight-ups.
  6. As a multi-player game, Mega Roulette allows infinite seats.
  7. For automated bets, select the Autoplay option.

Now you know how to play Mega Roulette Pragmatic Play. Let's check out the payouts and winning odds below. Later, join us for the best roulette bets.

Payouts & Odds

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This game, if played well, pays out a lot. And we mean – a lot. Take a look at the complete payout table:



Mega Payout

Straight-up (1 number) 29:1 49-499:1
Split (2 numbers) 17:1
Street (3 numbers) 11:1
Corner (4 numbers) 8:1
Six line (6 numbers) 5:1
Dozen / Column (12 numbers) 2:1
1 to 18 or 19 to 36 (18 numbers), Even / Odd, Red / Black 1:1

So, in the best-case scenario, you can win 499 times more than what you staked initially. On the other hand, if you're a fan of standard bets, you might as well avoid this game. The entire point of Mega Roulette lies in the Mega Multipliers.

Best Mega Roulette Bets

How to Play Mega Roulette

When playing Mega Roulette Pragmatic Play, you should have a clear strategy. Here are our recommendations for the best bets:

  • Our team of experts recommends the Parlay betting system for beginners due to its simplicity.
  • Punters with deep pockets may try their hand with Martingale.
  • Choose your casino wisely – each has its own betting limits.
  • High-rollers can play at no max cashout casinos.
  • For beginners, we recommend the best casino sites.
  • Players can bet on all 37 straight up bets in one move.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Literally, all the features you might need are a click away. The bet history is detailed. Moreover, you can track hot and cold numbers. If that works with your strategy, even better.

Where to Play

Are those neon blue lights luring you in? Test your roulette strategy on Mega Roulette in these popular online casinos.

Here are the best Pragmatic Play casinos on the market:

# Mega Roulette Casino Welcome Bonus Register
1 Pribet 100% up to €1000 Welcome Bonus Play Here!
2 LeoVegas $100 Cash + 20 Wager-Free Spins Play Here!
3 VideoSlots 100% up to $400 + 150 Extra Spins Play Here!

These operators offer the best bonuses and promotions for the fans of this game developer. Just click the casino's name to claim the exclusive welcome bonus!


Mega Roulette is an immersive and memorable live dealer game from Pragmatic Play. It is fast-paced, adrenaline-charged and lucrative. Players can win up to 500x their stake on any given spin. Additionally, the title is suitable for both casual players and high-rollers. And the fact that operators can customize the table limits also works in everyone's favor. Just pick the right Pragmatic Play casino. However, Mega Roulette is not the best pick for players who like to take it slowly. If you're not a fan of dynamic rounds, check out Azure Roulette from the same developer.

Mega Roulette FAQ

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  • What does Pragmatic Play mean?

Pragmatic Play is a dominant, award-winning online and live casino game provider from Gibraltar. The iGaming leader operates under multiple licenses, including the UKGC, MGA, and GBGA.

  • What number comes up most in roulette?

The number that hits most in roulette is 17.

  • Is there a trick to playing roulette?

The best way to beat roulette is to stick to one betting system. Determine the best betting system for your bankroll and style of playing in advance.

  • What is the smartest bet in roulette?

The smartest bets in Mega Roulette are red, black, odd, and even, which pay 2x. The 1:1 payout bets go perfectly with sustainable betting systems.

  • How do you play live casino?

To enjoy live casino games, register with an online casino that has live dealer games. Deposit funds onto your casino account and choose your favorite live game.



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