Your First Look at Mega Sic Bo from Pragmatic Play

Your First Look at Mega Sic Bo from Pragmatic Play

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July 7, 2020

Mega Sic Bo Strategy

In iGaming, it’s common to see new slots, roulettes and blackjacks come out regularly. We speak about that topic right here.

But it’s not so often that we can witness the birth of new dice games.

Things are about to change.

This July, Pragmatic Play is launching a spanking new dice game – Mega Sic Bo.

Innovation is Pragmatic’s second nature. Not long ago, the casino software provider debuted Bingo Blast, its unique lottery game. It’s time now to roll some dice.

The release date is 14 July 2020. So, save the date for Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo!

Mega Sic Bo – Your Red-Tinted Three-Dice Miracle

Sic bo means “precious dice”; that’s no secret. But there’s something truly special about the new Pragmatic live game. It’s called mega for a reason, after all.

Mega Sic Bo by Pragmatic Play is a modern take on the Chinese game of chance. The dominant color is red, so the overall atmosphere is alluring and comforting. One feels at an exotic place in the supplier’s Bucharest casino studio.

What singles Mega Sic Bo out from other similar variants is the unique new feature. Its name is the Mega Multiplier. The Mega Multiplier can go up to a whopping 1,000x your initial stake!

Mega Sic Bo Pragmatic Play

The professional gambling venue is linked with advanced HTML5 cross-platform. In turn, players worldwide can enjoy the live dealer game on their mobiles and tablets. Additionally, Mega Sic Bo is available 24/7, making it ultra-convenient.

Luxury, glamour and originality – those are the main features of Pragmatic’s Mega Sic Bo.

Before moving further, we’d suggest going through crucial sic bo terminology.

How to Play Mega Sic Bo

Similar to every sic bo variant, Mega Sic Bo is about predicting the outcome of the three rolled dice.

Mega Sic Bo lauds 52 betting positions. The layout might seem confusing at first, especially if this is your first time with sic bo. Nevertheless, the approach is pretty straightforward and easy to grasp.

To play Mega Sic Bo, you need to understand the layout and possible outcomes. After that, you’ll be good to go.

The betting range goes from $0.50 up to $5,000 or another from 100+ equivalent currencies. The optimal theoretical RTP totals 97.22%.

To start a round of Mega Sic Bo, place your bet and wait for the RNG-powered shaker to tumble the dice. After the shake, the dealer will announce the outcome.

We’ve already recommended the best sic bo strategies. In the following lines, we’ll also talk about the best bets for sic bo.

Best Bets for Mega Sic Bo

Mega Sic Bo Best Bets

In the game, you can place as many bets as you’d like. Each bet has a different payout. Having consulted your bankroll, you can take between 1 and 52 betting positions simultaneously.

You can thus deduce that more bets mean more risk, but also bigger wins.

Depending on your casino balance, let’s see what type of bet will work for you.

Low-Risk Sic Bo Strategies

If you have a limited bankroll and want to play safely, we’d recommend the following bets:

  • Small (betting on the sum between 4 and 10)
  • Big (believing that the sum total will be between 11 and 17)

These two bets pay 1:1. While you won’t be hitting the stars with this humble payout, you will be playing less dangerously.

Higher-Risk Bets & Multipliers

If you want to go all-in in Mega Sic Bo, we’d suggest the following approaches.

As always, there are different betting options:

  • Total of the three dice
  • Any single number
  • Two specific numbers
  • A combination of numbers

But here’s the deal with Mega Sic Bo.

Each game round commences with several betting options which are picked at random. Pragmatic replaced standard odds with the above-described Mega Multipliers.

These exclusive multiplication functionalities allow players wins up to a phenomenal 1,000 times their initial bet!

What’s more, in each round, a few Mega Lucky Combinations will come into play. Players won’t know them before the dice are rolled. However, if your bet ends up in a Mega Lucky Combination, you’ll end up with a Megawin.

Key Features of Mega Sic Bo

Having reviewed the live casino game, we have a few points to highlight:

  • Mega Sic Bo is the first in line game to include Mega Multipliers up to 1,000x
  • Minimum bet is $0.50, max bet is $5,000
  • Return to player is 97.22%
  • Lavish and inviting casino studio
  • Interactive, friendly hostesses happy to chat live
  • Three 4K cameras for ultimate immersive experience
  • Game stats & bet history available throughout
  • Operating language is English, but UI is available in 17 other languages

Is there something we missed? Feel free to drop a comment in the section below.

Our Impressions

Mega Sic Bo is not available to the general public yet. But we had the pleasure and honor of taking a peek at the sublime enterprise.

If you like games of chance and enjoy predicting results, we’d recommend the latest Pragmatic Play dice game. It involves all the things you enjoy, such as rolling the dice and attractive dealers.

But what this release boasts, and no other dice game has, is the plethora of up to 1,000x multipliers.

We hope you can endure for a few more days only. On 14th July, all Pragmatic Play online casinos will welcome you to the world of Mega Sic Bo!



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