Lucksome’s Bryan Upton and Johan John Introduce Napoleon 2 FatStacks™

Lucksome’s Bryan Upton and Johan John Introduce Napoleon 2 FatStacks™

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October 24, 2023

Lucksome Interview Bryan Upton Johan John

Ladies and gentlemen, Lucksome is getting ready for the release of a brand-new video slot. This time, we are going back in history and revisiting one of the most famous military generals in history – Napoleon.

We had a blast chatting with Bryan Upton and Johan John of Lucksome about the upcoming Napoleon 2 FatStacks™ video slot. Enjoy!


  • Hi Bryan and Johan, good to hear from you again! This is the third time we’ve chatted about Lucksome slots, and the second time this year. Welcome to CasinosOnline, again!

Bryan: Thrilled to be here and thrilled also to be joined by my esteemed colleague Johan John to talk about all things Lucksome!

  • What’s new with Lucksome? We haven’t talked since the summer, so what’s happened within the company since then?

Johan: We are busier than ever which is good, you know what they say about idle thumbs!  Our biggest news is our upcoming releases, Napoleon 2 FatStacks™ and Big Hits Blazinator™ in November and December respectively. We launched FatStacks™ Miami Cash with great success.

  • The last time we talked, we mainly discussed the then-new 6 In the Chamber slot. How satisfied are you with the audience’s reaction to that release and the game’s overall performance?

Bryan: 6inC did wonderfully for us, and we really appreciated the support from players when it was released.  To date 6inC has produced over 165 Big Wins for players around the world and goes to show that we tuned the maths perfectly for what that player wants to see.

  • In our previous interview, you told us that we can ‘expect more diversity’ from you, as well as a host of new releases. Is Napoleon 2 FatStacks™ the start of that?

Bryan: We make it a point to keep our portfolio quite diverse in terms of the themes, mechanics, and the math profiles we do and Napoleon 2 Fatstacks is no different.

Johan: Yeah, considering our last releases were Candy Themes and 7s, a historic game, that too a sequel to a very popular Napoleon: Rise of an Empire by Blueprint Gaming, I believe we can consider this one very diverse.

  • Ok, talk to us – what’s the key point of Napoleon 2 FatStacks slot? What element of the game you think will be the main feature to attract the players?

Johan: FatStacks for sure is a Major attraction to the sequel. We have paired that against the player favourite Napoleon Streak, which was only in the Free Games in the original.  In the Sequel we have our new Napoleon Mega Streak appearing in the base game too!

Napoleon behaves in the same way as in the original – it is the wild symbol and when part of a win, it will multiply the wins on the winning ways by a factor or x2, x4, x6, x8, x16 or x32 depending on how many Wilds are part of the win.  We put this together with FatStacks and we have something super volatile and pretty awesome to play.  Fatstacks™ is unique to the industry in the fact that it offers varying ways to win, not just from spin to spin, but within single spin.

A special Golden Napoleon Wild may land in the game which when part of a win triggers the Napoleon Mega Streak feature. All winning symbols and Bonus symbols are the held the game will draw new symbols, repeating the process until no more new symbol positions can be held.

Free Games will see all Wilds being Golden Napoleons which will increasing the chances of triggering the Napoleon Mega Streak feature massively. Napoleon Mega Streak feature will upgrade the Wild Multipliers up to a maximum of 80x! Free Games can be retriggered by landing bonus-scatter symbols during the feature.

DoubleLux Bonus Buy option awards you additional Free Games if your win is below the advertised threshold of 30x. What’s better is that it allows you to keep your progress. In the case of Napoleon 2 Fatstacks, the progressive wild multipliers will not reset when the extra spins are awarded. This feature is available at a lower price point in this game for those eager to give it a try.

Napoleon 2 FatStacks Lucksome Slot

  • The game’s titular feature FatStacks™ looks and sounds amazing. Can you please explain the element a bit more to our readers?

Johan: Each time a symbol merges it increases the ways that symbol can form a win.  As each symbol can triple up – we could see 1 million ways to win in a spin.  Coupling that with the exploding and cascading in of new symbols, each time this happens, more FatStacking can takes place, giving players a feeling of constant excitement and new chance to win big with a fresh cascade and upgrading symbols.  FatStacks ™ is an industry first progressive and dynamic ways to win system.

  • Napoleon 2 FatStacks™ is your 15th release, with Big Hits Blazinator™ coming before the year ends – officially your 16th Are there plans to celebrate this important milestone?

Bryan: Of course, make MORE awesome games!!  We have loads going on with us now, we have our new Party Bucks game early next year with a Player choice element – open presents for guaranteed prizes or let them ride for upgraded ones later!  We have our first branded game in the works, more FatStacks games, and some really innovative mechanics we’ve been working on for a while will hit the market.  Stay tuned for those more info will be found here when its official Feel free to join us on or subscribe or follow Lucksome Youtube Channel or our Lucksome Instagram.

  • We wouldn’t be us if we did not try to ask – is there any chance you could drop us at least a hint about the Big Hits Blazinator™ release?

Bryan: Oh man – its ALL about the bonus.  Once you trigger it, the Bonus will spin and spin and spin until you hit a win big enough to end the feature.  The crazy thing is the level for the “Big Hit” can keep getting bigger and bigger and the number of Big Hits you can hit increases too meaning you can really have a Big Bonus experience.  Check out the game demo!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We hope to get the chance to talk to you again soon – have a great day!

Bryan: As always – A complete pleasure to speak to Casinos Online!



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