“A Classic Western Movie Set and a Neon-Soaked Cyberpunk Future Decide to Have a Kid” – Lucksome’s Bryan Upton Introduces 6 in the Chamber Slot

“A Classic Western Movie Set and a Neon-Soaked Cyberpunk Future Decide to Have a Kid” – Lucksome’s Bryan Upton Introduces 6 in the Chamber Slot

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June 22, 2023

Lucksome Bryan Upton Interview

If you are a Wild West-themed slot enthusiast, Lucksome's brand-new 6 in the Chamber title might just be for you. In the past we have interviewed Lucksome's Brian Upton and Johan John about the Saint Nick and Bon Bomb Bonanza Hyperboom slots. We have come to learn that they are a team who pays attention to details like exciting extra features or innovative world and character designs. Today we have had the pleasure to interview the ever-talented founder Bryan Upton again as we talk about the ins and outs of 6 in the Chamber.

The “6inC” slot, as Lucksome calls it, is a unique blend of a gritty Western movie in a cyberpunk-themed world and it is looking like a big contender on the 2023 slot market. Let us check out Lucksome's journey through the year so far, what Bryan had to say about their latest release and their future projects.

  • Hello Bryan and welcome again to CasinosOnline! We are grateful for this opportunity to chat again and this time about your team’s new exciting project “6 in The Chamber”. But before that, how have you been and has anything exciting happened for you since last we talked?

Hey!  Thanks for having us back to chat!  A lot has happened, we have scaled the team and are working on more projects than ever before.  The second half of 2023 will be packed with releases from us!

  • From a more team-based perspective, how was the first half of 2023 for Lucksome? Have you learned anything new or reached any important milestones?

We have released our 12th game now with Bon Bomb™ Bonanza Hyperboom™ and we learned that grid games and scatter games are pretty fun to make.  We got a lot out of that experience and some cool ideas on game ideas to further what we’ve done with that game.  We have launched our first 2 games in the US.  We have around 14 projects in various stages of development and we’ve learned that we always have more to learn, but that we can do pretty much any type of game we want to.  So expect more diversity from us!

  • Now for the star of the show, what can you tell us about your latest project – The 6 in The Chamber slot? May we ask for a basic introduction to the game as well as a bit about the reels, paylines, symbols, etc.?

Picture this: a classic Western movie set and a neon-soaked Cyberpunk future decide to have a kid – that's where you'll find the essence of 6 in the Chamber or as we call it “6inC”. It's a mashup of the dusty, raw charm of the wild west and the sleek, neon-infused elements of cyberpunk aesthetics. Think of it as a post-apocalyptic, comic-esque twist on the future.

6inC might look a bit complex on the surface, but it's really not. Thinking about it its just a 5×3 grid with 10 lines. There are a few options to tweak here and there, but the main question is – do you feel like gunning for a 100,000x win or a 50,000x win?

Choose your thrill – if you're ready to aim high, activate the Hunter Mode. If not, just let the reels spin. Then, it's all about those win cascades. Easy right? Rack up six consecutive win cascades 6 in the Chamber and you'll be looking at a top prize of 10,000x in the Base Game. And if you trigger Free Games? Eight cascades will get you to the X-Large Bounty.

  • What inspired you to go with the Wild West aesthetic? Have you seen some interesting Westerns lately or played any inspiring wild west games on other platforms? Perhaps something else?

I can't say I've recently watched any Clint Eastwood flicks or got engrossed in a western-themed video game, but I was responsible for Dead or Alive 2 coming into existence, while I was at NetEnt, and always loved that game and the original.  On the other hand, we've all been pretty intrigued by the futuristic, neon-lit worlds depicted in the cyberpunk genre. So, the decision to blend these two worlds was, in essence, an experiment. We wanted to see if we could create something that felt nostalgic yet futuristic and post-apocalyptic.

  • We have noticed that the 6 in The Chamber slot has a lot of neat and exciting extra features like the Ricochet Wilds or the Bounties. Can you introduce some of the main special mechanics to our readers?

Absolutely!  A key feature of “6 In The Chamber” is the Bounties system. This innovative mechanic guarantees cash prizes when players score 3 or more cascading wins. Combined with Ricochet Wilds, that create more cascades after the first and second cascades – setting up players onto the Bounty Board where the bigger prizes are.  If you’re lucky, and a “Rico” Wild lands on another wild it will spawn more wilds horizontally and vertically to create more cascade potential! 

There are 13 characters in the game, the bounty board updates every spin, some characters are worth more than others.  You can collect bounties for them all and brag about it later by looking at your bounty achievement and win history in your own personal bounty board.  3 Cascades guarantee a bounty win, with each Cascade in the Base Game upgrading the Bounty you will win.  You only need six cascades to win the top 10K x base bet prize in Base Game or 8 in Free Games where the Bounties are much bigger.

We're super pumped to see if players will use the feature exchange when they win 100x or more. It takes you to a special version of free games where Buffalo Bill, the grand prize, is on the bounty board from the get-go. But remember, this super feature is only accessible from the Feature Exchange screen.

We're also excited to see how many massive wins players will scoop up from the game. We've tailored the math to deliver those big wins as often as possible. Here's hoping we'll see a 100,000x win within the first week of launch! Fingers crossed!

  • Works that take on the wild west theme are often rich in action and storytelling and we have noticed you designed some amazing characters for the game. Can you tell us anything about them or the general process of art and story design that went into 6 in The Chamber? What steps did you have to go through to reach the final exciting product?

As mentioned there are 13 characters in the Game – 3 for each tier – Small, Medium, Large and X-Large + The Biggest Bounty of them all.  Yeah we spent time on who the characters should be and what their stories are.  All of them villains in their own way – maybe you can figure their stories out when you play the game!  My favourite is Lady Gunfighter – she’s a badass.  We wanted a good balance of Male and Female characters and diversity of the type professions they might have and why they are killers in this retro, cyberpunk western world.

  • Does 6 in The Chamber take any inspiration or borrow ideas from your previous titles, mechanical or otherwise?

Not really, 6inC is new to our portfolio.  We followed our approach of giving optionality and control to players to tailor what they want from the game and different ways to play it.

  • Besides the action-packed 6 in The Chamber slot, what can we look forward to from Lucksome in 2023? Can you share some sneak peeks or teasers for your upcoming projects?

We're absolutely blazing a trail right now! We've got so many irons in the fire: our latest release, Bon Bomb Bonanza with the explosive Hyperboom™ mechanic, has hit the ground running and is creating quite the buzz! Come July, we're upping the ante with the launch of Joker Lux and of course 6 in Chamber. Then, hold onto your hats, because in early September, we're rolling out our groundbreaking Dynamic Ways mechanic FatStacks™ with the inaugural game, Miami Cash.

But that's not all for sure.  We've got a legendary sequel in the works, based on a brand you'll definitely recognize, and we're cooking up two entirely new grid game concepts as well. The sky is looking pretty blue for Lucksome.  Stay tuned for more updates soon!

  • Thank you for your time Bryan. As before, it was a pleasure to hear about your new release and design process. Do you perhaps have anything to add before we wrap up? Something we missed or something you want to say to our readers in general?

If you’re interested in what we do and are doing, please subscribe and follow us on Instagram and Youtube.  We only post when we have something to important say so don’t expect a lot of spam from us or you can visit us on our website https://lucksomegaming.com.  Feedback is always welcome!  Thanks for having us CO!  Bry



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