Low Rolling Slot Playing Guide

Low Rolling Slot Playing Guide

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April 30, 2014

Low Rolling Slot Playing Guide

Today we are going to take at look at playing slot games for very low stakes, with slot players and online gamblers in general tightening their purse strings in recent years the amount of cash many casino game players can now allocate to their slot playing sessions has diminished.

With this in mind there are many ways that you can guarantee that you will still be able to play slots online even when you have a much smaller slot playing bankroll than usual, so do have a look through this guide for we are going to introduce to you several ways that you can lock in the best slot playing value, get access to bankroll boosting bonuses, and also point you in the right direction of what slot games you should be looking to play for low stakes!

The first thing you should consider doing when you have only a limited slot playing bankroll is to check around our listed casino sites to see which sites are offering freeroll slot tournaments, by taking part in these slot playing competitions you do not have to pay an entry fee but could win some real cash prizes! Take a look at our Guide to Winning Online Slot Tournaments as that guide comes packed with slot tournament playing hints and tips!

Stake and Payline Options

You will not want to have just a few minutes of play time when playing slots online for low stakes, and as such it is important for you to allocate a maximum bet amount per spin you play to make sure that you are going to get a fair amount of spins from your bankroll, which will hopefully allow you to spin in several winning combinations.

As the vast majority of slot games on which a bonus game feature round can be awarded to you award those bonus games on average once every 140 to 150 spins, then if you do intend playing bonus video slots divide your slot playing budget up into increments of 150, this will give you a very fair chance of at least being able to trigger one bonus feature round with your slot playing budget, and with a little bit of luck that bonus round could be a large paying one!

If you have for example 25.00 available to play slot games and choose to play video slots then 25.00 divided by 150 equates to a cost per spin of around 0.16, so with that in mind do consider playing the 15 payline slots for that will allow you to play all 15 paylines on stake levels of 0.01 per payline per spin and you will not have to reduce the number of paylines you play from the maximum amount offered.

Slot Variance When Low Rolling

There are three main types of slots you can play online, the low variance slots offer lots of low valued winning combinations spinning in, the mid variance slots give you the chance of winning some large payouts but also a fair share or low paying spins, and when you opt to play the high variance slot you are not going to see a huge number of low valued winning combinations forming but will have a chance, albeit a small one, of spinning in some very large paying combinations.

So when you are playing on a tight and modest bankroll you need to pick and choose which slots to play carefully. For a long and enjoyable session then do consider playing the low variance slots, however if you are hoping to win big when playing for low stakes, but do not mind taking a few risks then do consider getting stuck into the high variance slots!

Taking Advantage of Slot Game Bonuses

One sure fire way to get an enhanced and slightly longer low rolling slot playing session is for you to take advantage of any casino bonuses that are on offer. There are so many bonuses offered daily at all online casino sites there are way too many of them to list here!

However, the best valued slot game related bonuses that you should be looking to take full advantage of are those that will give your deposited amount a boost in value in excess of at least 100% and also look out for casinos that will offer you a set of completely free of charge real money slot spins when you make a modest deposit.

For those free spins may just be winning ones and if they are then your bankroll will be given a quick boost in value! However always be aware you are going to have to meet the play through requirements that are attached to any slot bonus you have taken, but by playing low variance slots which such a bonus and playing those slots for low stakes you are certainly going to be getting long slot spinning sessions and could reach the point where any winnings can be withdrawn!


By playing online slot games for low stakes you are not going to experience any huge losses which can leave a sour taste in your mouth, but when you are playing for low stakes do remember that you should be aiming to cash in any winnings you have made from time to time, for by doing so you will have enough in your slot playing budget for some more sessions!

Whilst you will probably have written off your gambling budget on any single slot playing session once you make that deposit, try and set yourself a reasonable winning goal, and when you reach that amount of winnings make sure you withdraw them! By getting used to withdrawing your winnings instead of playing slots continuously until you have spent your gambling budget you will always have enough in reserve to have another playing session whenever you get the urge to!



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