Tips for Winning Online Slot Tournaments

Tips for Winning Online Slot Tournaments

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December 17, 2013

Slot Tournaments Strategy for Winning

As you may be about to take part in one of the many different online slot tournaments that run throughout the day and in fact every day of the week at many online casino sites, you may be wondering if there are any special techniques or slot tournament playing tips we can pass on to you to hopefully give you a winning edge.

Well, there are a few little pointers that we can pass on to you in the hope that by putting them into play when taking part in your next slot tournament you may get a slightly better and increased chance of walking away with one of the tournament prizes.

You obviously do need to be aware that the slots that are used on all slot tournaments play and pay in exactly the same way as they do when you are playing them in the real money mode, which means they remain completely random, and if any tournament slot has a bonus game such as a free spins feature, then you are going to trigger the free spins just as often as you do when playing them in either a tournament mode or when playing them in a real money mode.

Selecting a Slot Tournament

The first slot tournament playing tip we can pass onto you is in regards to when you should take part in them, as they are running at various times during the day and night, then you are more likely to find those slot tournaments that are held during the quieter times of the day, such as in the early hours of the morning have fewer entrants taking part in them.

So by entering these slot tournaments held at the quieter times of the day then you will, by virtue of there being fewer people entering and playing in them, get an increased chance of getting yourself onto the prize paying leader board.

You will find there are in find many differently structured slot tournaments online, and one type of slot tournament that is going to give you the best chances of winning are the Sit and Go slot tournaments.

A Sit and Go slot tournament is one on which only a small handful of players are required to register to enter and once the number of entrants has signed up and showed an interest in playing in one of them the tournament will then begin.

So do consider taking part in these types of slot tournaments for with only a small handful of other entrants then the actual odds of you winning one of them is going to be much better than the odds of your entering and winning one of the main event slot tournaments.

Paylines and Gamble Options

The aim of any online slot tournament is for you to manage to spin in and accumulate as many winning spins as you can during the allotted time period, and this will require you to play maximum bet spins at all times during your entry into any slot tournament.

So when you are choosing the stake levels and number of paylines to put into play, make sure that you always play the maximum number of paylines offered on the tournament slot and play maximum bet spins.

If you opt to play fewer than the maximum number of paylines then you run the risk of missing out on certain winning combinations which may spin in on your un-activated paylines whilst at the same time you run the risk of running out of time to take part in the tournament by not using up all of your tournament credits!

Also do consider taking the slot games gamble option should any tournament slot have one attached to it, as you can often gamble any winning spins value multiple times on the trot, then by making several winning decisions during the gamble game then you will get a increased winning payout which means a much larger score will be awarded to you, which could see you rising up to the top of the slot tournaments leader board and you could then win one of the cash prizes on offer.

Try and avoid taking Re-Buys and Add Ons when taking part in any slot tournament unless your score is a good one and you have other tournament entrants who may be likely to over take you on the leader board, for you will have to pay an additional fee to carry on playing and by taking them you are never guaranteed to increase your final winning score!

Playing in Freeroll Slot Tournaments

You are going to find quite a number of different slot tournaments held daily that have no entry fee, and as such you will never be putting at risk your own cash when taking part and playing in these Freeroll slot tournaments.

Should you wish to take part in one of them, then make sure that you register your entry as soon as the registration period is opened, for there will always be a huge interest in Freeroll slot tournaments, and by not registering to take part in them as soon as the registration period opens then you may find all of the available positions in the tournament get snapped up!


So to conclude, when you want the very best chances of winning when you are taking part in any online slot tournament, make sure you register to take part in any Freeroll slot tournament as soon as you can to avoid missing out on a position in the tournament.

Also try and play in paid to enter slot tournaments at the quieter times of the day or night, as it is at these times that there will be fewer people actually logged into the casino and playing in the slot tournaments and that will increase your winning chances.

Plus always put into play all of the paylines on the tournament slot game whilst always playing with the maximum number of coins per paylines offered via the stake settings into live play, as this guarantees you will never miss out on a winning spin dropping in!



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