Is Video Poker an Easy Game to Play?

Is Video Poker an Easy Game to Play?

Staff Writer
April 9, 2017

You will find lots of different video poker games available to you at many different online casino sites and if that is a game you have never played before then you may be wondering is video poker an easy game to play or do you need to master how to play it to give yourself an increased chance of winning.

The basic idea behind video poker is that you will be first deal out five playing cards and you then have to use your skill and judgement to determine just which if any of those cards to hold in the hope you will form one of the winning hand combinations displayed on the pay table of the machine you are playing.

Any cards you do not choose to hold and then removed from the hand on the screen and new replacement cards are dealt out of the deck to replace them and it is at that final stage of the game that you will find out whether you have formed a winning hand combination or not.

Therefore you will need to know which will be the best cards to hold once you have been dealt out your initial cards to get the best chances of winning over the long and short term when playing video poker games!

Auto Hold Option Setting

There is a very easy way that you are going to be able to always play absolutely any Video Poker game optimally and strategically when playing at an online or mobile casino site and that is by you clicking onto the options setting tab and then turning on and activating something known as the Auto Hold setting.

That setting is designed to allow all levels of players to play any variant of Video poker with the best possible strategy in place and will allow you to play off each hand perfectly and never ever make any playing errors.

The Auto Hold setting will make the Video Poker game at the point in time when you have been dealt out your initial five card hand hold the best cards for you automatically based on the optimal playing strategy for that variant.

As such by always turning on that option setting and playing he maximum number of coins permitted on the variant you are playing you are going to be getting the best chances of winning and over the long term you will have the maximum winning chances when playing too!

Long Term Payout Percentages

The payout percentage that all video poker games have set to return to players over the long term are very high when compared to most other casino games and as such you really should consider playing video poker games if you want both the maximum chances of winning and want to get plenty of play time from your bankroll too!

You will find that most casinos available to online players will list somewhere on their website a full overview of the long term expected payout percentages that all of their video poker games have been set to return to players and as such it should be the very highest paying game you track down and play.

Just keep in mind that even though two video poker games can have the same name at two different casino sites that actual pay tables attached to those two games could be different.

As such one video poker game could have a much higher payout percentage than the exact same game that has a lower paying video poker pay table attached to it at another casino site so always double check the pay tables and the payout percentages before you play!


The main aim of you gambling at an online casino is to end your session showing a profit, and with that in mind we would always encourage anyone who is thinking of playing at any online casino site as a real money player to put some limits in place before they do start to play games such as video poker.

If you do want to keep to a very strict budget then most online casinos are going to allow you to pre-set how long you will be able to play for over any given time period and also allow you to set your own limits in regards to how much you want to deposit and lose over any given time period too.

However, do make sure that you always set yourself a winning goal and as soon as you have won that amount of cash then cash it out and do not be tempted to continue playing for you could very easily lose back any winnings you have just achieved and could also lose even more money if you do continue to play!



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